Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman, 29, is left in a coma for three weeks and nearly dies after a rare reaction to antidepressants caused her skin to BURN off

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, UNITED STATES: After taking antidepressants this woman’s skin started to BURN OFF leaving her in a coma for three weeks - on the verge of DEATH. Designer Christan Bennett (29) from Dallas, Texas, USA, has suffered with major depressive disorders ever since she was 24 years old and was prescribed antidepressant Lamictal in March 2016. On April 1, 2016, Christan started to suffer adverse side effects such as a high temperature of 40 degrees celsius, severe nerve pain in her legs, as well as a severe headache when she woke up. Although she knew that her medication would cause side effects such as this, she began getting worried when she brushed her teeth and noticed that her lip tissue was falling off. As she assumed that she was having an allergic reaction, she visited her local hospital where she was immediately isolated and examined by multiple doctors. Within hours, she was seen by a dermatologist who diagnosed Christan with toxic epidermal necrosis - a severe skin reaction to medication that blisters skin and can even cause blindness - and was immediately rushed to a specialist burn unit…

An eccentric bachelor has created a bizarre costume made from more than 300 soft children’s toys - which he “can’t wait” to go out drinking in when lockdown ends

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Lovell, 46, purchased the soft playthings on eBay then used superglue to attach them to the outside of a boiler suit.  Hilarious pictures taken yesterday (Feb 27) show Steve, from Leeds, West Yorks., proudly wearing his bizarre creation. The costume, which weighs two stone, took him three weekends to complete and he said he “can’t wait” to go out drinking in it when lockdown ends. He purchased the toys on eBay for £150 in December. Steve got the idea all the way back in 1997 when he saw a skateboard advert featuring a man wearing a costume out of small toys.

A beach hut has gone up for sale for a whopping £325,000 - and it doesn't even face the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 16ft by 10ft wooden cabin on the exclusive Mudeford Spit in Christchurch, Dorset, has a front aspect that points inland with a view over a lagoon. Despite this and the fact the hut costs the same as a five-bedroom house in some parts of Britain, it is expected to be snapped up quickly.

Traditional Welsh folk dancers pictured for St. David's Day

Cynwyl Elfed, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom: Portraits of two families, who are traditional Welsh folk dancers, have been taken for St Davids Day. The iconic clothing which is identified as the „Welsh National Costume”, is based on the rural working population from the late eighteenth century and is a hugely important element to Welsh folk dancing. Today, the colourful fabric worn by these dancers are woven at traditional woollen mills in Wales. The costume for women consists of a gown and petticoat with neckerchief, white cap and hat. During lockdown, these dancers, like all performing artists, haven’t been able to perform to an audience, however, are looking forward to performing on stage again soon.

Red squirrels reflected in icy meltwater as they collect nuts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Red squirrels are beautifully reflected in the surface of a still pool as they collect fallen nuts. The foraging animals splashed across the recently melted water which brilliantly reflected their wet, bushy tails. Hungry after the recent cold weather, the squirrels either greedily ate their spoils straight away or stashed them away for another rainy day.

Throwing colour down a hillside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dry huge sheets of coloured cotton by throwing them down a grassy hillside. The fabric is dyed with bright colours before intricate patterns of dots and lines are made on the material. These beautiful photographs were captured in the city of Surakarta, a historic city on the Indonesian island of Java.

Back to normal for Friday Prayer at a Bangladesh mosque

***EXCLUSIVE*** Friday prayer service has returned to normality at a Bangladeshi mosque. Around 3,000 people attended the incredible three-storey high building for their weekly prayers. Some of the worshippers wore masks but apart from that the service appeared to be back to a pre-pandemic routine. The images were captured by engineer and amateur photographer Mustasinur Rahman Alvi at the Muslim Gorosthan Jame Mosque in Barisal Town, Bangladesh.

Workers dry rice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sweep rice into mesmerising parallell lines to dry in the midday sun in Ashoknagor, India. The images were captured by Avishek Das, 35, from Kolkata, India. Avishek said, "The drying of the paddy grains is one of the most important steps in the process before they are sent to the rice mill." "Drying reduces the moisture in the grains to a level which makes them suitable for storage. The workers start very early in the morning, between 3 and 4am, but earn very little - only £2.50 per day." "I like photographs with lines and patterns, and there is a strong sense of perspective created in these images."