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Trolling in the 19th century! Vinegar valentines cards that victorians anonymously sent to tell the recipient that they hated them - and which were wildly popular for years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Valentine’s Day is usually a time for people to receive love notes - often from a „secret admirer”. But for the Victorians, 14th February was a day unlucky recipients could receive HATE MAIL. These are the fascinating „Vinegar Valentines” cards that Victorians anonymously sent to people to tell them all the ways they did NOT love them Ð and were widely popular for years. Dating back as far as the 1840s, these mean-spirited cards were a huge hit in both Britain and United States. Often featuring a mocking illustration and an insult aimed at the recipient, MILLIONS of Vinegar Valentines cards were reportedly sold between the 19th and 20th centuries. As this eye-opening collection reveals, these greeting cards could troll recipients for anything from their looks, their single relationship status, their unhappy marriage to a scolding wife and certain character traits that meant they would never land a husband or wife. There was such a wide range of Vinegar Valentines on that market Ð that with the start of the womenÕs suffrage movement in 1903, greeting cards were even being produced send to single suffragettes. The unflattering cards reportedly created a stir throughout all social levels, sometimes provoking fisticuffs and arguments. Furthermore the receiver, not the sender, was responsible for the cost of postage up until the mid-1800s - meaning a person in those days paid for the privilege of being insulted by an often anonymous "admirer." These cruelty of these cards have led to comparisons with modern day hate mail and online trolling.

Dress your phone in lingerie with these miniature thongs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swedish artist Artist Arvida Byström has dropped a cheeky collaboration with The Internet Shop. Teaming up with the online retailer, the Swedish photographer and model crafted a limited-edition series of matching thongs for you and your phone - one in human sizing and the other in miniature form. Arriving in velvety lilac fabric, the high-cut underwear makes for the perfect mirror selfie photo-op. Just slip the miniature thong onto the lower half of your smartphone and you and your device will be stylishly coordinated. „Treat your real love this valentines” Byström captioned an Instagram post announcing the humorous drop. Arvida Byström's „Panties for phone with matching human ones” retail for 69 EUROS approximately 84 Dollars at The Internet Shop.

CASETiFY drops its first fine art-inspired collection alongside Musée du Louvre

***EXCLUSIVE*** After linking up with Instagram sensation Keigo for an illustrative release last week, CASETiFY now teams up with the iconic Musée du Louvre for a fine art-inspired accessories collection. A modern take on some of the most famous artwork in history, the Louvre x CASETiFY collection transports masterpieces into the hands of a new generation, through a first-of-its-kind tech collaboration. Featuring famous works like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Grande Odalisque and Liberty Leading the People, customers can choose from an array of tech accessories including iPhone cases, AirPod cases, grip stand and wireless charging pads.