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A mother of two has crocheted a replica of Bernie Sanders after a picture of him went viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michelle Clemes, from Plymouth, took up crocheting 4 years ago when she was recovering form an operation and has been handcrafting her creations ever since.  The 51-year-old decided to create Bernie Sanders after she saw that a picture of him  was turned into a meme and went viral. Michelle, a self-taught crocheter said: "I watched the inauguration of president Biden, little Bernie Sanders was sat in the background with his coat and his mittens on and then he became a meme and was all over the news."

These amazing images show the rescue of a young orangutan called Kurkur by the non-profit International Animal Rescue

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the rescue mission where a young orangutan was saved from captivity by conservationists. The five-year-old primate, named Kurkur by his captor, was bound up in a hut in West Borneo when wildlife charities rescued him. Kurkur was discovered by the non-profit International Animal Rescue (IAR) being kept as a pet illegally in Senduruhan Village, Hulu Sungai District, Ketapang, West Borneo, in October 2. Kurkur's keeper claimed to have found the young primate in the forest while he was out farming and felt sorry for him, so brought him home to keep as a pet.

A 24-year-old man has defied the odds to make a miraculous recovery - despite being on the brink of death FOUR times after battling brain cancer, sepsis and meningitis in a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nathan Cummings said he felt grateful to be alive after a “year from hell” after he was diagnosed with a tumour which doctors believe had been festering in his brain his entire life. The healthy lad had suffered what doctors initially believed was an ear infection when he suddenly lost his sense of balance at work in October 2019. But further tests revealed he had a malignant tumour the size of a ping pong ball.

A super smart backpack 'lightens the load' and can charge electronic devices as you walk

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world’s ‘smartest rucksack’ uses a special kind of rubber called an elastomer to make its contents feel 20 per cent lighter, according to a new study.  It is also equipped with a tiny electric generator, which harvests energy from the wearers’ movements.  A backpack should not exceed 15 to 20 per cent of the wearer’s body weight, otherwise it can cause serious back, neck and shoulder pain.  Energy-harvesting backpacks have been around for some time, but none which take a load off your shoulders, the researchers say.   The prototype could be “especially useful” for athletes, explorers and disaster rescuers, who work in remote areas without electricity.

Meet the little boy who is one-in-a-million - after battling a disease so rare it is leaving him stuck to the floor like glue and unable to get up for up to a week at a time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kylian Gealer, two, was given the likely diagnoses of alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC) - a disease which is caused by mutations in the ATP1A3 gene and means sufferers will experience repeated attacks of hemiplegia which is paralysis of a portion of the body - in November 2020.   Kylian's mum, Jolene Gealer, 35, took her little boy to the doctor after he was suddenly not able to walk on his right leg. After a year of appointments and tests, Jolene was told it was likely AHC- which is so rare only one in every one million children worldwide suffer from it.  The disease is described by doctors as being like having seven diseases all at once - epilepsy, paralysis, cerebral palsy, Parkinsons, ADHD, autism and Alzheimer's all rolled into one.  Jolene fears for her little boy's future after he is often unable to move a muscle - and left as still as a statue - by the condition, which has no cure. Mum-of-four Jolene, a stay at home mum, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: “I live everyday on edge.”

Cow named after Posh Spice is most expensive in Europe after selling for £262k

***EXCLUSIVE*** The auctioneer's hammer finally fell on 250,000gns equivalent to £262,000 for Wilodge Poshspice - setting a new world breed record.  This beats the previous record of 125,000gns heifer sold at Glenrock Illusion at Carlisle, when Foxhill Farms bought from the Illingworth's, Dumfries, in 2014.  Poshspice a November 2019 born embryo heifer (cow) had been marked by many bidders who attended the auction due to its genetic qualities.  The record-breaking cow is said to be a born record breaker after it was the calf of a supreme champion at the Balmoral show who won the contest three times in a row.  Due to her genetics, Poshspice is also more sought after as her genes show characteristics of larger loin depth, reduced-fat cover and also greater meat tenderness.

A Navy veteran live streamed himself sitting in a tub filled with 600 pounds of ice for TWO HOURS and 40 minutes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michael McCastle, 34, achieved the chilling feat on January 23 in Bethel, Alaska, suffering blisters and frostbite on his extremities in the process.  The incredible undertaking was Michael’s eighth enterprise in his “12 Labors Project” – a charitable initiative involving monumental bodily strain.  “In 2014, I started this initiative called “12 labors Project” where I wanted to do these 12 increasingly difficult challenges, extreme challenges for charity,” said Michael, an air traffic controller and high performance coach from Portland, Oregon.

The oldest person in Wales has celebrated her 110th birthday - and puts her old age down to never going on a diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy ‘Win’ Hawkins has lived through two world wars and several pandemics and is currently shielding with four generations of her family - spanning 96 years. The former professional dancer's family said the key to her longevity is always eating what she wants and never going on a diet. The great-grandmother-of-two has always stuck to "real food" like fatty meat, butter and not margarine, and white bread - and is partial to a toffee and port with lemonade.

World's cleares ever picture of the moon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lunar photographer claims to have captured one the most detailed and intricate images of the moon ever. Andrew McCarthy stays up through most of the night to capture his incredible images, which he creates by stacking thousands of images together. And in this amazing shot, he stitched together thousands of individual photos of the moon to show its dazzling surface in the most incredible detail ever.

World's first smartwatch for the visually impaired displays information in Braille

The world's first smartwatch has been created for the visually impaired that displays information in braille. Developed by South Korean company Dot Incorporation, Dot Watch features a braille display made up of 24 small pins, which help visually impaired users tell the time, receive texts and notifications, and read personal memos without a sound. The minimalist design features a large circular face with a moving keyboard that relays braille text in real time. While its main function is to tell the time and date, the watch can be connected to a smartphone application called the Dot Watch App, to receive information such as road navigation, weather notifications, calls and text messages, as well as social media alerts. Made from silver aluminium, the watch utilises four electro-magnetic actuators that seamlessly relay information through textural dots. These automatically adopt the formations of braille numbers and symbols. The watch can be paired with straps in different colours and materials for personalisation. Other practical features include an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. And if users can’t read braille, it’s not a problem as Dot Watch can help you learn via your smartphone. The watch display can also be switched from „braille mode” to „tactile mode”. Dot claims that, while other braille displays read one line at a time, the display on the Dot Watch is an active one.

An ancient case of mistaken identity? Egyptian mummy is revealed NOT to be the noblewoman named on the 3,000-year-old coffin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Philanthropist Sir Charles Nicholson bought the mummified body, lidded coffin, and mummy board as a set during a trip to Egypt in the 1850s, before donating it to the University of Sydney in Australia in 1860.   The coffin inscription identifies the owner as a titled woman named Meruah [CORRECT], and the iconography dates it to around 1000 BC.  However, a new analysis using state of the art technology has revealed that although the body is that of a female aged 26 to 35 years old at the time of her death, it is actually much older than the coffin.

Stunning footage of a rare skydive over the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt by Mexican Yair Gallardo and his crew

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning footage shows an incredibly rare skydive directly over the Pyramids.Yair Gallardo and his crew took off from a nearby military base in Egypt, before making the spectacular jump over the iconic World Heritage site in Giza.  Yair, 43, from Mexico, said: “This was the most exciting experience of my life. “More people have reached the summit of Everest than jumped over Giza. I have a check mark on my heart.”

Gentoo penguins chase their mum for food

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of hungry penguin chicks chase after mum desperate for a feed. The gentoo penguin chicks (two on left) were chasing their parents (right) for food at Volunteer Point on East Falkland and resembled that of the Abbey Road album cover - less one of the Beatles. David Higgins, 51, from Stanley on the Falkland Islands said, "The gentoo penguin chicks are chasing the parents for food. Of all the penguins on the Falklands (King penguins, rockhopper penguins, macaroni penguins, Magellanic penguins and gentoo penguins) the gentoos appear to have the most charisma. They're full of energy and always busy." "It's thought this behaviour (of making them run for their food) builds up the chick's strength and encourages them to venture near to the sea edge before eventually following the adult birds out to sea. But it could also be separating their own chicks from the larger creche or even separating the stronger chick from its weaker sibling. For me it always looks like the adult is just sick of being pestered and is trying to run away from its parental responsibility." "The chicks creche and appear to play games with each other. Some of the images look a lot like the Abbey Road cover but minus one of The Beatles".

Aliens could be living on Mars, suggests shock new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Any Martian lifeforms are likely to be a couple of inches under the dirt - where ice is melting, say scientists.  The water is combining with salty permafrost - triggering landslides, according to the new research.  Study leader Dr Janice Bishop, of the Seti Institute in California, said: "I am excited about the prospect of microscale liquid water on Mars in near-surface environments where ice and salts are present.

Deers lock antlers as they battle on a lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two red deer lock horns during a ferocious battle in the shallows of a lake. Massimo Petrarca, a University of Rome professor, was trying to photograph wolves around the lake in the Abbruzzo region of Italy when a violent clash of horns erupted in front of him. An hour before dawn he had been waiting patiently by the water's edge, watching for any sign of wolves. Prof Petrarca said: "Suddenly, just as the first flashes of lights illuminate the water, I heard a noise on my left - a strong rustle.

Silver factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers use their feet to mould aluminium utensils as they produce and polish them in a factory. Excess silver coloured dust can be seen on their skin, clothes and in their hair as it flies from the metal. The 50 employees make more than 1,000 bowls, jugs, and oven-proof kitchen appliances each day. They are made by shaping disks of aluminium on a lathe which rotates at an exceptionally high speed around a mould.

The church of Mulin falls to pieces, symbol of the Nazi-fascist massacre

Sant 'Anna di Stazzema - The roof of the church of San Rocco di Mulina, one of the symbolic places of the Nazi-fascist massacres, where the parish priest Don Fiore Menguzzo, gold medal for civil valor, was killed, is in danger of collapsing. A part of the transept could collapse with the persistence of the rains. The alarm was raised by the writer and blogger from Mulina Giuseppe Vezzoni.