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A beauty queen with Multiple Sclerosis who was told she would never walk down a catwalk has defied the odds to reach the final of a new Miss England contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Zara-Lucy Whitehead, 23, refused to let her lifelong debilitating condition get in the way of following her dream of becoming a full-time model. She is now in the running to become the first ever winner of Miss All African Colours representing Nigeria, her mother's home country. The prestigious beauty pageant created the new category as a way of encouraging greater racial diversity following the Black Lives Matter movement last year. Zara-Lucy will now battle it out against eight other girls in a bid to reach the Miss England final this weekend.

Eccentric seaside mansion in the south of France dubbed the ‘Bubble Palace’ offers the ultimate lockdown hideaway

***EXCLUSIVE*** 'Palais bulles' known as the 'Bubble Palace' near Cannes in the south of France, which is up for sale. An eccentric seaside mansion in the south of France dubbed the 'Bubble Palace' which offers the ultimate lockdown hideaway has been put on the market. The sprawling 'Palais bulles' near Cannes comprises of a cluster of interwoven bubble spaces perfect for social distancing on a hillside over-looking the Mediterranean sea. The ten-bedroom villa, including gardens, water-ponds, swimming pools and a 500 seat outdoor theatre, is the former summer home French fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

Windows transformed into an amazing outdoor gallery in a small town

***EXCLUSIVE*** The windows of Wotton-under-Edge have been transformed into an amazing outdoor gallery. Around 200 residents in the Gloucestershire town have decorated their windows with colourful, ornate designs for local people to enjoy on their daily walk. Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

Louis Vuitton mocked for selling "world's ugliest jumper" that costs $8,200

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the key pieces from Virgil Abloh's Spring/Summer 2021 Tokyo show has just landed on Louis Vuitton’s store. The Puppets All-Over sweatshirt, which many argued drew similarities to Walter Van Beirerndonck's Fall 2016 collection, sees a soft merino wool body in navy that's been covered in 14 crochet and jersey puppets. The made-in-Italy sweater also features a large woven Louis Vuitton label at the back and a half-zip at the front to ensure that the neckline remains in shape. Completely made-to-order, this outlandish showpiece is priced at approximately 8,200 Dollars.

Miracle boy whose cancer fight touched Brits' hearts celebrates seventh birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave seven-year-old boy who won the nation's heart in his battle against leukaemia had a surprise superhero birthday which his parents feared he would never live to see. Oscar Saxelby-Lee beamed with delight when a band of wellwishers turned up at his home wearing costumes from his favourite movies Toy Story and Spiderman. It marked an extra special day after Oscar defied the medics to win his two-year battle against leukaemia.  Oscar, nicknamed Ozzy, was just four years old when he was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer in December 2018. His parents Olivia Saxelby, 25, and Jamie Lee, 28, launched an appeal for stem cell donors after doctors warned he had just three months to start life-saving treatment. In March 2019 a record-breaking 4,855 volunteers queued in the freezing rain after Oscar's Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester opened as a testing centre. In total more than 10,000 people were tested across the UK until a match was finally found.

Squirrel whisperer showcases gallery of close-up snaps of red squirrels

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animal lover Zoe Cox has been dubbed the 'squirrel whisperer' after developing an amazing bond with red squirrels living near her home. The 45 year old has spent nearly a decade forging unique relationships with the endangered animals. The dog groomer lives on the Isle of Wight, a haven for red squirrels because none of the larger, more aggressive grey species live there. An estimated 3,500 reds live on the island, but sightings are still rare as they are shy and easily disturbed by noise.

Supersonic aircraft company sign agreement with NASA for mission to travel between any two points on the planet within three hours

Reno, Nevada, United States: A supersonic aircraft company announced they have signed an agreement with NASA to push forward a mission to travel between any two points on the planet within three hours. Aerion Supersonic and NASA's Langley Research Center will commence a joint study with the intention of accelerating realisation of commercial high-speed flight and faster point-to-point travel. Pursuant to the latest Space Act Agreement (S.A.A.) entered into between Aerion Supersonic and NASA, the two parties will engage in research and development on a future generation of ultra-high-speed - or 'high Mach' - aircraft. The AS2 supersonic business jet is Aerion's starting point in pursuit of faster point-to-point travel, to be followed by the AS3 passenger jet, forming the basis of a future range of high Mach aircraft. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible from first flight, the AS2 is the first supersonic aircraft designed to be powered by 100% engineered synthetic fuel and reach supersonic speeds without the need for an afterburner.

Earliest known conch shell horn plays its tune for the first time in 18,000 YEARS after experts mistook it for a ceremonial drinking cup

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 18,000 year old seashell found in a French cave before the Second World War is being hailed as the oldest wind instrument of its kind ever discovered. The conch had been lying largely overlooked in a museum since it was first discovered in the cave 125 miles from the sea in 1931.  Now scientists, using state of the art technology - and with the help of a horn player, have shown that the humble shell was in fact a primitive musical instrument...and is still able to produce notes.  Previously, flutes were the only musical instruments found dating back to that era.  The shell was originally discovered at Marsoulas Cave, between Haute-Garonne and Ariège, in the Pyrenees.   First discovered in 1897, research leader Carole Fritz explained that the cave provides evidence of the beginning of the Magdalenian culture in the region, at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum, dating back around 20,000 years ago.  During an inventory of the material from the archaeological excavations, most of which is kept in the Muséum de Toulouse, scientists examined the large Charonia lampas (sea snail) shell, which had been first discovered in 1931.

Enormous fishing nets are thrown out by fishermen during sunset

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous fishing net resembles a giant jellyfish as it is thrown into the sea. Fishermen cast the huge, green net to catch anchovies off the coast of Phu Yen in Vietnam. After hurling the net into the water, they drive their boat in a circle to surround the fish before pulling it back up. Anchovies caught in this way are then used to make the region's traditional fish sauce. Keen amateur photographer Duy Le Thanh, from Dalat, Vietnam, used a drone to capture pictures of the men fishing at sunrise.

This adorable young panda is seen popping out for its first taste of snow

This giant panda looks to be enjoying the snowy weather as it sticks out its tongue to catch snowflakes. The bear at Pairi Daiza Animal Park in Belgium did not seem to feel the cold and rolled around in its enclosure on Monday when temperatures dropped to as low as -8 degrees. Twins Bao Di and Bao Mei were born at the zoo in August 2019 so this is the first time they have seen snow. Giant pandas have thick fur which is well-suited to their cold and rainy natural habitat in the forests of southwest China. Keepers wondered how they would react to the ice — but they eat shoots and freeze.