Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A Disney fan has got creative with her make up brush and transformed herself into a whole cast of cartoon characters whilst bored at home in lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicki Teal, 34, has transformed herself into dozens of characters during lockdown, applying make up all over her face and body as well as creating costumes out of things around the house. Over the past year, she's turned herself into all sorts of heroes and villains, including Buzz Lightyear, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Maleficent. Not holding back, she's even transformed into different animals and creatures, such as Donkey and Puss in Boots from Shrek and a stunningly detailed creature from Avatar.


Meet Rockette, an adorable baby raccoon who became dependent on a human 'mum' and now lives in her adopted family’s back yard

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Rockette, the adorable baby raccoon who became dependent on a human 'mum' and now lives in her adopted family’s back yard. Katie Fuscaldo, 40, took in Rockette after a family friend found her abandoned at just one week old. She bottle fed the little kit, made her a den, bathed her and had her vaccinated and Rockette is now a full member of the family.  Katie nursed Rockette back to health and released her into the wild, but she didn’t go far and now lives in a tree barely ten yards from their back door.

A photographer has created virtual tours of Europe featuring a 'travelling teddy bear' to help people deal with lockdown boredom

***EXCLUSIVE*** Olaf von Dombrowski, 60, has spent a lot of time touring Europe with his wife, Brigit, and wherever they go he always takes his teddy - named the The Travelling Bear. From Cologne, Germany, the couple are currently unable to travel due to lockdown, so instead they have been hosting virtual tours with images from their journeys. They hope that the images will cheer people up while they are stuck inside and unable to see the world for themselves.

Company completes eco-sustainable 3D printed house inspired by wasp nests

Ravenna, Italy: A company is 3D-printing eco-friendly homes made entirely of sustainable, recyclable materials - and they are inspired by wasp nests. Italian firm WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) has completed the printing phase of the TECLA (its name taken from Technology and Clay) supporting structure. They say it is the first fully 3D printed construction based on natural materials and made with multiple 3D printers operating at the same time. Inspired by the nest of the potter wasp, WASP have been developing viable construction processes based on the principles of circular economy and digital fabrication since 2012. The circular housing is created with reusable and recyclable materials, sourced from local soil, carbon-neutral and adaptable to any climate and context. The innovative habitat has been engineered by WASP and designed by MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects. The final installation of TECLA and its presentation are scheduled for Spring 2021.

An adorable five-year-old girl has been bringing smiles to her neighbourhood after going on daily walks in fancy dress to raise money for a children’s mental health charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Jasmine Holt has been determined in walking at least three to five miles each day in “snow or rain” as she wants to make sure that everyone is happy.  The thoughtful girl told her mum Abbey Mills, 32, that she never wants “anybody to be sad” and hopes that her daily trips will bring some joy to people’s days.  Her neighbours in Westhoughton, Lancs., have spotted her skipping and strutting dressed as a doctor, a rainbow and even a poo - as she says “it’s okay to feel like a poo sometimes”.

World map made from 161kg of flour to launch a drug-trafficking show

***EXCLUSIVE*** A massive map of the world made from 161kg of flour to represent the amount of cocaine snorted in London every week, was unveiled today. Artist Nathan Wyburn created the map to mark the launch of ZeroZeroZero, a drug-trafficking mini-series on NOW TV based on the book of the same name. The artwork takes inspiration from the book’s tagline – 'Look at cocaine and all you see is powder. Look through cocaine and you see the world' - and highlights four peaks representing the European cities with the highest consumption rates. Wyburn crafted the 23ft map in Greenwich over a week, using 161kg of 000 flour. This is the gram for gram equivalent of cocaine consumed in London every week – the highest of any capital in Europe – worth upwards of £6,400,000 in street value.

Hairdresser shaves her head to raise funds for doctors who helped her sister with a rare, agonising skin condition which left her 'looking like Deadpool'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hairdresser has shaved her hair to raise money for her brave sister who spent years in and out of hospital with a rare skin condition – which left her skin ‘on fire’ and resembling ‘Deadpool.’ Harriet Stuckey, 27, developed a rare, life-threatening disease which caused sore blisters across her entire body after travelling to Australia in 2016. The condition was triggered by Castleman disease, which caused an overgrowth of cells and left a tumour the size of a grapefruit on her pelvis. The tumour was removed in 2017, but although Harriet no longer suffers from either disease, she has been left with a lung condition which affects her breathing and shortens life expectancy.

Shoe books as curiosities

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saxony, Leipzig: Curious shoe books lie on a table at the publishing house Faber & Faber Leipzig. The book shoe, which also includes a shoe book for men, was developed by publisher Michael Faber and designer Frank Eilenberger for the spring programme. The hinged shoe lasts are made of alder and poplar wood and are trimmed with leather. In the men's shoe book, stories about shoes from A-Z are illustrated on book pages, and in the women's pump, crazy footwear by different designers and artists.

Girl’s letter from 1969 that was found down the back of an old sofa made spookily accurate predictions about the future

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 50-year-old letter penned by a schoolgirl who imagined what life would be like in the future and who predicted ZOOM has been found stuff down the back of an old sofa. The heart-warming letter was penned in 1969 by an un-named girl and and was possibly part of a school project to predict what life would be like in 1980. It was found stuff down the back of an old three-seater, sofa which had been bought second-hand and sent to be restored by an upholsterer.  And despite some outlandish fantasies - including the Willy Wonka-esque suggestion of getting all your meals from chewing gum - the 11-year-old girl was not far off the mark with other predictions.  In fact, the school girl appears to have predicted video-call platform Zoom - suggesting that all phonecalls in the future would be accompanied by a video feed.

Bird of prey looks to have a long tongue as it swallows a snake whole

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hawk swallows a snake - making it look as though it has a long tongue. The bird of prey leapt off a fence to snatch up the serpent, and impressively swallowed it whole. The photos of the red shouldered hawk were taken by professional photographer Liwen Tao in the city of Venice, Florida, in the United States.

Slum life in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Dhaka is the second fastest growing megacity in the world. Dhaka city has more than 5000 slums inhabited by an estimated 40 lac people. Dhaka city's population is approximately 13 million. This includes a significant number of low-income people who are residing in slum. Many of the people who reside in these slums serve as the much-needed daily labor that the nation utilizes everyday in the RMG sector and other industries. As a nation, we use them for our economic growth but seems like we do not care much about their wellbeing.

Mother cheetah provides lunch for her young cubs

Masai Mara, Kenya: It’s a challenge keeping the kids fed - but mother cheetah Siligi provided a hearty fresh lunch for her cubs. Wildlife photographer Ahmad Abu Ganem captured the scene in Kenya’s Masai Mara. After downing an unfortunate gazelle, Sigili (meaning „hope”) placed it under the shelter of a bush for her youngsters to fill their bellies.

Fishermen working at sunset

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen cast their nets during a beautiful violet sunset on the water at Taungthaman lake in Amarapura, Myanmar. Government officer, Aung Thu Ya, managed to capture the fishermen working on the lake in Amarapura at golden hour, which he describes as “One of the most beautiful and famous scenes in Myanmar." The workers carry the large nets through the water and use motion in order to catch the fish. "Their movement is elegant and makes it seem like they are throwing pretty lace in the water, when actually it is very difficult work”.