Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Former Playboy model made her ex-fiance spend over TWENTY-SIX-THOUSAND-POUNDS on her plastic surgery - and admits she CAN’T LIVE without filler

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Model Nicole Angele (32) from Florida, USA, has always wanted plastic surgery. Ever since she was a teenager, Nicole believed that „faker is better” and was unhappy with her size 34A breasts. She booked her first procedure to get a breast enlargement in January 2004 which cost £8,000. The 400cc implants increased Nicole's breast size to a 34C and she was overwhelmed with the results. Five years later, Nicole decided she wanted a fresh start in life and moved to California in 2009 where she met a photographer who worked for The Playboy Mansion. The photographer was taken with Nicole’s body and she scored a job as a body painted model for Hugh Hefner. Shortly after moving to California, Nicole had the urge to have more surgery and booked her second breast enlargement in 2013 which cost £8,000. She had 600cc implants that gave her size 34D breasts. In 2018, Nicole met her ex-fiancé, Lenny Smith (32), who fell in love with her body yet supported Nicole’s decision to get further surgery on her breasts as she had become bored with her look. Lenny gave £8,000 to Nicole to get 800cc implants and spent a further £18,000 on lip fillers, bottom sculpture, and two liquid nose jobs. Unfortunately, the two called it quits in 2020 and Nicole decided that to start this new chapter in her life, she would get another breast enlargement - this time with 2000cc implants which have given her size 34J breasts. Nicole has tried to emulate her idols, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy, with her look and goes to the same plastic surgeon as the Kardashians to achieve her dream body. She receives lots of attention from men and other people in the street, who recognise her and want a photo opportunity with her.

A man was ecstatic after he discovered the drawing he bought from a market stall in Ecuador for 73p is actually worth a staggering £10,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Santiago Taute, 39, spotted the colourful A3-sized work while browsing a market in his hometown in 2001, and paid just a dollar. He rolled it up and stuffed it in a box that went into storage with his family in Spain when he moved to the UK in 2013, before marrying British wife Delia Taute, 31. And there it remained for two decades until his boxes were recently shipped to the UK and he got the piece out to show Delia when they moved home last year.

90-year-old man runs 7 miles in memory of friend

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 90-year-old man has completed a gruelling seven-mile cross country run for the 51st straight year despite its cancellation in memory of a friend who sadly died from cancer. Dennis Adelsberg has been running competitively since he was just seven years old and credits his long endurance to drinking tea with six sugars DURING his races.  The nonagenarian has run the Parbold Hill Race in Ormskirk, Lancs., since its very first race way back in 1970 - which sees roughly 500 competitors attempt it each year.

Pianist ‘ignored’ by the BBC pretends to be a man and finally makes breakthrough

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female pianist rejected by the BBC and the music industry has finally broken through - after changing her name and pretending to be a MAN. Talented composer Annabel Bennett began writing music nine years ago and has since created more than 350 original pieces. She struggled to get her work played to a wide audience and was constantly being rejected or ignored. But believing her gender was holding her back, she started submitting her work under an alias - Arthur Parker - and noticed an immediate change.

Skin ripping survivor

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSOURI, USA: Doctors told these parents that their little boy would die within a week after he was born with a rare condition and nurses tore his skin open - but now he is thriving. Self-employed handyman Johnny Burt (31) from Missouri, USA, met his wife Sarah Brosnahan (35) 11 years ago and the two have four children together, giving birth to their second youngest, Ryker (4), on November 26, 2016. Despite a successful pregnancy with no complications, Johnny and Sarah noticed something was wrong with Ryker the minute he was born as nurses had tore his skin without realising and his skin appeared bright red and covered in a film. After a few genetic tests, Ryker was diagnosed with lamellar ichthyosis type one - which causes a membrane to form over the skin and due to this, the skin becomes extremely fragile and tight and is prone to tearing as well as infection. Doctors told the couple to prepare for a burial as a worst case scenario as they weren’t sure if Ryker would make it through the week due to how fragile and weak his skin was. This would be prone to infection if it got any worse. However, four years on, Ryker has proved the doctors wrong and is now thriving like any other little boy. Despite dealing with symptoms caused by ichthyosis, such as being unable to regulate his temperature as well as dehydration, he loves cars, planes and playing on Fortnite. Although they’ve tried to live life as normal, they have received hurtful comments such as, 'Your son is like that because of your sins? which infuriates the couple and they have fears that he will be bullied as he gets older. Johnny and Sarah are still working with Ryker on improving his condition.

New wearable all-in-one health monitor patch attaches to the neck and can report on users’ blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic conditions

***EXCLUSIVE*** This soft, stretchy patch can monitor the wearer's blood pressure and biochemical levels at the same time. A super sensor which keeps an eye on your blood pressure and how much you have had to drink once has been invented.  The soft and stretchy patch is the first wearable device to monitor both cardiovascular signals and biochemical levels in the human body at the same time, according to a new study.

Reborn baby dolls

Lower Saxony, Loxstedt: Die Nachfrage nach menschlichen Puppen wächst – auch wegen der Einsamkeit im Lockdown. Eine Sammlerin aus Loxstedt lebt den Trend schon länger. Psychologen sehen das Hobby kritisch. Der hat einen richtigen Herzschlag – du musst mal auf den Bauch fassen." Jasmin Karl ist begeistert von dem neuen Puppenmodell, an dem sie mit ihrer 11-jährigen Tochter bastelt. "Wahnsinn, total irre!" Die sogenannte "Reborn"-Puppe lässt mithilfe einer Batterie im Bauch sogar einen Herzschlag spüren. "Reborn" bedeutet wiedergeboren. Im Internet haben Mutter und Tochter den Bausatz bestellt. Zuhause in Loxstedt im Landkreis Cuxhaven angekommen, brauchen die beiden eine gute Woche, damit daraus eine täuschend echte Puppe wird. Auch auf den zweiten und dritten Blick sieht das Ergebnis nahezu lebendig aus. Laut Herstellern wird die Nachfrage nach "Reborn"-Puppen in Europa immer größer. Das liege auch am Lockdown. Denn wenn andere Hobbys wegfallen und die Einsamkeit wächst, könne eine Puppe gut tun.

Bugatti has just revealed a special one-off Chiron Sport that a client ordered for his wife as a Valentine's Day gift

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forget flowers or chocolate, this hypercar was ordered for a price of approximately $3.2 million USD and was brokered by the British luxury automotive dealer H.R. Owen. The client went through Bugatti's hundreds of thousands of design options to finally land on Matte Blanc over Silk Rosé with a Gris Rafale interior.

Woman had the idea of bringing a little lightharted fun to these dificult times by decorating two trees, each month there has been a different theme and this month its valentines day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A creative nan is entertaining passers-by with two trees in her front garden - decorated with giant googly eyes and face masks. Mary Maclean, 71, had the two twin conifer trees in her front garden trimmed back in September, in time for the winter months. But she decided to leave a tuft of thick, spiky foliage in place on the top of each of the 12-foot tall trees - making them look like they had mohawk hairstyles. And to complete the image, nan-of-five Mary, from St Neots, Cambs., attached two googly-eyes to each of the trees - and has been decorating them with different-themed face masks, made from old bed sheets.

Baby elephants who have been orphaned by poaching

NAIROBI, KENYA: These images of humans bottle feeding and playing with baby elephants who have been orphaned by poaching are sure to melt your heart. The heart-warming series of pictures captured how staff at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, dedicate their lives to hand rearing young elephants - from sleeping next to them in the same enclosure at night, to bottle feeding them to encourage bonding. Another image showed the inquisitive infant elephants, which will grow to between 5,000 to 14,000-pounds, playing with an umbrella whilst another showed them exploring the vegetation and trees of their surroundings. Elephants are extremely family orientated creatures and infants never stray further than 32-feet away from their mother or family members. The caretakers at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust provide around the clock care to emulate the same love and bond the elephant would have with its family in the wild. The stunning pictures were taken in Nairobi, Kenya, by wildlife photographer Justin Mott (42) from Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA and form part of his Kindred Guardians series which shines a light on humans who dedicate their lives to wildlife conservation. Justin was lucky enough to spend three days with the elephants and caretakers at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - an experience which he describes as „magical”.

Syria's future

Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, the children of Syria have been living under the constant threat of violence, deprivation and extreme emotional duress. Homes, schools, hospitals and water treatment facilities have been destroyed. More than half the population, over 11 million people, including 4.8 million children, require humanitarian assistance. In the last 12 months, the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 created a crisis on top of a crisis, further eroding access to essential services and hitting children and families extremely hard. Schools and hospitals remain under attack. Millions of children and families have been uprooted by violence. Millions of children have been living as refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey for years. For those who remain inside the country, displacement has become a way of life.

Fossilised tooth of a nine-year-old child found 400km from Cairo is most southerly evidence of Neanderthals ever discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neanderthals first 'hooked up' with humans in the Middle East, according to new research. A tooth dug up 17 miles from Jerusalem has been identified as belonging to a nine year-old Neanderthal child. The molar marks the southernmost known range of our primitive cousins - and suggests they may have even reached Africa. Previously, it was thought they only lived in Europe and central Asia. The tooth was unearthed at an archaeological site known as Shukbah Cave.

Canon practising his pancake flipping at Winchester Cathedral

***EXCLUSIVE*** Canon Andy Trenier practising his pancake flipping before being filmed doing so. Which will then be used on Winchester Cathedrals social media channels ahead of shrove Tuesday. Because the UK is currently in the midst of its third national lockdown due to COVID, Wincheter Cathedral are unable to host their annual pancake race that takes place every year. Instead they are using their social media channels to promote their online event instead. In partnership with Winchester Rotary UK, people have been encouraged to send in videos as part of the shrove Tuesday celebrations. The videos are of either the most pancake flips in 15 seconds, the most unual location while flipping pancakes or the best fancy dress while flipping pancakes.

This unlucky impala’s eyes POPPED out of the sockets after a leopard CRUSHED its skull

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: In one image, the 11-pound impala’s eyes protruded out of its skull as the 100-pound leopard bit down on its head causing an increase in pressure. In another, the impala’s brittle skull appeared to have been crushed completely as the leopardess fed on the impala’s internal organs. Photographer Shaun Malan (40) from Johannesburg, South Africa, captured the incredible images in Khwai - a village along the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Shaun stood just 32-foot away as a female leopard fed on a young impala calf.