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Teen, 19, is now mom to two sets of twins born 21 months apart despite being on birth control

***EXCLUSIVE*** This teenager is literally seeing double after she had TWO sets of twins - in 21 months. Maggie Rojas was 17 when she fell pregnant despite being on the contraceptive pill. She welcomed Lola and Kenny Jr in March 2019, with high school sweetheart Kenrrik. And the pair were just getting used to life as new parents when she fell pregnant for a second time. Just a month later, the couple were surprised to find that Maggie was pregnant again – with another set of twins. Maggie gave birth to Jewel and Krystal on December 16, 2020, just 21 months after the duo welcomed their first bundles of joy.

Meet the father and son duo with a genetic condition that causes a white patch of hair down the middle of their heads that resembles a SKUNK - and it spans SIX generations

***EXCLUSIVE*** RIO SEGUNDO, ARGENTINA: Whilst most parents eagerly await whether their child will be a boy or a girl, dance artist Gabriel Cesar Bufe (39) from Rio Segundo, Argentina, wondered whether his son, Farid (10) would be born with his family trademark - a misty white patch at the front of his hair. Gabriel himself was born with piebaldism, a genetic condition causing areas of skin and hair to appear lighter than usual due to a lack of melanocytes in the skin which give it its pigment. With roughly half of Gabriel’s family having the condition, including his own father, grandmother, seven of his uncles, four of his cousins and five of his cousins’ children, spanning six generations, he was delighted when he discovered that this unique trait had been passed onto his own son. As a child, Gabriel found that strangers would stare at his hair and children at school would call him a skunk - something that Gabriel learned to embrace, even calling himself Pepé Le Pew after the cartoon skunk in Looney Tunes. When Gabriel and his son are out together, they also see people staring, but Gabriel is now proud of his hair and wants to instil this same confidence into Farid. People even ask the pair if they have dyed their hair matching colours which makes them laugh. At school, Farid was constantly asked the same question by his classmates, but now says they used his different look. Gabriel says that his hair has helped him stand out in his job as a dancer and believes that landing TV roles as a magician and illusionist earlier in his career were aided by his standout look. Gabriel hopes that by proudly showing off his condition and encouraging his son to do the same, he will help promote acceptance for people who might look different from those around them.

Four-year-old girl has to have her right EYE removed after doctors diagnosed her with rare and aggressive form of cancer - which they initially dismissed as PINK EYE

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: This brave little girl had to have her eye removed after what doctors thought was PINK EYE turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer that was spreading to her brain - and she's since raised over ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND pounds for other sick kids. In December 2018 Kinsley Peacock (7) from Sarasota, Florida, USA, was taken to the doctor by her software company owner mum, Kim (39) and dad Adam (36) after redness appeared in her right eye. Their GP diagnosed Kinsley with pink eye or conjunctivitis and she was sent home with a course of antibiotics. After a week Kinsley’s eye had not got any better and her parents sought a second opinion from an eye specialist who concluded that Kinsley could have a detached retina or maybe even a tumour behind her eye. Kim and Adam immediately took Kinsley to have an ultrasound and were relieved when the doctor told them he was 99 per cent sure that it was not a tumour, but instead a damaged retina. However, whilst visiting another eye specialist to determine the damage to her retina, Kim and Adam’s world came crashing down. Their four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, an extremely rare and aggressive eye cancer. After two rounds of aggressive chemotherapy that made her incredibly sick, doctors assessed the state of Kinsley’s eye. Determining that there was a distinct risk that Kinsley’s cancer could spread to her brain, the decision was taken to remove Kinsley’s right eye to save her life.

Legends of the Road: online auction of fine collectors' motor cars

London, United Kingdom: Bonhams London 'Legends of the Road' auction features a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S, one of the world’s most valuable and desirable pre-war motor cars, with an estimate of £5,000,000 - £7,000,000 which has been hidden for the past 50 years is offered for the first time at auction. It was owned by Sir Malcolm Campbell, of the „Bluebird” world land and water speed records fame, only 42 examples of the 57S variants were produced and it was the fastest road car of its day.

Hospital worker's incredible antiques treasure trove including an embroidery from 1680, teapot from 1770 and globe from 1810 could fetch £30,000 at auction after being unearthed following her death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Derby hospital worker’s antiques ‘capturing art of collecting over 70 years’ could sell for thousands. Antiques experts have been left stunned by a rich array of antiques and ephemera gathered by a former Derby hospital worker who “captured the art of collecting”.  Everything from fine ceramics and silver to paintings, centuries-old letters and vintage greetings cards were gathered over a lifetime by the late Priscilla Kidman, who died at the age of 97 in 2021. Now the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary almoner’s treasures, some 150 lots in total, could fetch in excess of £30,000 in Hansons Auctioneers’ Winter Fine Art Auction on February 24.

Astounding pics of hundreds of planes lined up on tarmac in US reveal how Covid pandemic has gutted airline industry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Award winning photographer Jassen Todorov took to the skies above multiple locations in the USA to shoot the incredible scenes that show row after row of multi million dollar aircraft. From the 309th Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Arizona with it’s 4,000 stored aircraft to the Southern California Logicistics airport as well as San Bernadio and Mojave airports in California and Pinal county Airpark, Arizona. The pics show the impact that COVID-19 has had in the air travel industry made worse by the Boeing 737 max 8 planes that were grounded in 2019 by the FAA following a series of deadly crashes.

New book reveals incredible artefacts found in the thames riverbed - including a ball and chain, engagement rings and a child’s skull

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new book has revealed the remarkable historical artefacts that lurk in the bed of the RIVER THAMES. A megalodon’s tooth, a Mesolithic arrow, a Roman hairpin, a sixteenth century ale jug and a Tommy helmets, are among the hundreds of finds featured in the book that is being released this week (February 2021). Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London’s Lost Treasures by Jason Sandy & Nick Stevens, chronicles fascinating objects that stretch from modern times all the way back to prehistoric times. Britons have been mudlarking on the Thames since the 18th century. Victorian mudlarks scavenged for anything on the exposed riverbed which they could sell in order to survive. The conditions were awful, as they would have to battle through raw sewage and decomposing bodies to find treasures - and all for a meagre salary. In the modern era, enthusiasts have continued to mudlark, but not require a licence from the Port of London to do so. It’s illegal to remove artifacts of any kind from the foreshore without one. The water level of the River Thames in London fluctuates by 7-10 metres twice a day. Meaning that for a few hours the low tide allows for the amateur archaeologists, to search through the rocks, sand, gravel and mud for hidden gems. 2000 years of fervent human activity in the storied city of London has meant that all types of objects have been purposely, and accidentally, disposed of into the Thames.

Mum-of-five says losing over EIGHT STONE has made her life WORTH LIVING again after years of depression almost KILLED HER

***EXCLUSIVE*** DEVON, ENGLAND: Stay-at-home mum-of-five Jemma Jones (33) from Devon, UK, has struggled with her weight for eight years, due to binge eating to cope with depression and anxiety, which saw her weigh 18st 5lb. Before losing weight, Jemma used to receive comments from friends of friends, such as „So you’re the chunky one” and „Surely you can’t eat all of that?” which triggered Jemma’s borderline personality disorder, making her feelings of despair more frequent and led to further addictive binge eating. In December 2018, she recalls feeling suicidal and even tried to take her own life on several occasions - but after her last attempt in January 2019, she decided enough was enough and that she had to live for her children and address the issue that was making her so depressed; her weight. Jemma suffers from fibromyalgia - which causes widespread muscle pain across the body and limits mobility - so knew that exercising was not an option and turned to Slimming World to help shift the pounds. She switched from eating large takeaways three times a week and gorging on sweet treats, to eating lean meat and vegetables with every meal as well as turning to fruit as a snack instead of a big bag of crisps. After nearly two years of cutting out her cravings, Jemma went from being a UK dress size 24 down to a UK dress size eight and now weighs just 10st 2lb. Jemma’s 8-stone weight loss has made her feel confident, especially with tasks which she used to dread before, such as shopping for clothes and walking with her kids.

Barn owl in golden light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barn owls gracefully glide above snow-covered fields as golden rays of sun dance off their white wings mid flight. Captured in the winter wonderland of Lancashire, the owls surveyed the snowscape from above as they hunted for prey. Part time photographer Bradley Hamer finally got his dream shots of the owls after tracking them for months near his hometown of Clitheroe. The 25 year old said: "I first spotted this owl just before the first lockdown so it's been around a year I've been following it now.

Colourful bamboo handicraft

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bangladeshi women intricately weave colourful bamboo into baskets as they are surrounded by their handiwork. Every day the women sit down and skilfully shape the hard stems into beautifully round baskets and the entire village are involved in creating the finished products. Men in Dhunat in Bangladesh chop down the bamboo for the women to use in their craftwork, but first somebody trims the stems and then they are painted to create the spectrum of colours on show here. Bangladeshi student Nayem Islam said: "They use thousands of power powders available in the market to colour the bamboo pieces. They mix the powder with water to make a liquid colour.