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Girl, 5, used tooth fairy money to create goody bags for homeless to 'make them smile'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kind-hearted little girl who just wanted to make people smile has used the money that she got from the tooth fairy to create 'bags of love' for the homeless in her community. Five year old Amaya Thompson couldn't believe her luck when she received a staggering £50 from the tooth fairy after losing two teeth over the past month. Instead of spending the lot on brand new toys, the sweet girl surprised her mum Samantha Field, 34, when she suggested giving the money to the homeless instead. With the help of her proud mum, Amaya made 20 'bags of love' for the homeless in Stevenage where she lives, containing toiletries, food and a heartfelt letter from Amaya herself.

I had terrifying dreams about dying – weeks later docs diagnosed me with cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A healthy woman who had 'terrifying nightmares' that she was dying went to the doctor to get checked out - and was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Carolann Bruce, 51, says her dreams saved her life after it pushed her to get checked twice even after her GP told her that she was “completely fine”. The mum-of-two had been experiencing nightmares on a nightly basis starting in January 2011, which lasted for nearly a year and left her afraid to go to sleep. She began to journal her dreams and on November 11, 2011 she dreamed that a shadowy figure took her to a hospital where she was a patient dying of cancer. The following day she went to Marple Cottage Surgery in Stockport, Lancs., in tears as she was certain she had cancer. The results of the mammogram, however, came back negative but Carolann said her dreams were so vivid she challenged her diagnosis and insisted on further tests. On Nov 15, she saw a consultant at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle who immediately urged her to have a biopsy and she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

Woman, 31, who felt like she was trapped in a 'skin suit' after shedding 200lbs shows off her transformation following $2,000 surgery to remove her stomach pouch

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINNESOTA, USA: This woman says the biggest challenge about losing weight has been dealing with LOOSE SKIN and admits that after shedding over FOURTEEN STONE she feels like she is trapped in a 'SKIN SUIT'. IT recruiter Ceara Dowell (31) from Minnesota, USA, was a keen actor throughout her childhood. Sadly she was groomed and sexually abused as a teenager and dealing with this meant that she turned to food to find comfort. Ceara would eat cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes every day which led to her classmates teasing her about her weight, and a boy she asked out on a date called her „fat and ugly”. By the time Ceara graduated from high school, she weighed 14st 7lb but in her mid-twenties she had reached an unhealthy 25-stone and struggled to fit into UK size 30 clothes. In 2015, the sudden death of her grandmother Linda, led Ceara’s life to spiral further out of control. Getting drunk at breakfast and on her lunch breaks, Ceara knew she had to make drastic changes to avoid an early death. She made the decision to leave her ex-husband, believing that it was the only way to truly break free from her unhappy life and began living with her aunty and uncle to start anew. By cutting out the booze and swimming a few times per week, she lost 2st 12lb over the first few months, but soon Ceara’s weight plateaued. It wasn’t until 2018 when Ceara switched to the keto diet which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, and started visiting the gym four times per week as well as doing an hour of yoga each day that her weight loss continued.

This mum-of-one divorced her husband after he became OBSESSED with buying her plastic surgery to look like his favourite porn star

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Model Tanya Fogelman (34) from Minsk, Belarus, has always considered herself to be very attractive and was fond of her natural features including her breasts which were naturally a size 34DD. However, as a perfectionist, Tanya realised there were enhancements she wanted to make. Tanya first thought about having a breast enlargement in January 2012 as she wanted to make them bigger and fuller in their shape. She believed her breasts had lost their „bouncy and full” look and relied on push-up bras to accentuate her size. Pursuing her desires to get plastic surgery, she consulted her husband Boris Fogelman (44) who said that he wanted her to look like pornstar Lolo Ferrari as he was besotted with her „unnaturally huge” silicone breasts and wanted his wife to have these too. He agreed that Tanya's breasts weren’t big enough anymore and would often make comments such as, „Why can’t you look artificial and sexy like Ferrari” and pushed her to book the surgery everyday as he thought she was taking too long to make a final decision. Tanya booked her one-cup-size breast enlargement surgery in February 2012 and saved up over Ł6,000 for the surgery with her husband. After her first plastic surgery experience, Tanya received mass attention across the country for her new 34E breast size and was invited to speak on Russian talk shows. Her self-esteem rose to amounts she only ever imagined which was when she realised she was hooked.

Matrix-like wearable device turns the body into a BATTERY by tapping into a user's internal heat that is transformed into electricity

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wearable battery which harnesses electricity from the surface of the skin could consign charging to history. The new device, like something from a sci-fi film, can also 'heal itself' when damaged and can muster up enough power to fuel a watch or fitness tracker. It's also stretchy enough to be worn as a bracelet or a ring and works by absorbing body heat and converting into electricity. Prof Jianliang Xiao of the University of Colorado Boulder, one of the researchers behind the battery, said: "In the future, we want to be able to power your wearable electronics without having to include a battery."

A father and daughter duo have become Derbyshire’s first-ever serving firefighters to work alongside each other

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daughter Zoe Mears, 20, has now passed her firefighter training and will now work as a recruit alongside her father saving people's lives. After growing up watching her dad work on the engines and being inspired Zoe applied to join the service and follow in her father's footsteps. She first applied in 2018 and was unsuccessful in making it to the next stage but determined to make her dreams and passion come true the 20-year-old changed her day job to gain even more experience. Becoming a firefighter “ticked all of the boxes” for Zoe and she has now become the youngest person in Derbyshire to ever pass the LGV (large good vehicle) test meaning she is now fully qualified to drive a fire engine.  She will now proudly join her father, Rob Mears, who has been a firefighter for over 30 years since doing the service in 1988 and is as a watch manager at Chesterfield station. The pair will now work alongside each other creating a first for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue.

The ‘Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot, or TIGER, concept in a cave

***EXCLUSIVE*** Engineers have unveiled an unmanned robotic vehicle which can travel on wheels - or as a four-legged WALKING machine - in the world’s most inhospitable locations. The ‘Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot, or TIGER, has been designed by Hyundai Motor Group to carry cargo over challenging terrain. Dubbed the first uncrewed ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV), the concept features a sophisticated leg and wheel locomotion system, 360-degree directional control, and a range of sensors for remote observation.  The high-tech machine will also be able to connect to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which can fully charge and deliver it to inaccessible locations.

This brave squirrel decided to challenge a DEADLY king cobra to a classic western standoff

***EXCLUSIVE*** KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK, SOUTH AFRICA: This brave squirrel decided to challenge a DEADLY king cobra to a classic western standoff. In one image, the two-pound Cape ground squirrel clasped its tiny paws together as it stared the king cobra straight in the eye - trying to anticipate the venomous reptile’s next move. In another, the squirrel began to scurry away after deciding that taking on the 18-foot-long deadly cobra was too mammoth of a task. Photographer Steffen Hecker (50) from Heilbronn, Germany, captured the photographs in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa. Just 65-foot away from where Steffen stood, a ground squirrel and a king cobra engaged in a 30-second-long standoff.

Characters of India

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Fascinating images have captured the bizarre and colourful characters of India - including flamboyant street performers and heavily bearded men. One stunning image showed Indian Hijra and transgender rights activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. The Hijra are a transgender community in India who are known as the „third gender” - it is thought that hijras possess sacred powers and it is common for them to perform blessings at weddings and births. In another picture, a man in Pushkar, India, posed for a photo with his cow which has a fifth leg, whilst another cuddled up with his pet monkey. One breath-taking image showed a woman from the reclusive Indian Dhaneta Jats tribe sporting an enormous nose ring which is held up by her hair and is a sign of marriage. The images were taken by photographer Carol Foote (70) from Queensland, Australia.

Frog mouth viper

***EXCLUSIVE*** AGUMBE, INDIA: Mating season was cut short for this poor frog after a deadly VIPER swallowed him whole. In one image, the gliding frog appeared to curl into a ball as it helplessly hung from the pit viper’s mouth - accepting its impending doom. In another, the hind legs of the two-inch-long frog hung out of the viper’s mouth as it made the slow descent into the 12-inch-long pit viper’s stomach. Photographer Girish Gowda (36) from Mandya, India, captured the images in Agumbe, India. Just several foot away from Girish, a Malabar pit viper bit down on a gliding frog who had travelled to the pond for mating season.

African wild dogs playing with plastic bottle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pack of African wild dogs turn to an empty plastic bottle for entertainment. After finding the piece of litter, a group of at least 30 African wild dogs toyed with it, vying for possession of the prize. Several even engaged in an animated tug of war over the discarded plastic. The pack of wild dogs - or 'painted wolves' as they are sometimes called - turned to the empty sports drink bottle for fun after hunting down and eating two impala on the plains of the Kruger National Park, South Africa. South African photographer John Mullineux said the wild animals reminded him of his own Jack Russell as they excitedly toyed with the litter.

Family to celebrate Chinese New Year virtually this year due to Covid lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Virtual Chinese New Year Celebrations. Yang Lu with her husband Gabor Varga and her daughter Eliza Varga (2) host a video call with Yang's parents who live in China as they prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year at their home in Portsmouth, Hants tomorrow (FRIDAY). Due to the coronavirus pandemic Yang and her family are celebrating the year of the Ox at home, and have scheduled another video call with her parents tomorrow (FRIDAY) who live in China to celebrate virtually. Due to current lockdown restrictions in England, Yang and her family are unable to visit friends and family in the local neighbourhood and pass on their good wishes, which they have traditionally done in previous years.

Workers water thousands of flowers in Sa Dec flower village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers tend to a floating village of chrysanthemums, spraying the flowers with water as they keep the flowers blooming. Sa Dec flower village in Vietnam's Dong Thap province is a traditional craft village more than 100 years old. Located on the Tien River, it is known as the land of ornamental flowers.

Cheeky hyena chase

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK, KENYA: The moment a cheeky ninety-pound hyena is left running for its life after attempting to steal dinner from a pair of lions has been caught on camera. One incredible photo featured a 420-pound male lion and 290-pound lioness happily devouring the carcass of a 800-pound zebra together in peace. In another, that peace was disturbed when the frustrated female chased away a 90-pound hyena who was circling the couple looking for a scrap to eat. Wildlife photographer Ramachandiran Govindaraj (34) from Tamil Nadu, India, took the amazing photos whilst travelling through the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. Ramachandiran captured the images from just 150-feet away using a Canon 1DX Mark 2 and 50mm f4 USM lens. The action lasted just a few minutes before the hyena had made its escape. Hyenas are renowned for their intelligence and will work as a team to avoid unnecessary confrontation with other animals. Some studies have shown that their cognitive and problem solving skills could even match those of primates.