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Life as in the 1950s

***EXCLUSIVE*** North Rhine-Westphalia, Datteln: Kevin Nikodem operates a 1950s radio in his home. Nikodem lives like he did in the 50s. He has furnished his house completely with furniture, TVs, radios and also kitchen machines from the 50s and lives in the style of the time.

Texas: deep freeze

***EXCLUSIVE*** When a winter storm caused by a disruption in the polar vortex and sent temperatures to sub-freezing, critical utility services buckled under record demand. Meteorologists call this recent polar vortex that targeted Texas one of the biggest, nastiest and longest-lasting ones they've seen since vortex monitoring began the 50's. A humanitarian crisis escalated within hours of the first power outage. Thousands of Texans are facing damage from burst pipes, which have flooded homes and left many without water. 14.9 million Texans faced water disruptions. Seven board members of the Texas grid operator have resigned in the wake of blackouts that hit the state during the storm that left more than 4 million Texans in the dark for days due to power supply shortages. A family whose son died during an extended power outage is suing its electricity provider and the agency that oversees most of Texas' energy grid. The winter storm that left dozens of Texans dead, millions without power and nearly 15 million with water issues could be the costliest disaster in Texas state history.

In a workshop of a shoemaker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Berlin: Shoemaker Marlen Meier-Ding works with the nipper at the Meier and Schöpf shoemaker's shop in Kreuzberg, nailing the leather to the last. Marlen Meier-Ding and shoe designer Christine Schöpf have been creatively pursuing their craft here since 1990. The two make made-to-measure shoes and take on repairs. Shoes for the children's film "Das Sams", "Der Untergang" and for Charlize Theron in "Aeon Flux" have already been made in the workshop. Fetish shoe creations for customers were and are also accepted upon request.