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This man has made over 160 walking sticks for veterans, made out of discarded Christmas trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Guy Lance, 58, is a veteran himself but found himself with some spare time since the pandemic began, so put his woodworking skills to use by making the personalised canes.  Guy, from Conroe, Texas, USA, began shaping and sanding the canes using old Christmas trees and donated wood from local residents.  He then wood burns into each cane some personal touches of the recipients choosing.  Lance also uses bullet casings and grommets from retired American flags to complete each cane.

Man takes in abandoned bird called Russell Crow and now it thinks it's his boss

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who adopted an abandoned baby crow and nursed it back to health said it now rules the roost - stealing food and BARKING at his dogs. Lee Calvert, 46, found the tiny helpless baby rook on the pavement near his home last year, and saved its life with round the clock care. The jet-black bird - named Russell Crow - loves nothing than nibbling Lee's ears and giving him a cuddle. But it can be bolshy, thinking it is boss and demanding to perch on top of Lee’s head.

A grandfather-of-six smashed four world speed records in one day after reaching speeds of 110mph - on the back of a 200cc, 1980s SCOOTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** Keith Terry, 69, managed to notch up an adrenaline-pumping 110mph on the back of the modified Lambretta - which usually run at top speeds of about 70mph. The grandfather-of-six, from Southend, Essex, spent two years getting the retro vehicle ready for the amazing feat, increasing the 200cc engine's power by 75 per cent.

Kangaroo painted over 17,000 years ago is Australia's oldest known rock art, scientists say

Kimberley region, Australia: A two-meter-long painting of a kangaroo in Western Australia's Kimberley region has been recognized as Australia's oldest intact rock painting, dating back 17,300 years. Naturalistic depictions of animals are a common subject for the world's oldest dated rock art. In a paper published in Nature Human Behavior on Tuesday, a research team led by the University of Melbourne used the radiocarbon dating of 27 mud wasp nests from 16 similar paintings in Kimberley to identify the one that features kangaroo as the oldest dated in-situ rock painting so far.

Moment a woman's breakfast was rudely interrupted by a pair of giraffes eager to grab a quick snack

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAIROBI, KENYA: Hilarious footage captured the moment a woman's breakfast was rudely interrupted by a pair of giraffes eager to grab a quick snack. The amazing video showed the 16-foot creatures - which can weigh up to 3,000-pounds - surprising diners inside as they stuck their long necks through an open window of a grand manor house. The cheeky creatures then helped themselves to food left on the dining tables to the delight of the guests at the hotel. Luxury travel agency owner Ines Gari (39) from Barcelona, Spain, filmed the amazing event whilst visiting the Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.  Ines captured the footage on an iPhone camera whilst the giraffes interrupted her breakfast for five minutes. The Giraffe Manor Hotel is set within 12 acres of private land and is home to a herd of Rothschild giraffes - one of the most endangered species of giraffe in the world.

Childhood sweethearts decided to abandon their city apartment and move into a VAN

***EXCLUSIVE*** LURGAN, NORTHERN IRELAND: These childhood sweethearts decided to abandon their city apartment and move into a VAN - but after spending over TEN-THOUSAND-POUNDS on it admit they couldn’t be happier. Teacher Keely Emerson (33) and her husband Philly Emerson (33) from Lurgan, Northern Ireland, met each other through their parents at the age of four and the two were instant childhood sweethearts. After 19 years, they married and moved to London in January 2015 so that Keely could pursue teacher training. However, after five years of living in the city, the duo decided that they wanted to save some money to go travelling and after one year of renting out their second bedroom and taking on part-time jobs alongside their careers and education, they saved over Ł8,000. The pair wanted to start living a more minimalist life and didn’t want to be committed to a building full of stuff they didn’t need so they decided to purchase a Citroen Relay 2011 campervan for Ł3,500 in June 2019 - just two months before they set off for a six-month trip around South America. Whilst on their travels, they realised how much they could live out of a backpack and began drawing up sketches of how they wanted their new home to look, as this encouraged them to live the van life. Upon their return in November 2020, they invested Ł7,000 into renovating their work van - including adding a fixed bed that was high enough to store two bikes and a drum kit under and building a „homely” kitchen alongside personal finishing touches. Despite never having plans to travel in their campervan originally, as their original plan was to live in a van instead of traditional dwellings as a way to live sustainably, they now want to travel as far as possible starting with Ireland, Europe and maybe even Asia. The couple hope to continue working from the van whilst travelling across the world.

Little lion cub bites mum and later cuddle and make up

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful lion cub bites its mother's leg as the big cat tries to walk away. The little lion can be seen gnawing away at its mother's leg and tail, but the patient adult female didn't seem fazed. The sweet images were captured at the Maasai Mara National Park by amateur photographer Victoria Coombe.

These are the stunning works of art by a sand artist – who uses just two rakes, a piece of string and a bamboo stick to draw the massive creations

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rob Ogle, 35, told how the beaches in St Andrews, Fife, make the perfect canvas for his sand art which he started creating at the start of the pandemic. But his fascination with the art form began when he was a teenager working at a golf club in Portland, Oregon, where is from, where he would rake patterns into the bunkers. Rob, who works as a caddy at the Old Course in St Andrews, didn’t think about the sand art again until lockdown, which left him unable to work, and he wanted to get creative.

Monkey fits snuggly inside shape of tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONKEY PUZZLE TREE. This makes for a tree-mendous shelter..... A monkey fits snuggly inside a crevice of tree trunk. The Gray Langur was spotted squeezed into the tree hollow in Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India by Aman Wilson. Aman, 33, of New Delhi said "While I was waiting to photograph some tigers I saw a group of langurs jumping and playing. The light was just perfect and I started taking their photos. One of the langur moved to a separate tree which had a cut-out right in the middle. The langur climbed up and sat in that very spot as if it was his usual spot. He just fit right in and looked absolutely comfortable with his positioning.

A greedy hornbill stuffed almost a DOZEN live FROGS into its mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK, TANZANIA: See the moment a greedy hornbill stuffed almost a DOZEN live FROGS into its mouth. In one image, the ravenous eight-pound hornbill held a pile of around a dozen six-inch-long frogs in the tip of its beak. In another, several of the frogs appeared to be alive - some reaching out for freedom whilst others sat there defeatedly accepting their unfortunate fate. Photographer Manfred Foeger (55) from Axams, Austria, captured the incredible images whilst on a visit to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Manfred stood just 65-foot away as the greedy hornbill spent several minutes gathering its froggy snacks. Despite this particular hornbill?s beak hoard, hornbills can?t actually swallow food caught in the tip of their beaks as their tongues are too short. They have to jerk their heads backwards - tossing the food up and catching it in their throats. Manfred captured the images using a Canon EOS 1D X camera and a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens.

A farmer leads his cow through a field of red - fabric

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farmer leads his cow through a field of red cloth. The freshly-dyed bright red cotton was stretched out in rows of 500ft to dry under the sun. As the material dried on this field in Narsingdi, Bangladesh, one of the workers led his cow through a grassy strip to feed the animal.

Gruesome moment a ninety-pound hyena ripped the guts from a struggling wildebeest

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA, KENYA: One photo showed a blood-soaked hyena as it gnawed at the undercarriage of the thrashing wildebeest whose guts could be seen hanging from its torn stomach. A second image featured two hyenas from the pack eating the wildebeest alive who lay helplessly on the ground unable to move. Wildlife photographer Saleel Gharpure (29) from Mumbai, India, captured the visceral snaps whilst travelling through the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The struggle between the animals lasted 15 minutes and was captured on a Nikon D500 with Nikon F4 500mm lens from a distance of 100-feet. Despite hyenas being renowned for scavenging, these beasts are fantastic hunters and are capable of single-handedly killing wildebeest. Packs of hyenas have even been known to hunt and kill lions weighing five times as much as themselves.