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Woman says she's 'happier than ever' that lockdown forced her to embrace grey hair after two decades of covering up

***EXCLUSIVE*** SURREY, UK: Lockdown forced this woman to embrace her grey hair after two decades of covering up, saving her almost a whopping Ł6K in a year - and although trolls have labelled her 'old' she says she is happier than ever. Retired actress Georgia Zaris (51) who lives in Surrey, UK, first dyed her hair when she was 31 after she secured a job in a hair commercial. Georgia felt the industry pressure to have the „perfect” hair and whilst she never spotted any silver strands on her head at this point, she started regularly dying her hair varying shades of brunette to fit in with each job’s specific brief. The repeated colouring of Georgia’s hair meant that it soon became very dry and her hair commercial work stopped. Georgia first noticed silver strands in her hair in 2000 and she continued to get her hair coloured by a professional once every three months. As the years passed, Georgia found it increasingly difficult to keep on top of her grey hairs and ended up attending the salon every three-weeks to have her hair touched up only for greys to be visible at her hairline after the first wash - further drying her hair. Georgia spent Ł250 on her colour, Ł60 on an Olaplex treatment and Ł35 on tipping various members of staff at the salon every three-weeks. When the UK went first into lockdown in March 2020 and hair salons closed, Georgia was obviously unable to get her hair professionally coloured. Stressed by the prospect of not being able to have her hair dyed, Georgia offered to attend an online tutorial with her colourist to try and maintain her locks at home.

Mum spends £22,000 transforming her two-bed council house into a Walt Disney shrine

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has spent thousands of pounds turning her two-bedroom council house into a Walt Disney shrine and says her obsession was even mentioned in her divorce papers. Every room in superfan Catherine Hamilton's house is covered with Disney decorations she has amassed over the years. The mum-of-one estimates she has spent £22,000 on obtaining memorabilia for her home which she has called Walt Potter Manor. Such is her obsession that the 32-year-old said her ex-husband cited her Disney addiction in his divorce papers. Before the lockdown Catherine who would travel to Disneyland Paris at least once a month with her 11-year-old son Archie. Her £20,000 expenditure l includes flights to the Paris attraction, accommodation and purchases of rare and valuable items from the store to turn her house into a “living Disney museum”.

Mum rakes in $3,000-a-month making kinky videos where her breasts appear to EXPAND - thanks to artfully placed balloons hidden in her bra

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mom-of-five rakes in $3,000-a-month making kinky videos where her breasts appear to EXPAND - thanks to artfully placed balloons hidden in her bra. Kristen Turton, 34, underwent two surgeries where doctors removed fat from her stomach, thighs and neck and inserted it into her breasts. The mother, who is a petite 4ft11in, now boasts a staggering 34O bra size.  Although Kristen is a certified nursing assistant, the majority of her income comes from making bizarre videos of her expanding chest with the help of her husband David, 35, an attorney.

A crime-fighting beauty queen who works as a police detective by day has been crowned Miss Voluptuous England

***EXCLUSIVE*** When she is not tackling criminals, Nicola Floss, 31, pours all her efforts into helping people to feel confident in their own skin by promoting body confidence during the pandemic. The size 16 beauty queen-come detective constable says she is "pushing boundaries, smashing through stereotypes and challenging limits within the beauty world". Earlier this month Nicola celebrated a triple win at the body positive pageant, taking home the title for Miss Voluptuous England, the People's Choice and best fundraiser. Donning a blue sequin gown, a red jumpsuit with phoenix wings and a beaded tassel mini dress, she appeared at the national championships held virtually on February 6. Nicola, from Hertfordshire, said: "The pandemic has rocked the nation so to be able to do something for charity and to do something everybody can get involved in was very important for me.

The legendary Aston Martin Bulldog supercar is to reattempt a 200mph run

***EXCLUSIVE*** The legendary Aston Martin Bulldog supercar is to reattempt a 200mph run 40 years after the British marque tried to achieve the record feat. The Bulldog was a one-off concept car made in 1980 in an attempt to build the fastest production vehicle in the world. Aston Martin had hoped the gull-winged motor would be the first ever car to reach 200mph but it only got up to 191mph.

Men who fell in love after both trying to 'pray away the gay' when they were raised as Mormons welcome triplets with a surrogate

***EXCLUSIVE*** SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA: These first-time gay dads spent over one-hundred-thousand pounds trying for a baby but were shocked when they found out their surrogate was pregnant with TRIPLETS. Estate agents Jake Taylor-Baumann (30) and Sean Taylor-Baumann (27) from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, grew up in strict Mormon households, where being homosexual was considered sinful. Despite doing their best to ’pray the gay away,' both Jake and Sean realised that their sexuality was not going to change - no matter how hard they tried. In 2012, Jake and Sean met on the gay dating app 'Grindr' with the intention of meeting up to help each other overcome the strain that their closeted homosexuality was having on their lives. They tried to convince each other that finding nice wives and embedding themselves further into church life could be a solution to their conundrum. However, it soon became apparent to both Jake and Sean that they were falling in love. Coming out to their conservative and Christian families was a challenge but fortunately both sides have accepted the couple’s love for one another after seeing just how truly happy they made one another. After tying the knot in September 2016, the couple’s attention turned to the idea of family as both Jake and Sean were eager to share their overwhelming love with kids of their own. Weighing up their options - which included adoption and fostering - Sean and Jake decided upon surrogacy. This is a process in which a woman agrees to have an embryo implanted via IVF and carry another person’s child to birth. Tragically, Jake and Sean’s first surrogate suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks and after several tests, the couple unfortunately had to switch to a different surrogate.

Incredible pictures show a twelve-year-old boy climbing a frozen waterfall

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dylan Heason is not yet a teenager but has already won prestigious rock-climbing awards and tackled some of the hardest routes in the country. Taught by his mountain climber dad, Matt, 48, Dylan has scaled everything within a 15km radius of their home in Grindleford, Debryshire. And now the pair have accomplished a rare ice climb, after Kinder Downfall near Edale iced over in the recent stormy weather.

A vanilla and choc cake made to look like the limbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Seeing a patient in a hospital bed can sometimes be disturbing - but even more so in this case when all their limbs are chopped up, because they are made out of CAKE. The bizarre image shows British rapper and NME award winner Tyrone Frampton - better known as Slowthai - lying in a hospital bed grinning, but with his limbs in several pieces. But it is not as alarming as it might seem - as the supposed 'limbs' are actually made out of four separate vanilla sponges, held together with chocolate ganache.

Radio Ga-Ga - vast collection of vintage radios, televisions & record players have emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vast collection of vintage radios, televisions and record players have emerged for sale at auction following the death of their owner. The group, which consists of hundreds of old-school electronics, was amassed over several decades by an eccentric and dedicated collector. An electrician by trade, he housed the goods in a private museum near Dorchester in Dorset but rarely displayed them to the general public.

Art created by growing bacteria and mould

***EXCLUSIVE*** Close-up photos of mould and bacteria look like the colourful landscapes of alien planets.  The organisms are home-grown in petri dishes and are stored for between five and 20 days, during which time the different species grow and spread. Russian photographer Daria Fedorova, who took the photos, grows the bacteria in her Moscow home, and takes great pride in showing the beauty in something normally considered disgusting.

A couple forced to spend their first nights apart in seven decades due to lockdown have been reunited at a care home - just in time for their 70th wedding anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Frank Howell, 90, and his wife Joan, 93, were able to celebrate their platinum milestone after they moved into the same care home so they could be together.  The devoted pair had been inseparable since tying the knot in 1951 and had never spent longer than a few days apart until the Covid-19 outbreak.  Retired carpet fitter Frank was forced to move into Astley Hall Nursing Home in Stourport, Worcs., last September with dementia and bladder cancer.  The couple were kept apart for five months until they were finally reunited on February 2 when Joan joined her beloved husband following a fall at her home.  It meant the lovebirds were able to celebrate Valentine's Day as well as their 70th wedding anniversary together last Friday (19/2).

This stunning photograph shows a pink cloud perfectly shaped like a love heart

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning photograph shows a pink cloud perfectly shaped like a love heart resting in the sky as the sun sets over Paris. Love was truly in the air in the most romantic city in the world when art director Thibaut Buccellato, 29, snapped this shot. The self proclaimed 'lover of sunsets' quickly pulled out his phone when he saw the unique cloud and the resulting photograph is simply breathtaking. Thibaut said: "I was walking in the centre of Paris near Hôtel de Ville and the sunset was beautiful.

Eel wheely doesn't want to become a meal! Hungry cormorant struggles to gobble down its fish supper

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eel coils itself in mid-air to become a perfect hoop in a bid to avoid being swallowed by a cormorant.  It uses this bizarre technique as a defence mechanism in the fish and, though successful at first, the eel eventually tired and the bird took its prize downriver. The photos were taken on the River Yare - part of the Norfolk Broads network of rivers and lakes - by photographer Tony Wootton.

The moment two venomous snakes engaged in a twisty DEATH LOCK

***EXCLUSIVE*** WESTERN GHATS, INDIA: In one image, the six-foot-long green vine snake sunk its venomous fangs into a buff striped keelback who made one final attempt to wrap its body around and strangle its overpowering foe. In another, the one-foot-long buff striped keelback’s grip loosened as the unfortunate reptile met its grisly end. Photographer Eshanya Sharma Kr (21) from Kodluthoota, India, captured the incredible images near to his home in the country’s Western Ghat mountains. Eshanya stood a couple of foot away as the green vine snake bit down on and killed a buff striped keelback. Green vine snakes camouflage into their surroundings when hunting prey. They get their namesake from the fact that they can disguise themselves to blend in with surrounding vines - surprising nearby prey. Eshanya captured the images using a Nikon Coolpix S5300 camera.

Workers collecting water chestnuts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers pick water chestnuts, a popular vegetable in Bangladesh. Water chestnuts are cultivated in fresh bodies of water such as lakes and ponds and have been on the Indian subcontinent for around 3000 years. It takes up to six months until they’re ready to be harvest, with each worker being able to collect up to 200kg of chestnuts according to photographer Abdul Momin, 29. After being harvested they are sent to markets to be sold, with each kilogram being sold for around 20p. Abdul says “Their cheap price tag and the low profit margins mean farmers are loosing interest in cultivating them”.