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The “world's first digital bakery” has produced a line of 3D printed chocolates, SMS text hearts and complex colorful candies just in time for Valentine’s Day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sugar Lab is a digital design bakery based in Los Angles, California, that works with chefs to create 3D printed pastries, candies and desserts. “Instead of being a design firm for houses we’re a design firm for amazing cakes, candies and pastries,” said Kyle von Hasseln, 38, who co-founded the hyper modern bakery in 2012. In response to COVID-19, the company launched a public retail site, moving away from working exclusively with chefs in restaurants, hotels and other food spaces.

81 year old brush maker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saxony-Anhalt, Naumburg: In her small brush manufactory, which also serves as a salesroom, 81-year-old brush maker Ursula Römer cuts the horsehair bristles from a feather duster to the exact length. Although her shop is closed due to the pandemic, a lot of orders are currently coming in by phone or in writing from all over Germany for large and small brooms, spider sweeps, feather dusters or even wall and ceiling brooms. In her traditional shop, which her great-grandfather opened in 1885, the 81-year-old makes her brushes and brooms with a wide variety of bristles in the old, traditional way using the hand-pulling method. Packaged in packages, they are shipped to her customers. The small shop has already been named one of the most beautiful retail stores around the world by the New York Times.

Two brothers endured years of teasing and being called "girls" to grow their stunning hair to make into wigs for kids with cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kaleb and Aaron Tekabework, 11 and nine, started growing their hair five years ago after watching a documentary about a girl who lost her hair after chemotherapy. She received a wig from another young woman, and her reaction inspired the young boys to grow their hair and do the same. The siblings - then seven and five - grew their curly locks until they almost reached their waist before going to the barbers for the very first time. Their tresses were sent off to charity Wigs for Kids and the boys raised £2500 ($3,415) for children's cancer research at Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences. The brothers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA started growing their hair in April 2016.

Meet the man who sticks up to THIRTY surgical needles at a time through his face and arms for FUN - leaving him covered in blood

***EXCLUSIVE*** ARMENIA, COLOMBIA: Professional piercer Miguel Andrés (28) from Armenia, Colombia, grew up in a normal Catholic family. For as long as he can remember, Miguel was fascinated by people with piercings on television and in public and knew that he wanted piercings for himself. By the age of 11, Miguel had pierced his lobes using a sewing needle and just one year later, aged 12, he got his tongue pierced at a professional studio. Since then, Miguel has 15 plug piercings across his ears, lips, nose and nipples. Plug piercings are a type of modification in which a pierced hole is gradually stretched using larger and larger earrings in order to make a wider tunnel in the flesh. Due to Miguel’s work as a piercer, he is fortunate to be able to trade his services with his piercer friends, getting the vast majority of his modifications for free. Miguel also has a „Prince Albert” piercing through his penis, a split tongue that looks like that of a snake and over 50 tattoos across his face and body. More recently, Miguel has become involved in „play piercing”. As the name suggests, this involves piercing himself for fun, often sticking up to 30 surgical needles through the skin on his arms and face at once. Whilst most people would faint at the mere thought of this, Miguel says that he has a much higher tolerance to pain than the average person and finds being a human pin cushion a pleasant and even pleasurable experience. When Miguel is out and about, strangers often do not react fondly towards him, often whispering about his unique look and saying he looks disgusting and asking why he would disfigure himself. Miguel doesn’t mind too much as he jokes that he always manages to get a seat to himself on the bus.

Woman who formed a throuple with high school sweethearts gives birth to her first child - after learning she was pregnant on the same day her partner miscarried her child

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: THIS COUPLE invited another woman to join their relationship and found out she was PREGNANT on the same day they MISCARRIED. Stay-at-home mum, Victoria Gibson (25) from California, USA, met automotive technician, Robert McCoy (24) back in 2012 at a local skatepark and the two were high school sweethearts, until May 2018 when Robert met warehouse associate, Destiny Griffin (24) at work. Robert introduced Destiny to Victoria and they began hanging out together. They realised they had a strong attraction to one another and decided to become a closed triad in August 2018. Their love for each other has grown deeper over the years and the trio decided in November 2019 that they wanted to take the next step in their relationship and start a family together. Although everyone had mixed feelings at first because they had concerns about financial wellbeing due to recently moving, they quickly came around to the idea. After three months, Victoria fell pregnant and the three were overjoyed, but sadly, on January 29, 2020 she found out that she had miscarried. Although it was a solemn day for their relationship, in a bittersweet turn of events, Destiny found out she was pregnant on the same day - which caused overwhelming emotions. Destiny’s pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions, with highs and lows on all sides as they were still dealing with Victoria’s miscarriage and had fears that the same would happen again. However, they knew that to provide mentally and emotionally for the baby, they needed to work on themselves and get prepared for what was to come. The three began getting excited for their new arrival, as the anticipation of what was to come outweighed the worries they had and on November 1, 2020, they all gathered in the hospital room together and welcomed Asmodeus „Momo” Reign Valhalla into the world.

‘The world’s fastest E-Type Jaguar’ is up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The World’s Fastest E-Type Jaguar is up for auction - over 40 years since its creation. The Jag - nicknamed 'The Beast' - boasts 750bhp and a top speed of over 180mph and dominated its class of racing throughout the 90s. Now, fully restored and ready to rule the roost once again, it is available for sale courtesy of Hampson Auctions.

This mum reveals she had to wait over SIX WEEKS to find out her baby had a condition that could leave her BLIND after Covid restrictions made it nearly impossible to get an appointment

***EXCLUSIVE*** BROMLEY, ENGLAND: Trainee planner Freya Todd (28) from Bromley, England, gave birth to her second daughter Teigan Elliott in April 2020 and although she was overjoyed to finally be a mother-of-two, this quickly changed just five days later. Freya’s gut instinct told her that something was wrong and her fears were confirmed when Teigan soon started becoming extremely restless, would only sleep for a short period of time, and wouldn’t feed for any longer than a few minutes. After four days, Teigan started showing a sensitivity to light. Whenever she was in bright light, she would squeeze her eyes tightly shut and didn’t open them to look around like babies usually do.Freya initially consulted her midwife just five days after Teigan's birth to which she was told that as Teigan was born before her due date, she was just very sleepy and the feeding was tiring her out. The midwife assured Freya that Teigan would begin to be more alert once she reached her due date. At three weeks old, Teigan began to open her eyes and Freya noticed they were extremely cloudy and bright blue. Freya knew that she had to get Teigan seen by a medical professional right away but due to COVID restrictions, this was a lot harder than she thought it would be as health visitors were not doing visits during this time. However, after two weeks, they went to hospital and were seen by a paediatrician who performed standard observations and told Freya that it was just a feeding issue, but this was later confirmed not to be the case by the breastfeeding team.

A family of self-confessed petrol heads created this amazing racing car – out of SNOW

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brody Penny, 11, was tasked by his schoolteacher to make something interesting out of snow, and the youngster immediately told his parents he wanted to make a car. With the help of mum Claire, 34, and dad Dave, 37, they built the life-like F1 racing car in four and a half hours – complete with black wheels, a seat and spoiler.

These incredible pictures show the Devon countryside looking like the set of a sci-fi film

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neil Burnell, 45, has spent years shooting settings in a unique way and admits he was inspired by Star Wars - particularly Yoda's refuge on Dagobah. A full-time photographer from Brixham, Devon, Neil's images fall into six themes - named Visions, Chrome, Unknown, Delicate, Deep Blue, and Mystical.

Workers make small piles of drying rice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial shots show perfect circular piles of drying rice. The piles are shaped by conical 'topas' covers which are used to protect the grains overnight. As the covers are removed to reveal the circular mounds, the farmers sweep the bright orange rice to finish off the eight hour drying process under the blazing sun. The photos were taken by freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie in the city of Narayanganj, in central Bangladesh.

Bright pink lake looks like oil painting

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fluorescent pink lake looks like something from another world in these striking images from Western Australia. The vibrant colours were spotted in the Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory, by Adam Cooper, 41, from Aveley in Western Australia. Adam said, "The iconic colours in this lake are a result of algae which is a source of beta-carotene, a food colouring agent and fantastic source of vitamin A." "I've been trying to get these images for a very long time. From the ground it's actually not that impressive, but i knew I was in for a treat when I put my drone up. I think some of them look a bit like oil paintings." "The different colours formed by the algae farm are extremely rare and make for fantastic photographs in the right conditions."

An antique bronze head discovered in a rusty garden bucket is now set to sell for thousands of pounds at an auction in Bristol

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bronze head was discovered in a garden clearance by the present owner, after removing the remains of a collapsed outhouse. The unusual method in which it was found isn’t the only mystery, however. The large bronze head is actually an undocumented copy of a bronze head on display in The Roman Baths, in Bath.

Bird tries to snatch another bird mid air

***EXCLUSIVE*** An aggressive sea bird dive bombs a gull in mid-air. The black frigatebird attacked a swallow-tailed gull off the coast of the South Plazas Island in the Galapagos. But despite having its wing grabbed by the bigger bird, the gull managed to escape and survive. Keen amateur photographer Young Feng managed to capture pictures of the battle in the skies above the island's cliffs.