Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Meet the man who had chunks of FLESH removed from his head to spell out '666' and has spent over seven-thousand-pounds covering sixty-five per cent of his body in tattoos

***EXCLUSIVE*** SĂO PAULO, BRAZIL: Singer and tattoo artist Renato De Santa (40) from Săo Paulo, Brazil, has always loved tattoos and body modifications and got his first inking of a tribal design on his left arm when he was 18. Renato also got his eyebrow and ears pierced before becoming an apprentice at a tattoo studio when he was 25. In 2000, Renato opened his own studio and since then, his own personal tattoo and body modification collection has grown. Renato has lots of piercings and although he has lost count of the number of tattoos he has, he reckons that 65 per cent of his body is covered in ink. Renato estimates that he has spent Ł7,053 ($10,000) on all of his body modifications which include having silicone implants in his forehead, tattooing his eyeballs black, having a split tongue procedure to make his tongue look like snake’s, and having a painful scarification procedure of the numbers ?666? etched into the skin on the side of his head - which is Renato’s way of protesting against the church. Renato surrounds himself with likeminded people so rarely receives any criticism about his extreme look but he does sometimes receive offensive messages online which tell him he is going to hell and is promoting hate speech. Renato ignores the comments he receives and says his look doesn’t affect his love life in any way. Renato loves looking „like a demon” and plans to have his ears cut into puzzle pieces, further subdermal implants on his eyebrows, cheek bones and genitals as well as getting piercings on his private parts.

An eight-year old girl is raising money for charity by dressing-up every day as characters like Ziggy Stardust, Lady Gaga and Jacky Weaver

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pearl Parkin started the challenge on February 2 and has managed to become a new star each morning. Her creations include Billie Eilish, Frida Kahlo, Rey Skywalker, Elton John, John Lennon - and Handforth Parish Council's Weaver. Pearl, from Bath, Somerset, has raised more than £700 for Save the Children and hopes to reach £1,000 by March 8.

A rare collection of whisky has sold for almost £7million – the most expensive private collection ever to sell at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ‘Perfect Collection’ of whisky made history as the final hammer came down at auction on Monday (Feb 22), selling for a whopping $9,100,000 (£6,675,000). It saw 1,557 distinct bidders from 54 countries battling it out for more than 1,900 lots on its final day of auction.  The most expensive bottle in the collection, the Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare 60-year-old, sold for £1 million - the first bottle to hit the landmark figure in an online-only sale.

Hopeless romantic ordered to pull down 22ft model of Eiffel Tower he built for wife after Covid scuppered getaway plans

***EXCLUSIVE*** A romantic couple who built a replica of the Eiffel Tower in their front garden were ordered by their local council to take it down while suffering from coronavirus. Nick Charman, 56, built the 22-foot model of the Paris landmark for his wife Bernie, 47, in September after their plans to go to the French capital were dashed due to the pandemic. The father-of-seven spent three months making the structure, using measurements from Google Images to build the giant tower in his tiny garden in St Leonards, East Sussex.

The world’s most spectacular new buildings have been announced

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: THE WORLD’S most spectacular new buildings have been announced including a mental health statue in LONDON and other-worldly looking apartments. „The General Torres 416 Housing Project”, built by Caiano Morgado Arquitectos, may look more at home on Star Wars’ Tatooine but the clay dwellings form newly built apartments in Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. „Attractive House”, built by Arata Architect Studio, utilises an all-black exterior if you’re on the look out for a moody new pad in Ehime Matsuyama City, Japan. The Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL) celebrates the world’s very best interior, property, and architectural design. This year, the prestigious competition received over 600 entries - the winners of which showcased great creativity and innovation. The award for „Architectural Design of the Year” was awarded to the firm Huiyimingcheng for the „White Deer Plain Mountain Land Resort Hotel” located in Xi’an, China. The stark concrete design was completed in February 2020. „Interior Design of the Year” was won by Ahylo Architects for their „Technopolis Auditorium: An Acoustic Device”, which was also completed in February 2020 in Athens, Greece. The design consists of 564 unique bespoke wood pieces. The final top prize, „Property of the Year” was given to NYE & RPG Development Company Ltd for „Park Silom”. The project is currently under development in Bangkok, Thailand, with „silom” translating as windmill. The office tower will comprise of 38 storeys, two basement levels culminating in a total office space of 603,000 square foot. The UK was represented by winner Steuart Padwick Ltd for his „Head Above Water” statue situated in London.

The work from home onesie

Would you wear the work from home onesie? With the chances of British workers returning to their offices before June looking unlikely, and flexible working options a key focus on staff morale moving forwards, a plus-size clothing brand has released a new product aimed at helping those continuing to work from home remain as corporate - and as comfortable - as possible during their virtual meetings. The WFH „Mullet” Onesie has been designed and created by the team at Big Dude Clothing (www.BigDudeClothing.co.uk) and comes with a zip-up shirt and a sewn-on tie on the torso, ideal for business meetings over Zoom, and comfy, stretchy grey joggers on the bottom, so wearers can secretly be working away in complete comfort. The sizes currently range from 2XL all the way up to 8XL, but the team are considering extending the offering to smaller sizes if the product proves popular with UK workers continuing to work from home throughout the coming months.

An eighty-pound dog wearing sunglasses and enjoying an afternoon bike ride strapped to his owner’s back

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA: Hilarious footage has captured an eighty-pound dog wearing sunglasses and enjoying an afternoon bike ride strapped to his owner’s back. In the amusing video, an excited pup could be seen with its tongue hanging out of its mouth and the wind blowing through its fur as it enjoyed a tandem bike ride with its owner. Equipped with a pair of specially fitted sun goggles, the happy pooch was most certainly riding in style on the back of his owner. The video featured budget analyst Cliff Brush Jr (30) from Boca Raton, Florida, USA, riding along with his best friend, Goldendoodle Brodie (1), near their south Florida home. Unsurprisingly, the sight of Cliff and Brodie causes quite a stir with strangers staring, pointing and laughing. However, many people mistake the bear-like pup for a stuffed toy - something that Cliff finds hysterical. Brodie and Cliff have quickly gained over 1.4 million followers on TikTok and 175,000 followers on Instagram. This popularity has allowed Cliff to recently give up his full-time job and focus on documenting their adventures for legions of fans on social media.

An old Victorian house was uplifted and rolled down the street to make room for a new development

***EXCLUSIVE*** The property, valued at over $2.5 million, was rooted up and taken around the corner to sit next to a cemetery where they will both be converted into apartment blocks. It is known as the Englander House and was built in 1882 on 807 Franklin Street, San Francisco, USA, and has called that home ever since. But last weekend it crawled seven blocks to 635 Fulton Street by a remote-controlled hydraulic dolly to neighbour an old mortuary. This is the first move of its kind in over 45 years, and cost about $400,000 to execute and took nearly three years to prepare.

Rare Cadbury's Conundrum egg auction

A rare 22ct gold Cadbury's Conundrum egg which has exceeded estimates to sell for GBP 31,000 at Batemans Auctioneers in Stamford, Lincolnshire on Friday. The egg had previously been sold for GBP 17,200 at an auction in 2017, but it went under the hammer again after its owner died.

Portraits of England’s heaviest man in 1805 discovered

Portraits of a larger-than-life Leicester icon - officially recorded as the heaviest man in history in 1805 - have been discovered at a Staffordshire auction house. Daniel Lambert weighed in at more than 50 stone - a fact discovered by chance when he was tricked on to scales. Though a shy man, he was so large he exhibited himself to spectators to earn money. Two engraved early-19th century prints describing Lambert as being of „surprising corpulency” were discovered by Jim Spencer, Head of Books and Works on Paper and Associate Director of Hansons Auctioneers, during routine cataloguing at Bishton Hall, the firm’s Staffordshire saleroom at Wolseley Bridge. According to historical records, Lambert was a renowned sportsman in his day who taught swimming and could stay afloat with two grown men on his back. He famously fought a bear in the streets of Leicester, and was able to stand on one leg while kicking his other leg seven feet into the air. Lambert, who was born in Blue Boar Lane, Leicester, on March 13, 1770, was a well-respected jailer who befriended many of the prisoners.

Extraordinary collection of Prince memorabilia up for auction

An amazing array of Prince-related memorabilia is for auction. Highlights include a bright yellow custom cloud guitar, the iconic screen-worn ruffled shirt from the Purple Rain film, and a handwritten working script for the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon.

Tiger stalks and then confronts sibling in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A large Bengal tiger stalks its sibling before pouncing on it. Following a 15 minute mock-scuffle the young pair took a break and relaxed in some shade near a waterhole. The big cats develop their hunting skills from an early age by practising on one another, which is thought to increase their survival rate in the wild. Pictures of the pair were taken by photographer Aman Wilson at the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India.

A 317-year-old gardening book which advises getting birds drunk on BEER to make them sing louder is set to fetch hundreds at auction after recently being unearthed

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 18th century pocketbook was discovered during a house clearance in Staffordshire and provides a fascinating insight into rural life over three centuries ago.  The Experienced Fowler Or The Gentleman’s Recreation offers pages full of tips and hints on how to make the most of outdoor life and deal with insects and vermin.  The book, published in 1704, gives readers bizarre suggestions on how to frighten or kill off pests which would shock today's nature experts.

Obese mother sheds over 7st in 15 months after ditching sugary coffees and takeaways and has since been likened to Meghan Markle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-of-three who was too overweight to play with her young sons has lost over seven STONE - and says she now gets compared to Meghan Markle. Tansy Arnett, 29, says her weight ballooned to over 18 stone at her heaviest, and she suffered joint, neck and back pain by the time she reached her mid-20s. The mum-of-three felt "desperately" self-conscious after putting on so much weight that she struggled to keep up with her three boys - twins Charlie and Keegan, 12, and two-year-old Harry.

Microalgae farming

Lower Saxony, Rockstedt: Paddle wheels move the water in a basin in which algae are grown. Microalgae are considered a superfood. Rich in proteins and vitamins, they have long been highly valued in Asia. As powder in muesli, liquid in smoothies or as spirulina ice cream, the algae is also finding more and more friends in Germany. The algae growers in Rockstedt expect a total production quantity of about two tons of the microalgae spirulina this year as well.

Frozen lighthouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lighthouse is covered in metre long icicles at the Grand Haven pier in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA with "Ice Pancakes" also spotted floating close by. The 1875 red wood frame structure which was moved to the end of breakwater in 1905 was covered in ice following a mixture of 2 weeks of sub-zero temperatures and spray from waves. Ice pancakes are a relatively rare phenomenon but have formed due to the polar vortex. Jim Swoboda, 62, who is retired in sales and marketing and lives at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA said "The spray ice covering is the result of 2 weeks of sub zero temperatures across Michigan and much of the United States. Last week we had -26 temperatures. The icicle lengths range from a half a meter to several meters in length. You can see the wind swirl patterns in the ice high on the lighthouse." "On the water, ice as it is blown around in the waves create the patterns seen. It is called "Pancake Ice”. We had a mild winter up until 5th February when we received a foot of snow which equaled all we had for the entire winter up till then."

Spring is in the air - frogs come together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of frogs are spotted welcoming in spring, as they sit together amongst fresh frogspawn at a pond in Wales. One pair are spotted reflected in the calm water in the bright sunshine.  óSocial care worker Simon Batty, 51, spotted the 300-400 common frogs at three ponds down at his local community woodlands called Coed y Bont, in Pontrhydfendigaid, Ceredigion which were opened by BBC presenter Iolo Williams six years ago. Simon who spotted the frogs down at his local woods within three ponds said, "After a long shift I enjoy grabbing the camera and connecting with nature. While I was out I saw hundreds of the frogs together - spring certainly felt like it was in the air."

Heron makes a mountain out of a mole hill while eating a mole

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heron makes a real mountain out of his mole meal, dropping the rodent several times before finally gulping him down after a 15 minute struggle. The hungry bird was spotted by Jens Stahl in Middelie, a village in the north of Holland. Jens said, "I saw the heron catch the mole before flying with him to a pool of water." "Grey Heron's like this are not aggresive, but they eat everything. This one was making the mole wet so it was easier to swallow, although he dropped him a few times before swallowing the rodent whole - it took about 15 minutes in total."

Huge dinosaur twice the size of a double decker BUS lived 100 million years ago and was a cousin of Diplodocus, fossil analysis reveals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge new dinosaur twice the size of a double decker bus has been unearthed - in the deserts of Uzbekistan. The gentle giant lived 100 million years ago and was a cousin of Diplodocus - the largest creature that ever walked the planet. It had a whip like tail and a long neck - enabling it to reach high into the trees to satisfy its enormous appetite. The animal was more than sixty-five feet tall and weighed around 20 tons - and was a member of the rebbachisaurids. This was a group of sauropods that were distantly related to the titanosaurs - renowned for their even bigger necks and tails. Their remains have been dug up in South America, Africa, North America and Europe - but never before in Asia.

Workers harvesting cabbage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers harvest thousands of cabbages which are arranged in neat rows. One man carries two children over his shoulder in baskets used for collecting the crops. It takes almost three months for the 15 people who work on the farm to harvest all the vegetables. The images were captured by amateur photographer Sultan Ahmed Niloy in Jessore, Bangladesh.