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Nudist couple who fell in love with stripping off after swimming naked in a waterfall show off their VERY athletic poses at tourist spots across the globe

***EXCLUSIVE*** This travelling couple struggled to get followers on Instagram until they began posting weekly NUDES which have attracted over twenty-thousand fans. Professional dancer Silke Muys (29) from Gent, Belgium, met fellow professional dancer and boyfriend Kieran Shannon (27) from Glasgow, Scotland, whilst working for a dance company in Spain in January 2018. Immediately falling in love, the couple decided that when their year-long contract with the dance company came to an end, they would explore the world together. In May 2019, the couple began their adventure and travelled across Asia for a whole year - starting in India before making their way across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Pictures of the couple visiting incredible sites such as the Bich Dong Pagoda buddhist temple in Vietnam and Agra Fort in India attracted new followers to their Instagram. However, it was Kieran and Silke’s nude photos on their social media that has led to their Instagram following reaching over 20,000. The couple began dipping their toes in the nudist waters by getting naked and going for a swim whenever they came across a waterfall. Enjoying this sense of freedom, Kieran and Silke decided that this was something they wanted to document and share with their followers online. After posting their first nude image, they realised that their fans loved the artistic expression and body positivity displayed in their pictures. Kieran and Silke decided that each week, they would post a nude photo to their Instagram page and title it ’Freaky Friday.' They have since had strangers tell them that their self-confidence is 'inspirational,' something that makes the couple even more eager to share their nude snaps with the world.

A woman who couldn’t find any clothes to fit her 200 pound pet pig has started a thriving company selling swine couture

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doreen Burke, 44, is a pharmaceutical sales representative by day but spends her nights sewing outfits for piggies across America. Her company, Snort Life, based out of Port Charlotte, Florida, began after Doreen noticed the lack of clothing available for her gigantic pet piggy Rosie. “After only about six months of having her, I realized she was going to need custom clothes,” Doreen explained. “So I got a sewing machine, watched YouTube videos and I taught myself to sew.” I’m passionate about my pig and have always been into fashion so it just worked, the business happened organically.

Britain's cutest castle! Two-bedroom Grade II listed building with its own parapets, turrets and battlements goes on the market for £925,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** They say a man’s home is his castle - well that can truly be the case after this pint-sized version complete with parapets, turrets and battlements emerged for sale. The five-bedroom property, described as a “unique mini castle”, presents the opportunity to live like a royal for a cut-price - having recently hit the market for £925,000.  Despite being marketed as a residence, High Morland Lodge in Knutsford, Cheshire, looks more like the scene of a medieval banquet than your average two up two down.  It comes complete with fort-like towers, a grand gateway, parapets, turrets and battlements. High Morland is equally as ostentatious on the inside, with a whole host of lavish furnishings and period-style features, similar to the sets seen in recent Netflix hit Bridgerton.

Engaged couple discovers they were born next to each other in the hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who thought they met for the first time at school discovered they were actually born side-by-side in the same hospital. Courtney Mahnken, 26, thought she was introducing her boyfriend, Nick Monguso, 26, and his mother to hers for the first time, but it ended up being a reunion. The couple were only 14 and Courtney had arranged for both families to meet for the first time at Nick's roller-hockey game at Dudley Park in Bayville, New Jersey USA. But her mum, Joy, 61, immediately recognised Nick's mum, Dawn, 50, and asked her where she gave birth. Courtney, said: "I was embarrassed at first, because I was only 14 so obviously that makes any 14-year-old feel very awkward!

Largest painting drawn with makeup

Kyiv, Ukraine: Representative of the National Register of Records of Ukraine Lana Vetrova (R) measures the Face Chart drawing by sculptor and makeup artist Anastasiia Didoruk during a bid to set the national record for the largest painting created with makeup products, Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, March 2, 2021.

Meet the tribe where budding brides wear large LIP PLATES to determine how many CATTLE they are worth

***EXCLUSIVE*** KIBISH, ETHIOPIA: In one image, a Suri tribeswoman sported a ten-inch-wide lip plate featuring a triangular cut-out design whilst her head was adorned with chains and her arms with decorative scars. In another, an elder female of the tribe wore a headdress of corn and displayed how her oversized and stretched lip appeared with the lip plate removed - hanging down below her chin. Business owner Tori Bohn (56) from Bali, Indonesia, captured the stunning images in Kibish, Ethiopia. Kibish is located within the Omo Valley - a region which is home to eight tribes with a total tribal population of roughly 200,000. Tori spent three days with the Suri tribe learning about their decorative lip plates. There are thought to be around 7,500 Suri tribespeople left. Suri culture and economy are centred around the tribe’s cattle. Tori captured the images using a Nikon D850 camera and Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm F2.8G ED and Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8G lenses.

$400k foldable 165-inch TV is a world’s first

Austria: A company has announced the world’s first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV. The huge C SEED M1 pulls off the jaw-dropping party trick of emerging from a hidden floor compartment, before gracefully unfolding. Vienna-based C SEED say the US$400,000 set is ear-marked for first deliveries in Q3 2021. The company explain: „A sculpture-like column rises silently from the floor, unfolding an enormous 165 4k MicroLED TV display with a high precision frame machined from a solid block of aviation-grade aluminum alloy to provide the ultimate TV experience.” Designer Stefan Pani created a smart, convincing frame design with an invisibly integrated high performance speaker system that rises silently from the ground, unfolds and then settles smoothly on a strikingly elegant base. Function follows form here, visually very coherent, luxuriously minimalist and with an exciting, progressively elegant tension. The C SEED M1 is available in four elegant colors and a choice of casings to match all tastes, space requirements and settings.

Mausoleum built 2,000 years ago for Rome's first emperor, Augustus, finally reopens to the public after 14 years following $12.25 million restoration project

A mausoleum built two millennia ago for the first Roman emperor, Augustus, has finally reopened to the public after 14 years and a $12.25 million restoration project. The funerary monument took five years to restore and make safe before it could be reopened to the public, including removing rubbish and clearing surrounding trees. Towering above Rome's historic centre, the ancient tomb was once used as a military look-out point and hosted the lavish parties of the Roman dynasty. The site fell into disrepair, trees grew from the walls and rubbish filled the pathways, and was finally shutdown 14 years ago when it become unsafe for visitors. It was returned to its full glory thanks to a $9.6 million donation from Italian communications company TIM, with the rest paid by the government. Only ten people will be allowed to enter the mausoleum at a time and they will be required to wear face masks as Italy is facing a third coronavirus wave. 

Best friends: a kitten and squirrel are inseparable

***EXCLUSIVE*** GEORGIA, USA: ADORABLE footage showed the moment a kitten was captured snuggling up to a disabled grey squirrel. In a video taken by social media manager Rochelle Nicole (32) from Georgia, USA, adopted pet squirrel Buster (6) could be seen nesting happily with her friend Amanda’s seven-pound, black and ginger kitten, Litsa. Whilst cats often see squirrels as prey, Litsa remarkably lies calmly in her bed, as Buster who weighs just eight-ounces nibbles at his own claws. Buster was rescued by friends of Rochelle’s Amy and Regan, in 2018 after they saw him fall out of a tree whilst they were on a walk with their dogs. Realising that Buster had been attacked by a hawk and was paralysed, the couple decided to take him into their home and managed to nurse him back to full health, except for his left arm which isn’t functional. When Rochelle offered to look after Buster whilst her friends were on holiday in 2018, she fell in love with the disabled rodent. Realising just how much affection Rochelle had for him, they asked if she would be happy to adopt him, since they had six adult cats in their house. Whilst Rochelle loves Buster, she says that having a traditionally wild rodent in her house does mean that Buster must be supervised when playing as he loves to chew.

Couple in their thirties face prospect of leaving their two young children without a mum and dad - after they were BOTH diagnosed with terminal cancer just three months apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** British Adam Graveley, 38, met Australian wife Caitlin, 39, when he went travelling Down Under.  He managed to secure a good job and they sponsored him to stay and after tying the knot they had two kids.  But now the couple have both been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer - just three months apart.  They are are faced with the prospect of leaving kids Thea, two, and four-month-old Fearn - without a mum and dad.  Caitlin was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer in November - after suffering pain she thought was due to her pregnancy.  And then tragically Adam was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer on February 4. The family want to use their story to raise awareness of aggressive cancers that start in the under 40s.  The couple, who live in Perth, Australia, are urging people to attend screenings.  Adam's British sister, Emma Reynolds, 41, says her and the rest of the family can't visit them until April.  A fundraiser has been set up to support the family whilst they go through their treatment.

Erotic scenes discovered at Pompeii

Pompeii, Italy: A splendid chariot used for marriage processions and decorated with erotic scenes was found in Pompeii. A view of the four-wheeled ceremonial chariot with its iron elements, bronze decorations and mineralized wooden remains found in Civita Giuliana near Torre Annunziata north of Pompeii. It was found in the suburban villa of Civita Giuliana, north of Pompeii, and was used by Roman elite for ceremonial occasions. It features bronze decorations of men and women in erotic scenes.

Forced eviction of residents in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya: One of Africa's largest slum is currently facing tuff times due to the forced evictions over the ongoing constructions of roads and railway lines by the goverment with an intension of alleviating the Nairobi traffic.

Artillery remnants dump centre in Idlib

Syria, Idlib: Boys carry projectile, at a dump centre run by Junaid family for selling remnants of shellings and unexploded ordnances, to be recycled and used in useful industries. Some residents of Idlib province work in the threatening war-born business of collecting and trading remnants of artillery, cluster bombs, and other unexploded ordnances, to earn their living and cope with the dire consequences of the war.

Tiger snatched an innocent newborn deer

***EXCLUSIVE*** RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK, INDIA: The heartbreaking moment a stealthy three-hundred-and-fifty-pound tiger snatched an innocent newborn deer with just one swipe of its paw has been revealed. In the incredible images, the big cat predator could be seen stalking its unsuspecting victim as the 10-pound baby deer ambled along the watering hole. In a shocking turn of events, the tiger powerfully launched itself towards the baby deer before swiping at it with its four-inch-long claws and retreating into the vegetation to enjoy its freshly caught meal. The act took just 15-minutes in total. The incredible images were taken at the Ranthambore National Park, India, by photographer Dr S Senthil Kandeepan (44) from New Delhi, India. Dr Kandeepan was lucky enough to get within 328-feet of the action which he captured on his Nikon D810 camera. Tigers have large, padded feet that enable them to silently stalk their prey. Each paw is equipped with four four-inch-long claws and a fifth specialised 'dewclaw' which is used specifically for grabbing prey to ensure the hunted cannot escape.

Bird dancing with blue suede shoes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Male blue-footed boobies show off their feet in a fascinating mating dance. The marine birds shift from one foot to another in an attempt to attract a female mate - and could give Elvis Presley and his Blue Suede Shoes a run for his money. The colour of the boobies' distinctively bright-blue feet indicates how able a hunter they are - an attractive quality to the opposite sex. Photographer Peter Cooper captured the shots on a dream trip to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador.

An "amazing" husband and dad tragically passed away from cancer - less than six WEEKS after receiving the shock diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrew Westwood, 42, started experiencing stomach pains in mid-December - but initially just took plenty of painkillers in a bid to try and cope with them. But on January 8, following an ultrasound and some blood tests, Andrew and his family were left reeling when he was told he had colon cancer that had spread to his liver. Doctors initially told Andrew, from Grays, Essex, that the cancer was treatable, but not curable - but subsequent CT scans saw the dad-of-two rapidly deteriorating.

The new digital installation Geometric Properties in New York

***EXCLUSIVE*** The new digital installation explores the beauty of “mathematics, nature, and architecture”. Created by Amsterdam-based artist Julius Horsthuis, the installation features “endless iterations and multiple dimensions of fractals” through an audio-installation projected across the gallery space.

A sealed letter from the Renaissance has been read for the first time... without opening it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Letterpacket was virtually unfolded and read for the first time since it was written 300 years ago. The letter contains a message from Jacques Sennacques dated 31 July 1697, to his cousin Pierre Le Pers, a French merchant, for a certified copy of a death notice of one Daniel Le Pers. Also visible is a watermark in the center of the paper containing an image of a bird. Scientists used a dentist's scanner to 'virtually unfold' the document dating back more than 300 years - protecting its prized seal. Ingenious origami-style 'letterlocking' was common for secure communication during the period - long before modern envelopes came into use. The packets could only be studied by cutting - until the development of an automatic computational algorithm.

A luxury chocolatier has unveiled a £32.95 vegan Easter egg –flavoured with tomato, beetroot, sweetcorn, spinach and carrot

***EXCLUSIVE*** The vEGGie, made by London-based Rococo Chocolates, is accompanied by six vegetable-shaped chocolates in three flavours. While not quite one of your five-a-day, the unusual-flavoured egg has been designed as an alternative for customers looking for something a little different this Easter. The one-of-a-kind treat, which is sold exclusively on Amazon.co.uk/veggie, is made by hand in small batches in Rococo’s London kitchen using quality, ethically sourced ingredients and crafted with minimal processing to ensure its exquisite taste.

A strikingly different Vivienne Westwood jacket which caught the attention of 1980s pop stars is coming up for auction in March

***EXCLUSIVE*** And such is its iconic status, the vintage item could sell for more than three times its original cost of £300, the price tag in a designer fashion shop in the late 80s.  The unusual striped jacket, which doubles up as a waistcoat thanks to elaborate detachable arms, is set to go under the hammer in Hansons Auctioneers’ Iconic 20th Century Design sale on March 9 with an estimate of £1,000-£1,500 - but could fetch more.  It’s a chance to snap up a piece of vintage 80s designer style that was super cool in its day and, according to Hansons’ Iconic auction manager Rik Alexander, always will be.  The jacket was showcased on a Parisian catwalk as part of Westwood’s Fall 88/89 collection and went on to be produced in limited numbers. Rare vintage Westwood jackets can sell for more than £4,000.

Jaw-some escape! Impala leaps clear of snapping crocodile as it suddenly pounces out of watering hole

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH LUANGWA, ZAMBIA: Watch the moment an impala showed off its ninja reflexes as it took a drink and narrowly escaped the jaws of a SEVEN-HUNDRED POUND crocodile who leapt out of the watering hole. The incredible footage showed the 90-pound female impala sipping water at what appeared to be a safe and serene watering hole. Seemingly out of nowhere, an 700-pound Nile crocodile emerged from beneath the murky green water and lunged towards the impala. Incredibly the impala, noticed the threat just in the nick of time and leapt backward 180 degrees to avoid being clamped within the crocodile’s deadly jaws. The crocodile slowly retreated back into the water, ready to spring his trap once again when the opportunity arose. This remarkable display of athleticism was captured by photographic guide Peter Geraerdts (51) from South Luangwa, Zambia, whilst he was spending time in South Luangwa National Park in east Zambia. He used a Canon 1DX with a 500mm F4.0 lens to capture the amazing footage, 100 feet away from the action. Impalas are amongst the fastest animals in the world, running at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. Their supreme agility helps them avoid predators and they can leap over distances of up to 30 feet. Impalas will avoid coming into contact with lions at the watering hole by visiting during the heat of the day when the big cats are sleeping - but there is little they can do to avoid the scaly predators that roam beneath the water’s surface.

The International Space Station is captured on camera in a super-rare photo - as the spacecraft was illuminated for a split-second while passing in front of the moon

***EXCLUSIVE*** The amazing image shows the whole structure of the ISS changing as its solar 'panels' - or arrays - shifted as it prepared to live-stream its mission to NASA. Photographer Andrew McCarthy, who captured the rare photograph at 2.45am, said those on board the space station were preparing for an extravehicular activity (EVA) - in other words, a space walk outside the station. He had less than a second to capture the ISS in transit across the moon - but managed to capture the spacecraft grazing across the Copernicus crater before it disappeared from view.

Bottles of wine have been recovered after being aged for nine months underwater

***EXCLUSIVE*** A winery submerged 1,500 bottles of a 2017 Malbec-blend at different depths in the sea, hoping it would speed up the aging process. Nine months later the bottles were drug up from the depths of the Atlantic, where they had been kept in three crates between six and 15 metres below sea-level. Patagonian winery Wapisa have tested these wines in comparison with cellar-aged bottles to see if one month of aging underwater equates to one year on land.

Starlings for the shape of a heart over the skies

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOVE IS IN THE AIR... Starlings murmurating in the shape of a heart. The flock of starlings where spotted over the skies of Romsey, Hants, at sunset. Natasha Weyers said, "They murmurated for around 20 mins, often splitting off into two groups, then reforming as one. Many locals came to get a dose of nature - socially distanced of course!" "I hope people love the image, especially those who are shielding or not able to get out through the lockdown."

Daredevil Wall of Death riders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daredevil motorcyclists ride around a steep 'wall of death' at 50 miles an hour. The men ride the 30 ft high wall over 100 times a day for ten minutes at a time while wearing no protective gear. Dressed in t-shirts, jeans and flip flops they race around the wooden fencing performing tricks for the watching crowd. The images were captured by professional photographer Azim Khan Ronnie in Bogra, Bangladesh.