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Four-year-old girl leads the way in keeping her village litter free

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-year-old girl who started picking up litter from the roadside has made “an inspirational impact” to clean up her village. When Jessica Rowell moved to Murrow last year, she noticed something needed to be done about the litter scattered along the side of the road. “One day, we noticed an excessive amount of rubbish, so Jess brought her truck and trailer along and picked it up,” Keleigh Fenn, Jessica’s mother, said. So, in September last year, Jessica joined the Murrow Street Pride Group and in October, had officially received her street pride gear to go with her efforts. Diane Cutler, of Murrow Street Pride Group, said: “She inspires people because of her age, enthusiasm and we all love her motorised truck she drives.”

A selection of glittering meteorites, chunks of the Moon and Mars are going on sale in the US

***EXCLUSIVE*** Various ancient specimens from outer space, including one meteorite described as the "oldest matter mankind can touch," are being offered by Christie’s auction house in New York from February 9. Many of the extraterrestrial rocks are considered to be many billions of years old.  A highlight from the auction is a "highly aesthetic" stone meteorite which weighs about 16 pounds and is estimated to sell for $50,000-80,000.

Watch this woman completely transform herself into 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore, using only makeup and body paint

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tara Jenkins, 37, used over 60 brushes and a roll of cling film to turn herself into the late veteran, as a tribute to his life. Tara, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, said: "It wasn't meant to be funny because it was a tribute - but I think my very Welsh voice coming out of an old man got to everyone! "I followed him through all his charity work and he's a 100-year-old man, I thought what can I do after all he's done?"

A company that makes incredible light up costumes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A company that makes incredible light up costumes is still going strong during lockdown, as people anticipate the mass reopening of live entertainment events.  Sparkling snowboarding suits, tutus and headgear are all created by the LED clothing company SER Brothers.   Creator Egor Krukovich, 34, said his clients include athletes, performers, ravers and anyone who wants to light up the room with their outfit while under quarantine.  “We sell products all over the world and in some countries they’re open now and some people buy for the future,” he said. 

An 11-year-old double leg amputee is paying tribute to her “real-life hero” Cpt Sir Tom Moore by walking an entire marathon in her garden in his memory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last year Maisie Catt, who lost her legs to meningitis and septicemia, followed in the veteran’s heroic footsteps by walking 26 miles in her garden over the course of ten days. The schoolgirl will now do it all over again in tribute to national hero Cpt Sir Tom, who died from coronavirus on Tuesday after raising more than £30million for NHS charities. Masie is to walk a second marathon to raise money for charity YoungMinds to coincide with Children's Mental Health Week which runs between February 1 and 7.

Doctors gave me eczema

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW MALDEN, SURREY, UK: This woman was left with a 'BONE DEEP ITCH' and face so painful that it hurt to EAT after discovering she was ALLERGIC to the eczema medication doctors had been prescribing her for TWENTY-FIVE years. Like many young children, social media executive Gemma Blackman (28) from New Malden, Surrey, UK, was diagnosed with eczema when she was two years old after she developed symptoms in the creases of her arms and legs. Doctors never thought to investigate any underlying cause for Gemma?s sore skin and immediately prescribed her steroid creams to apply to her skin and emollients to wash with. Whilst the creams appeared to work for a limited period, Gemma?s eczema got worse and the areas of skin affected got bigger. In response, doctors prescribed Gemma stronger creams to help heal her apparent eczema. When she was 21, Gemma had a sudden anaphylactic reaction to a Brazil nut and a blood test confirmed that she was allergic to all nuts, cats, dogs, dairy and wheat but even cutting these things out of her life did not bring an improvement to her skin condition. By 2018, Gemma was regularly waking up with a swollen face and it was then she discovered topical steroid addiction (TSA) and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) - when the skin reacts adversely after long-term use of topical steroids is stopped. Gemma was in denial that she could be suffering from such a condition as she trusted that doctors were prescribing her creams so she could get better. Gemma was prescribed immunosuppressant cream Protopic to heal her skin and was told that she would get relief by removing stress and dust from her life. She was also prescribed oral steroid tablets but after she had finished the six-week course, her skin was still reactive.

Meet Statler, the 33-year-old elderly bat who can't fly, and spends his days in the 'geribatric' ward at Bat World Sanctuary with other bat senior citizens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 33-year-old elderly bat who can't fly himself, so has a bit of help from his keepers who pick him up and fly him around his room! Statler is an elderly fruit bat who his keepers believe to be the oldest living in captivity, as most of his species don't make it to twenty years. He spends his days in the 'geribatric' ward at Bat World Sanctuary in Weatherford, Texas, USA with approximately 20 other bat senior citizens. The one-eyed Indian flying fox lives a life of luxury, having a warm sponge bath and facial in the morning, and is taken outside for a sunbathe when it's nice outside.

Circus performers lockdown time

Circus performer Anastasia Sawicka practices her 'hair hanging' skills as Hannibal Hellmurto, a sword swallower, looks on at their home in Northampton. They are performers with the Circus of Horrors touring company, but lockdown restrictions have prevented them from working. Circus contortionist Stephanie Bates squeezes herself into a kitchen cabinet at her home in London. Stephanie, who uses the stage name Stephanie Mercury, is a performer with the Circus of Horrors touring company, but lockdown restrictions have prevented her from working since October.

Sellers lay down vibrant blankets at open market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Market sellers arrange their wares on vibrantly-coloured blankets.  Some also use multi-coloured parasols to protect them from the harsh sun, creating a scene which is a riot of colour when seen from the air. Tens of thousands of shoppers visit the weekly market, seeking out products such as shoes, clothes, bags and even home appliances.  It covers an area of three acres in the city of Narayanganj, in central Bangladesh. 

Workers sorting tomato harvest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers are surrounded by huge piles of tomatoes at a market.  The farmers sort through up to 100 tonnes of the fruit every day and box them following the tomato harvest. Aerial photographs taken by Abdul Momin capture the process at the market in Dhunat Upazila, Bangladesh.