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Teen contortionist loves to do her homework in incredible gymnastic positions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet one of the UK's bendiest kids with a unique take on flexible working during the pandemic. Roxy Kobyliukh, 13, is happy to do her homework in a 'triple fold position' with her entire body bent backwards so her head appears in between her legs. The bendy teen has been a practicing contortionist ever since she discovered she was more flexible than most kids during gymnastics club, aged five. Now training 15 hours a week, Roxy can contort her slender frame into incredibly difficult positions with ease.

A "miracle baby" who was born with a hole in her throat has finally been able to go home - after spending the first five months of her life in hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millie Oxley needed emergency surgery to insert a feeding tube at just three days old because her oesophagus was not connected to her stomach. She then had to undergo a major operation to repair the oesophagus and needed to be sedated for a fortnight afterwards. Her mum Kirsty Oxley, 30, who was told she might lose her baby during pregnancy due to heavy bleeding, said it was gut-wrenching to see her having to battle again after being born.

Britain's oldest newspaper girl at 82

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plucky pensioner Pauline Bridge is believed to be Britain's oldest paper girl - delivering six days a week at the age of 82. The grandmother gets up at 5am to do her round six days a week, and aims to carry on until she’s 90. She took over the paper round from her grandchildren when they started going to college about 10 years ago and says it helps keep her fit and healthy. And over the years she's made more than 50,000 deliveries and cycled at least 5,000 miles. The pensioner cycles the whole route on her own, delivering local newspaper the Daily Echo to 32 houses come rain or shine, and has even carried on in the snow.

A pair of damaged Chinese Doucai porcelain cups which were almost thrown away by their owner have sold for £11,640

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two rare cups have sold for thousands at auction after they were nearly thrown away by their owner - the aristocrat wife of the Queen's doctor. The two Chinese Doucai porcelain cups were produced by the Imperial kiln during the reign of Emperor Youngzheng (1723-35). But they ended up in the hands of Lady Peel, the widow of Sir John Peel - who served as Surgeon-Gynaecologist to Queen Elizabeth II from 1961-1973 and died aged 101 in 2005. Now they've gone under a virtual hammer at The Autction Hub, where a flurry of activity from the UK, China, and Spain forced the price up to £11,640.

£22 million Tel Aviv penthouse aims for Gulf buyer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Israel has listed its most expensive penthouse on the market -- a £22million two-floor duplex with five bedrooms, a swimming and jacuzzi. The sea-view pad - dubbed one of the most luxurious properties in the Middle East - boasts floor-to-ceiling windows   with stunning city and coastline views. Located in the country's most populous city, Tel Aviv, the high-rise plush flat Inside the 5,704 sq ft living area, the buyer will be met with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a media room, a reception/lounge, an office, kitchen with feature bar, and a guest cloakroom.

Hope it doesn't taste of cardboard! Mother makes ultra-realistic Amazon parcel cake for her son's birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cutting open this Amazon package will reveal a tasty treat inside - because it's actually a cake! Constructed by Nina Evans Williams, 54, for her son's birthday, this hyper-realistic package cake took the baker two days, including a whole day in the oven! Nina, from Anglesey, Wales, said: "He actually thought it was a package delivered for him!"She made this cake to celebrate the 24th birthday of her son, Kane Evans, on February 2.

Covid-19 drone delivery being developed

A robust Covid-19 vaccine drone delivery payload system for use in critical regions is being developed. The payload to be developed by U.S. company Draganfly, and is a sustainable thermal management system with capability to carry a minimum of 300 multi-doses or 100 single doses. It is being designed as part of a comprehensive delivery and logistics platform of which Draganfly will operate. „It is very exciting that COVID-19 vaccinations are starting to be distributed. Draganfly will help us solve the problem which is the timely and precise distribution of the vaccine in hard-to-reach areas” said Wayne Williams, Founder and Executive Director of Coldchain Technology. Draganfly Inc., has been selected by Coldchain Technology Services, LLC to immediately develop and provide flight services. Coldchain Technology provides comprehensive solutions for healthcare supply chain management for multiple government and commercial clients, including the US Army, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Reserve Component forces, Johnson & Johnson brands, Chicago Department of Public Health, and others and has been leading the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the United States.

Gruesome moment a lion cub gnawed on the carcass of a five-hundred-pound zebra

***EXCLUSIVE*** SERENGETI, TANZANIA: A BRITISH photographer has captured the gruesome moment a lion cub gnawed on the carcass of a five-hundred-pound zebra - that still looked ALIVE despite missing its ENTIRE BODY. One image showed the young 50-pound cub pulling at the nose and lips of the zebra with its razor sharp two inch teeth. Another captured the cub tearing the last remaining bits of flesh from the zebra?s exposed ribs. The incredible photos were captured by photographer Brian Matthews (42) from the North East of England, UK, whilst travelling through the Serengeti in Tanzania. Whilst the kill happened during the dead of night, Brian managed to track down the lion cub who was accompanied by two adult lions after following a pack of hyenas who were moving towards the area of the kill. Brian managed to get within 30 feet of the cub and he captured the images on his Canon 1DX and a 500mm lens. Lion cubs begin learning to hunt when they are just six weeks old but rely on older members of the pride to catch food for them until they are around 16 months old.

Travel company is using its fleet of tuk tuk vehicles to help elderly get to vaccination centres

Saundersfoot, Wales, United Kingdom: Bringing joy to the community, Saundersfoot based business Tuk Tuk Time is certainly adding a smile to many with their wonderful service in providing safe, free of charge, transport for the elderly and most vulnerable who wouldn’t otherwise be easily able to get to their local vaccination centre. With their loveable, three wheeled, fleet of tuk tuks, residents are uniquely escorted to their nearest vaccination centre in the most cheerful, truly memorable way, and in total comfort. The first tuk tuk pick up of the day is Janice Jones accompanying her husband David, 82, for his vaccination. Tuk Tuk Time owner, Lorraine Niederlag, who runs the company with her husband said „It’s so moving to be a part of the journey to hopefully the world becoming a safer place. It’s such an honour and privilege to tuk tuk our elderly and vulnerable of our community for their vaccinations.”

Sven Badzak murder: Mum sobs ‘my only son was killed for fun’ as The Sun offer £20k reward to find knife killer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The capital's latest knife murder victim was a sociology graduate and worked for Transport for London, according to pals. The man in his early twenties - named locally as 'Sven' - was fatally stabbed in Kilburn, north west London, on Saturday evening. A teenager knifed in the same incident - named by friends as 'Bobby' - was rushed to hospital in a "critical' condition. The double stabbing was one of an "abhorrent" fresh wave of knife crime across the capital that saw two men in their early twenties murdered and more than a dozen other people knifed over the weekend.

Photographer captures incredible moment plane is silhouetted by fiery backdrop of the sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** An airplane ended up being dramatically silhouetted right in front of the Sun in this rare, "one-in-a-million" photo - taken as the flight crossed perfectly across the Sun's fiery surface. The amazing photograph, captured by accident, shows the commercial aircraft appearing like a small, black stamp on the surface of the Sun, which glowed a soft red behind it. The jumbo jet took just a second to fly across the Sun - but perfectly intersected the surface of the burning star.

Bayeux Tapestry being recreated by primary school teacher

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bayeux Tapestry being recreated by primary school teacher. It is one of the most famous depictions of a key chapter in British history - telling the story of how the Normans came to vanquish King Harold and his men at the battle of Hastings. Now an artist and primary school teacher is recreating a full-scale replica of the Bayeux Tapestry stitch by painstaking stitch - including all its original flaws and mistakes. Whereas the original 70-metre long tapestry was produced by teams of skilled embroiderers Mia Hansson has only herself to rely on. Which explains why she has not only been working on the project for the past five years, but expects to be at it for another five. “I was searching for something that I can’t finish in a hurry”. Ms Hansson, originally from Sweden and now living in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, is drawing all the shapes and figures by freehand, using a measuring tape and calculator to scale up from photographs of the tapestry.

Rescued: horse stuck up to her neck in a swamp

The RSPCA rescued a horse who had become stuck up to her neck in a swamp in North Wales. The cob type horse had escaped from a grazing area on Friday (5 February) in Amlwch, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, and sadly came across a dangerously deep bog and became completely submerged in the mud a part from her head. The owners of the horse called the RSPCA and a team from Wales attended including; Inspector Andrew Broadbent, Inspector Michael Pugh, Inspector Mark Roberts and Animal Rescue Officer (ARO) Lauren Bradshaw. RSPCA inspector Mark Roberts said: „This poor horse was well and truly stuck in the bog up to her neck. It was so deep I don’t think her hooves even reached the bottom. The area around the horse was a thick mat of moss, reeds and roots as well as mud so we had to force our arms as far as we could to get two straps around the horse’s body. This was the hardest and most time consuming part of the rescue.”