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Horror fan spends $1,000 on body modifications so he can look like a vampire

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL: This man spent over ONE-THOUSAND-POUNDS to look like a VAMPIRE by tattooing his eyes and tongue BLACK and even having FANGS implanted. Professional body modifier Jason Luiz da Silva (25) from Minas Gerais, Brazil, always wanted to modify his body when he grew up after yearning to look different as a child. As a lover of demon-inspired TV shows including The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, Jason wanted to resemble his favourite characters. At the age of 18, Jason’s dream became a reality when he had his eyeballs tattooed completely black. Since then, he has had his tongue split in two to look like a snake’s, as well as his teeth extended using porcelain implants to look like those of a vampire. Despite there being risks associated with eyeball tattoos - the most severe being the possibility of going blind if the ink is injected incorrectly - Jason was never in doubt about wanting to go ahead with the tattoo. Jason says that the most painful procedure was his recent tongue tattoo in which he tattooed the whole of his own tongue black - a process that took one hour to complete. As a body modification specialist himself, Jason has been able to enlist the help of his fellow body mod friends to carry out his extensive work and as a result, he’s managed to spend just Ł1,000 on achieving the spooky look he was after. Unsurprisingly, Jason often has strangers stare at him when he is out in public and has even been called a 'freakshow' and a 'demon' by detractors. However, Jason doesn’t let this bother him and has no plans to stop modifying his body anytime soon. He wants to go under the knife to modify his ears to look like those of an elf. Jason also wants to add 3D silicone implants under the skin on his arm and cover his body in further tattoos.

Meet the labradoodle that acts like a human thanks to his incredible bond with his best friend - a seven-year-old boy who was adopted into the family at the same time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reagan the dog was over the moon when his new family also welcomed a foster baby Buddy, also 11-months-old, into their home. The pair grew up together and these adorable photos show them posing like a pair of brothers, wearing identical outfits, on holiday and even sharing joint birthday parties. Pooch Reagan belongs to grandmother Sandi Swiridoff, 60, who adopted him just months before her daughter Kari Lewis, 31, fostered little boy Buddy.

Meet the eight-year-old girl giving history lessons to homeschooled kids during lockdown, earning her the admiration of historians

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Arabella Duffy, dresses up as figures from history including Queen Victoria, Cleopatra and Jane Austen. She acts as a teacher, sharing her knowledge on a range of periods; from Ancient Greece to the Second World War.  Homeschooled by her mum Sophy, 53, throughout her entire education, she's been helping other kids less used to staying at home. Her lessons have gained her more than 14,000 online followers who tune in for her five minute lessons. Proud mum Sophy, from Hampstead, north London said: "It's nothing preachy, she just wants to help share interesting facts she's learnt.

Little Mermaid doorstep visit

Dressed as the Little Mermaid, Isadora Kuipers visits with Melissa and Kara McCann during a doorway visit for Kara's fourth birthday in Burnaby, B.C., Monday, March 1, 2021. With provincial public health bans on indoor social visits, Kuipers has gotten creative to continue operating her business, which offers character actors for hire. She now offers socially-distanced porch visits and virtual experiences.

Pensioner sells huge collection of vintage Lego for over £23,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner is selling off his huge collection of vintage Lego that is tipped to fetch £20,000. Hans Brummer has spent over 40 years amassing the boxed sets of the famous toy. His collection grew so big it filled the garage of his home in Kidderminster, Worcs. Hans used to attend car boot sales and bric-a-brac fares and picked up second-hand Lego sets for a few pounds a time.

Exhausted Ugandan workers sifting through mountainous tons of dumped rubbish in search of recycling for just FIFTY-PENCE A DAY

***EXCLUSIVE*** KAMPALA, UGANDA: Images showing exhausted Ugandan workers sifting through mountainous tons of dumped rubbish in search of recycling for just FIFTY-PENCE A DAY have been revealed. The incredible pictures featured men and women working tirelessly without protective equipment in search of recyclable plastic and glass as lorries dump further rubbish on top of the landfill site. One image captured the dangers the workers expose themselves too on a daily basis as syringes laid discarded amongst the waste, whilst another showed a dump bag of scavenged plastic ready to be taken to a recycling plant. The breath-taking pictures were taken by photographer Mauro De Bettio (45) from Longarone, Veneto, Italy, at Kiteezi Landfill in Kampala, Uganda. At the site, 28,000 tons of waste is dumped each month and around 800 workers are employed there for around 54-pence a day.

A woman has told how she holidayed in the Caribbean for TWO MONTHS - by doing odd jobs for strangers like feeding chickens or weeding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jean, 61, had enough of the cold weather and bad news, so booked a plane ticket to picture-postcard paradise island Guadeloupe in December. She's been touring around the island ever since, and despite staying in luxury beachfront apartments with rainforest views and palm trees, she's barely spent a penny. Jean reckons she's saved £4,500 by staying in wealthy locals' extensive homes and second apartments for free, in exchange for doing simple odd jobs.

Married couple invited their friend to join their relationship after they spent a boozy night together post-lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** SWITZERLAND: This married couple invited their friend to join their relationship after they spent a boozy night together post-lockdown - but they insist they are not a „PORN FANTASY”. Pharmaceutical worker, Sarah Richter (32) and her husband, real estate manager, Marco Richter (35), from Switzerland, first met and fell in love in 2009 and were later married in 2017 - the same year they met business development employee Mik Nori (30) - who they later fell in love with. Sarah and Marco were introduced to Mik through mutual friends as they frequently went to watch Mik’s band perform. Their friendship soon blossomed as they discovered they had a shared passion for music and they trusted each other almost instantly. Mik had the highest level of respect for Sarah and Marco’s relationship and couldn’t think of another couple who she knew who were more in love or dedicated to each other as they were. The thought of pursuing something deeper than friendship never crossed her mind. Unbeknownst to Mik, Sarah and Marco had discussed the possibility of there being something more than friendship between the trio as Sarah had admitted she had a crush on Mik. Sarah and Marco never asked Mik if she would be interested in an intimate relationship with them. As time passed, life got in the way with Sarah and Marco choosing to develop their careers and in May 2019, Mik was deployed in the army for a year which meant the friends couldn’t meet up. When Mik returned in May 2020, the three decided to meet for drinks at a bar - as lockdown restrictions permitted - but what was supposed to be an innocent catch-up, soon turned into something more and Mik stayed the night at Marco and Sarah’s apartment.

Escobar's "cocaine hippos"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colombia, Puerto Triunfo: Hippo lady Vanessa, the only hippo that has a pond tamed at the "Hacienda Napoles", approaches the tourists. The hippos, which the drug lord Escobar once brought to Colombia, have multiplied so much that the country is looking for a solution for the animals.

A couple have full size working Dalek in their living room which is decorated like a scene from Dr Who

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ian McTeague has built his very own Dalek which he climbs inside and does shows in – even able to do the famous ‘exterminate’ voice. The long-standing sci-fi villain stands at just under 6ft tall and spends most evenings watching the tele next to Ian and his wife Tracy in their front room. Ian, 55, spent 18 months building his pet robot, called Draco – which is even fitted with a ‘ring modulator’ to give the Dalek its recognisable voice.

Mum hides entire pregnancy with bump so small it looked like she 'just had a curry'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was able to hide her pregnancy bump for the entire nine months because her bump looked like she "just had a curry". Chelsea Smith, 26, saw her mum, sister and father-in-law every day throughout her pregnancy but said nobody clocked she was carrying her third child. Wedding photographer Chelsea says her lack of cravings and morning sickness along with the absence of a bump left her family none the wiser. So her and butcher husband Jack, 29, decided to keep the pregnancy a secret following daughter Susie arriving 10 weeks early last January. Chelsea, from Nantwich, Cheshire, said: "I've never had a bump with any of my pregnancies.

Woman left fearing for her baby's life after contraceptive coil lodged in her placenta

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was shocked to discover her contraceptive coil in her baby’s PLACENTA when she fell pregnant and gave birth while using birth control.  Claire Cowen, 34, had been using a non-hormonal coil for three years when she discovered she was 13 weeks pregnant with her little boy, Lewis, now 15 months. The mum-of-three was told that the coil was sitting tilted above her cervix and doctors couldn’t remove it in case it accidently ruptured the baby’s amniotic sac. Claire was closely monitored during her pregnancy but doctors couldn’t guarantee her baby would survive if the coil worked its way into the sac - all she could do was ‘wait and see'.  After a stressful nine months, Claire and husband, David, 38, a courier, were delighted to welcome their little boy at 39 weeks in November 2019, at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, weighing a healthy 6lb 3oz.

Grade-I listed manor house is to be turned into a Batman-themed 'adventure wonderland'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Grade-I listed manor house destroyed in a devastating fire is to be turned into a Batman-themed 'adventure wonderland', according to its new owner. James Perkins bought Parnham House, a 16th century Elizabethan manor near Beaminster, Dorset, for £2.5 million last March, three years after the huge fire. Mr Perkins, the former head of rave scene promoter Fantazia and a restorer of historic houses, says he has ‘unbelievable ideas’ for the 38,000 sq ft derelict property.

Action packed images showed the moment a dragonfly was swiped by a chameleon’s ELEVEN-INCH tongue in a flash

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKSAI, INDONESIA: In one image, the greedy six-inch chameleon was photographed as it stuck out its lengthy tongue and swiped a tasty dragonfly within less than one second. Another image captured the moment the chameleon expertly retracted its tongue - which is double the size of its body - and swallowed the dragonfly whole in just five seconds. The captivating images were shot by photographer Dzul Dzulfirkri (48) from Beksai, Indonesia, who witnessed the rapid feed in his back garden just 19-feet away.  The panther chameleon - a pet of Dzul’s friend - captured over five dragonflies during the five-second feast. Dzul captured the images using a Canon 5D MK IV camera with a 100-400mm sigma lens and shared them on his instagram, @dzulfikri72. Panther chameleons - Furcifer Pardalis - originate from Madagascar and have 180-degree vision which is how they detect their prey. They begin aiming their eyes and measure the distance between themselves and their prey and then hit the prey with their tongue, killing it instantly.

Dark horse - Tankard made for Oliver Cromwell from the hide of his horse expected to fetch £6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible leather jug made from Oliver Cromwell's war horse has sold at auction 368 years later for almost £10,000. The huge tankard was produced for the famous Parliamentarian who overthrew the monarchy to mark his status as Lord Protector of the British Isles in 1653. It was one of a dozen been made from the hide of Cromwell's dead horse Blackjack and it would have been used to carry water or ale. The 2ft tall jug has now been sold at Duke's Auctioneers of Dorchester, Dorset.

Wall collapsed at the historic Hurst Castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** The wall of a 16th Century castle built by Henry VIII has collapsed. A section of historic Hurst Castle's east wing tumbled after the sea weakened its foundations, according to English Heritage. Engineers are now assessing the damage to the 573 year old building near Lymington, Hants, and are planning remedial works. The site was closed to the public at the time of the collapse on Friday afternoon and there were no injuries.