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World's first 3D-printed ribeye steak is unveiled

The world's first laboratory grown rib-eye steak has been created - and it's as 'tender and juicy' as the real thing. Israeli company Aleph Farms created the 3D bioprinted ribeye with real cow cells, meaning it is completely cruelty and slaughter-free. Scientists took swabs from two cows, cultivated them in a lab, and pieced them all together to form a replica steak. Aleph Farms says the harvesting of cells is no more painful or invasive than a human doing a cheek swab. Aleph claims the lab-grown meat offers the same delicious and juicy attributes as an authentic ribeye bought from a butcher. Aleph has created 3D bioprinting technology which allows it to precisely organise various cellular structures on top of one another to form the steaks. The company has two incubators, named Alberto and Gertrude, at its Tel Aviv facility which are named after the two donor cows. Every single steak made by Aleph is technically either from Gertrude or Alberto. The two incubators mimic the conditions inside a cow to produce the most accurate cells possible. Four different cells are created - support cells, fat cells, blood vessel cells and muscle cells - which then become the 'ink' in a custom-built 3D bioprinter.

Denmark to construct world’s first energy hub on artificial island

Denmark is building the world's first wind energy hub on an artificial island in the North Sea in an effort to provide cleaner energy. The Scandinavian nation currently provides the most oil among all European countries, but it has promised it will be stopping fossil fuel production within the next three decades. The island will be as big as 18 football pitches (120,000sq m), but there are hopes to make it three times that size. It will serve as a hub for 200 giant offshore wind turbines. It's the biggest construction project in Danish history, costing an estimated 210bn kroner. Situated 80km (50 miles) out to sea, the artificial island would be at least half-owned by the state but partly by the private sector. It will not just supply electricity for Danes but for other, neighbouring countries' electricity grids too. Although those countries have not yet been detailed, Prof Jacob Ostergaard of the Technical University of Denmark told the BBC that the UK could benefit, as well as Germany or the Netherlands.

A deadly 'syringe umbrella' and secret cameras hidden in a pack of fake cigarettes are among the items included in the world's biggest-ever auction of Cold War relics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of artifacts from the post-war era when the Soviet Union and US and its allies stood on the brink of nuclear war will be sold in an on-line auction tomorrow (sat). The collection includes a host of bizarre and chilling objects used by spies from both sides including the Soviet Union's dreaded and feared KGB security agency. The centre-piece of is the entire collection from the KGB Espionage Museum in New York City.

Dogs take over catwalk at latest canine fashion show in Los Angeles

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK - Fashion designer and self-professed "pet couturier" Anthony Rubio has showcased his canine couture collection. Rubio's goal is to raise awareness and advocacy for animal rescue, pet adoption and pet population control. He also includes dogs that are up for adoption in his fashion shows.

Homemade bobsleigh track

RUJIENA, Latvia: Aerial photo shows a general view of a home-made bobsleigh track in Rujiena, Latvia. Aivis Berzins has built a 170-meter bobsleigh track in his garden in Rujiena for his family so that they would have something to do outdoors in winter.

The Noble Dog, which offers pooches suites complete with twin beds, televisions and room service - and there's even a doggy spa on site

***EXCLUSIVE*** This luxury dog hotel offers pooches suites complete with twin beds, televisions and room service - and there's even a doggy spa on site. Canine guests at the Noble Dog Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina, receive relaxation therapy with a member of staff massaging the animals with soothing lavender oil. The pet hotel also offers storytimes where a dog is read a bedtime story before being tucked in for the night. The facility, which bills itself as a "five star hotel" for dogs, has 58 rooms that range from a standard suite at $55 a night to the "pawsidential" suite at $85 a night.

A house-trained duck has become the world's first official "trick duck" - after watching her dog-trainer owner teach tricks to pet pooches

***EXCLUSIVE*** Echo the duck is just four months old - but has already learned an impressive 17 tricks meant for dogs to perform. The talented Khaki Campbell duck can jump through a hoop, walk up a ramp on queue, push a ball with her bill, weave in and out of her owner's legs, and even play a tiny toy piano with her bill.

One of Britain’s oldest paperboys, 80, postpones retirement after being gifted electric bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** George Bailey was given the new Raleigh electric bike for his 80th birthday. The pensioner won the hearts of the nation when he told The Sun of his astonishing drive to weather the dark, cold and wet winter mornings to deliver newspapers to his local community throughout the pandemic - even on his 80th birthday morning and after receiving his covid jab. Coming complete with a super-lightweight Bosch motor, disc brakes and mudguards, George’s new ride offers an assisted energy output up to 250 per cent of his pedal power, up to 15.5mph, and is perfectly suited for the worst the weather can throw at him.

It's my go! Polar bear mum rolls around in snow as her offspring look on

***EXCLUSIVE*** Polar bear cubs look on as their mother rolls in the snow. The huge predator stretched and cleaned herself in preparation for the 35 mile journey to the coast in frozen temperatures and arctic winds. Having recently emerged from their den, the family of three need to get to the sea to hunt seals. The photos - taken at the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada - were captured by amateur photographer Hao Jiang.

Rare original black Dalek that appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who is tipped to sell for £15k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare and original black Dalek that appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who is tipped to sell for £15,000. Only a small number of the darker Daleks appeared on the cult sci-fi show during its 32 year history. This one was known as Dalek Sec and was head of the Cult of Skaro, an elite band of four Daleks.

Orca pod circle a colony of sea lions while looking for their dinner

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pod of killer whales encircle panicked sea lions which gather together in a bid to protect themselves. The spectacular confrontation involving around eight orcas took place just 100 metres from the shore. The predators surround the sea lions which appear to crane their necks above the water to keep a look out on the killer whales. Wildlife photographer and retired firefighter Wayne Duke captured the amazing images off the east coast of Vancouver Island, near Qualicum Beach in Canada.

Martian landscape is the worlds natural modern art

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible series of images appear to show an otherworldly Martian landscape. Sulphur dyes the ground around a lake and creates a unique landscape that looks like it belongs on another planet. Photographer Jackie Xie captured the stunning images while visiting Mangya City in Qinghai Province, China. The bright blue colours in the photographs are cause by the acid composition of the lake water coming into contact with the alkaline soil.

Britain's randiest tortoise has his annual fitness test

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's most randiest tortoise has been given his annual fitness test to ensure he is in peak shape for the breeding season. Despite being well over 70-years-old, Dirk, a Giant Galapagos tortoise, is 'at it' all the time with the three females in his enclosure. But so far his best efforts haven't yet produced any baby tortoises that would boost the endangered species. Dirk, named after lothario Dirk Diggler from the movie Boogie Nights, has now undergone his regular medical ahead of the mating season.

Coal workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A line of workers, who will carry up to 200 loads each a day, unloaded a fresh shipment by carrying the heavy loads of coal in baskets balanced precariously on their heads. The latest arrival of coal on a ship at Gabtol in Dhaka city will be used to heat many peoples homes due to the cold winter in Bangladesh. Photographer Badal Chandra Sarker, 40, said that “They have a hard time carrying coal on their heads but they do it at their own risk to earn money.”"There are around six to seven hundred workers moving coal, with each worker being able to transport two hundred baskets in a day. Each of these baskets hold the value of around 17 pence of coal."

Remarkable renovation - Country house destroyed by fire and meticulously restored

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grade II listed Triscombe House suffered a devastating fire in 2002, burning for three days and leaving just a gutted shell with no roof. A stunning country house destroyed by fire and meticulously restored by the same company who first built it more than a century ago is on the market for £3.95m. Current owner Mark Venn hired Henry W Pollard & Sons, who originally built the grand home between 1902 and 1905, and they had the original plans to help them with the extensive four-year renovation project.

Urban fox on snowy Scottish street

***EXCLUSIVE*** An urban fox is pictured out during a night of heavy snowfall near Saughton Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. Photographer Paul Masterson endured sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall, while trying to capture an urban fox for the first time. He said "I have seen many around my estate but have never been lucky enough to get anywhere near them, let alone take pictures of them." Even with the heavy snowfall and the dropping temperatures that have affected many parts of the UK, Paul said "I hardly noticed the snow and cold as I was so enjoying my first UK fox photography experience. The fox didnt seem to mind too much either as it constantly sat down and preened itself."