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Winston Churchill's WWII painting gets put up for auction by owner Angelina Jolie... and it's expected to fetch up to £2.5m

Mixing history with Hollywood, the artwork’s provenance could hardly be more impressive. Sir Winston Churchill’s only painting during the Second World War, which he gave to US president Franklin D Roosevelt, has been put up for sale by its current owner Angelina Jolie. The Moroccan landscape, called Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque, is expected to fetch £1.5million to £2.5million at a Christie’s auction next month – and could set a new record for a work by the former prime minister. Churchill painted it in Marrakech after the Casablanca conference in 1943, where it was agreed by the Allied forces that only complete surrender by the Axis powers would be acceptable. He invited Roosevelt to join him in Marrakech the day after the conference to show him the views of the city and the light at sunset, which he was particularly passionate about. Churchill, a keen amateur artist who created more than 500 paintings, captured the scene for the US president as a memento of their excursion. 

Man finds washed-up sea-mine on beach and takes it home to use as footstool

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who rolled a washed-up sea-mine from a beach to use as a footstool was left gutted - after being forced to give it back to the Navy. Salvage yard owner Joe Gray, 43, wanted to keep the device and make it the centrepiece of his quirky collection. For two weeks, he used the mine to put his feet up on and as a coffee table and said it became part of the furniture. He had been told by the government’s Receiver of Wreck team that he could keep it if it was unclaimed after one year.

A Florida woman has cooked more than 180,000 meals for the homeless in her own kitchen over the last nine years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gloria Lewis-Vargas, 57, began cooking meals in her Fort Lauderdale kitchen in 2012 to give to homeless people in her community.  “We started going out feeding people because there were so many people out in the street,” said the waitress originally from Barbados. “God put it on my heart and at first I did 40 meals, then we went to 60, then 80 and before you knew it we were at 200 meals.” Gloria now cooks between 1,700 to 2,100 meals a month to give on Sundays and Mondays under her non-profit, Care in Action USA.

Strangers constantly question why this married couple are together after wrongly presuming that they CAN'T HAVE SEX

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Motivational speaker Winston Clements (34) from London, UK, first met his wife and soulmate, life coach Mayfair (23) from Swindon, UK, at a personal development event in London in July 2018. Both Winston and Mayfair were in the process of building their respective businesses and with this in common, they started talking. Mayfair was instantly struck by Winston?s personality and zest for life which left her feeling inspired and the pair soon became firm friends. TED talk speaker and diversity and inclusivity advocate, Winston was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a rare genetic condition which makes the bones weaker and more brittle. It affects around one in 20,000 people and has meant Winston has suffered over 200 fractures in his lifetime, but he has never let it hold him back from becoming a successful entrepreneur. Winston suggested to Mayfair that they start a group to support fellow entrepreneurs and after they ran their first event, Mayfair realised that her feelings for Winston ran deeper than a friendship or professional relationship, but she decided to keep her feelings a secret. Winston and Mayfair had been spending a lot of time together and during a 16-hour phone call shortly after their first event in November 2018, Winston told Mayfair he was in love with her. Mayfair was thrilled because she obviously felt the same and they discussed getting married. In June 2020 Winston proposed to Mayfair and on August 23, 2020, the couple got married in a beautiful ceremony in Berkshire in front of their close family and God to coincide with covid-19 restrictions. After sharing pictures of their relationship milestones on Instagram, Winston and Mayfair have been inundated with messages from well-wishers who were moved by their love story.

Happy Golden Retriever wears adorable outfits to help harvest fruit on family farm

An adorable golden retriever who helps his family harvest fruit on their family farm in Thailand has become a local celebrity because of his stylish outfits. Jubjib loves to help harvest and sell durians - one of the world's smelliest fruit. Jubjib joined the family business in 2014 and has since become an integral member of the team. Every harvest, the farmers share photos of the adorable pup happily doing his job, dressed in his signature sun-shielding hats and scarves. He has proven such a popular employee, that his face is now the farm's logo and can be seen on the packaging on various other products. Durians are known to be the foulest-smelling fruit in the world with the exotic, spiky-skinned fruit often being compared to raw sewage and rotting flesh. Its aroma is so pungent that durians have reportedly been banned from public places in Singapore and Malaysia. But even though dogs have a heightened sense of smell, Jubjib doesn’t seem too bothered by the fruit’s stench. With each harvest, his family shares pictures on their Facebook page of the beloved dog sitting proudly next to piles of durian with a big grin on his face. Jubjib's adorable images and more can be found on the Jubjibdurain Facebook page via facebook.comjubjibdurain.

A creative family who were missing their weekends down the pub during lockdown have built a stunning Las Vegas-themed sports bar - in their back garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carpenter John O’Grady has forked out around £50,000 creating the fully-functioning DIY boozer - complete with juke box, pool table and huge TVs.  The dad-of-four came up with the ingenious way to beat lockdown boredom after the family business came to a standstill during the pandemic.  So John decided to make his life-long dream come true and built his own bar from scratch - with the help of his family, who all chipped in by working on the project.

The world's oldest DNA has been extracted from the tooth of a mammoth that lived 1.65 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** It smashes the previous record by almost a million years - offering hope of mapping the genomes of a host of Ice Age giants. An international team also sequenced the teeth of two other mammoths - dating back 1.34 million and 870,000 years. The breakthrough sheds fresh light on the evolution of the iconic beast - and how fast it became adapted to a cold climate.

A family was stunned when they spotted a live owl perched in their door wreath - in a moment reminiscent of a scene in Harry Potter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-three Christene Cardoso told of her shock when she nipped outside to take the bin out and spotted a tiny owl sitting in the centre of their front door wreath. The picture shows the moment the adorable visitor, which has now been identified as an Eastern Screech Owl, was first spotted outside their home in Ontario, Canada, on January 31. Professional gardener Christene, 45, said her immediate response was to ‘scream in shock’ before calling down husband Nelson Cardoso, 47, to take a look at their rare visitor.

A luxury hut maker has reported a 30 per cent rise in turnover as Brits create posh offices in their gardens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plankbridge manufactures bespoke shepherd’s huts (pictured) which have kitchens and showers along with a starting price of £22,500 - exporting them as far as the USA and Switzerland. In recent years, they have experienced an uptick in orders from people looking to cash in on their land by launching boutique staycation companies. But over the past 12 months, as people have been forced to work from home, there has been a surge in interest from customers looking to create an office in their garden.

This amazing world-first video shows the moment a British wingsuit pilot jumped from the peak of Africa’s second highest mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tim Howell, 31, was the first man in history to fly a wingsuit from the top of a British mountain - and he decided to go one better. Former Royal Marine Tim, and photographer Ewan Harvey, first scaled, then jumped from the daunting behemoth known as ‘Mount Kenya’ - at 4,883 metres - second only in height to Killimajaro. After a gruelling climb the crew reached their jumping point, the summit known as ‘Point John’ - which stands at 750ft above sea level.

Man shed an impressive EIGHTEEN INCHES from his waist when he realised he could no longer clean himself after using the toilet - but admits the EXCESS SKIN has left him with body dysmorphia

***EXCLUSIVE*** UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Account development manager, Matt Fekelman (33) from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA, has always been big for his age since childhood after both of his parents sadly passed away. Matt was adopted by his aunt Lisa when he was seven years old and at this time he was already five-feet-tall and weighed 9st 9lb. At school Matt had lots of friends but always found that he was the punchline to every joke because of his size and whilst the jokes upset him, he learnt to accept them. By the time Matt hit his twenties, he was comfortable with being the ?big guy? and was happy with who he was. But in 2009, Matt suffered a freak accident where he slipped on some steps and dislocated and shattered his ankle socket. Matt?s injuries meant he had to undergo two surgeries to fit a plate, two rods and eight screws ? leaving him wheelchair bound for nine months and then walking with a cast for another six months after this. When Matt?s ankle had healed, he had limited movement in his foot, was in constant pain and walked with a limp ? this caused Matt to sink into a deep depression where he turned to food for comfort and consumed up to 5,000-calories a day. This combined with a lack of mobility caused Matt to tip the scales at 24st 13lb and his waist measured 54-inches. He wore a XXXXXL shirt and bought button extenders for his trousers to make them fit. When Matt turned 30, he convinced himself he would die because of his obesity and struggled to wipe himself clean after going to the toilet due to his size.

Church is submerged in yellow lake caused by copper mining

***EXCLUSIVE*** This spire is all that can now be seen of an 18th century church that has all but disappeared below a frozen yellow lake. The water is discoloured due to waste from a nearby copper mine - which led to the orthodox church being swallowed by the lake. Copper production began at the Roșia-Poieni mine in 1983, and led to the evacuation of the Geamana village in Alba, Romania, as it was gradually claimed by the mines' toxic waste. The photos were captured by photographer Ovi Pop, who spoke of his sadness at the village and church's demise.

This apartment was commissioned by King George IV for his FRIENDS and family and could now be yours for just under £6M

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Flat Eleven, in the Park Crescent development, in London, UK, is the only new-build Grade I listed building in London. The magnificent building was commissioned by Prince Regent, who later became King George IV, to house his family and friends. The flat, which spans two floors, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a reception room. Also included in the sale is a secure underground parking space, access to a luxurious private spa, sauna, steam room, pool, gym, cinema, meeting room, storage cage and private studio and a storage unit in the basement. The building was designed by renowned architect John Nash who designed Buckingham Palace and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. The west side of the building suffered bomb damage during the Second World War and was completely rebuilt by Nuhu who worked closely with National Heritage to maintain the structure and façade. Residents of the prestigious Park Crescent also have access to private gardens as well as a 24-hour concierge and doorman. The neoclassical property is currently on the market with Rokstone for Ł5.95 million.

Meteors can be colorful

***EXCLUSIVE*** While the human eye usually cannot discern many colors, cameras often can. Pictured is a Quadrantids meteor captured by camera over Missouri, USA, that was not only impressively bright, but colorful. The radiant grit, likely cast off by asteroid 2003 EH1, blazed a path across Earth's atmosphere. Colors in meteors usually originate from ionized elements released as the meteor disintegrates, with blue-green typically originating from magnesium, calcium radiating violet, and nickel glowing green. Red, however, typically originates from energized nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. This bright meteoric fireball was gone in a flash -- less than a second -- but it left a wind-blown ionization trail that remained visible for several minutes. This amazing, vivid streak of colour was left lingering in the sky after a "fireball" meteor shot through the Earth's atmosphere - in a rare event not usually seen by the naked eye. The sharp, rainbow-coloured line stretching across the starry night sky was left behind by a bright green meteor, which hurtled through the sky in the blink of an eye. While the meteor itself was gone almost as quickly as it appeared, the amazing red, blue and green tail it left behind was unusually bright and visible in the sky for several minutes after the event.

These adorable images show rescued elephants enjoying a 'spa day'

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show an elephant being pampered by keepers - as he enjoys a ‘spa day’ at his sanctuary. The young elephant who was once rescued close to death is now loving life in his new home. The pictures show the six-year-old elephant Mwashoti enjoys a dust bath ‘spa treatment’ by a keeper at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Umani Springs Reintegration Unit in the Kibwezi Forest, Kenya. Despite rescue elephant Mwashoti being more than capable of bathing himself, he can be seen enjoying a relaxing treatment by keeper Adan, who works at Mwashoti's home in the Umani Springs Reintegration Unit.

Pheasants battle in a field

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pheasant leaps into the air as a pair battle in a field near Braishfield, Hants. The pictures were taken by support officer and amateur photographer Natasha Weyers as she observed the pheasants battle as another joined to watch the action. Miss Weyers said ‘Male Pheasants can become quite aggressive this time of year, as are now going into breeding season. They can spend 15 minutes or more battling it out - starring at one another, bowing down low, then leaping up and striking out/grabbing one another in the air.“