Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An 85-year-old has married his 91-year-old sweetheart at his care home after dating - for 26 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter Smirles and Jean Robson's nuptials kept being postponed because of the pandemic. But as his health began to deteriorate just after Christmas his doctor advised the ceremony should happen sooner rather than later. It finally took place at The Cedars care home in Purton, Wiltshire after a licence was granted by the county's superintendent registrar.

1,000mph rocket car aims to break land speed record

This jaw-dropping rocket car aims to break the land speed record and reach 1,000mph next year. The Aussie Invader 5R weighs 9.2 tonnes fully fuelled and is capable of accelerating from 0 - 1,000 mph (1,600+ km/h) in just over 20 seconds. In that time the car will burn 2.8 tonnes of propellant and at full speed will travel a mile in around 3.5 seconds. Founder and designer Rosco McGlashan will reportedly pilot the rocket car, with test runs earmarked to happen in the Western Australian desert or Queensland. The Perth-based developers say the car is now a reality, running a single bi-propellant rocket motor, producing 62,000 lbs of thrust.

This man is saving the world’s marine life by turning plastic waste from the oceans into delightful plant pots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ally Mitchell, 38, was inspired to launch 'Ocean Plastic Pots' after working a salvage job on a ship carrying over 1,900 tons of plastic waste that had hit a reef. “Successfully preventing that amount of plastic from entering our seas inspired me to create plant pots from waste material, allowing for future growth,” said Ally, a saturation diver from Glasgow, Scotland.  Since launching his company in 2020 Ally has successfully removed half a ton of plastic pollution from the oceans to create 2,200 pots costing £15 each ($20 USD). Ally began by collecting discarded plastic, rope and other discarded materials from beaches and using a hand-powered molding machine to transform them into brightly colored plant pots.

This incredible video shows the moment a married couple beat a Guinness World Record together - by pulling a 48-tonne plane over 20 metres in 37.63 seconds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sue Taylor-Franklin and Sam Taylor are literally a power couple, and came first and second at the Brits Women Masters 2020. Now, the pair have entered the record books after pulling the ginormous plane - becoming the first Welsh women to do so. They accomplished the incredible show of strength on Monday, March 1, after shifting the Airbus A320.

I had no idea my nose had been blocked for 26 YEARS, I was dumbfounded people could breathe with their mouths closed

***EXCLUSIVE*** This 26-year-old woman has just taken a breath through her nose, for the first time in her life. Taylor Hay never knew it was unusual that she couldn’t breathe through her nose, and she had no idea that other people could do so. “I didn't know that it wasn't supposed to feel like that,” said Taylor, 26, a pediatric behavior therapist from Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s just what it was for me, because it had been that way for as long as I can remember.” Growing up, Taylor suffered from chronic sinus infections, breathing issues and bouts of strep throat, but she was never aware that something was wrong with her nose. Then, in November 2020, one of her client’s mothers mentioned in conversation that she found it easier to breathe through her nose when she slept upright.

Lifelike love dolls from the Harz Mountains

Saxony-Anhalt, Ilsenburg: Life-like love dolls, which are still in production, stand in a sales room of the company RS-Dolls. According to the managing director, the demand for lifelike dolls is increasing. RS-Dolls sells 2,000 dolls per year worldwide.

Bored students have been using lockdown to make fine-dining plates of food - out of BAKED BEANS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pupils at Frome College were challenged to plate up beans and toast in an "exciting and imaginative way". And the results were extraordinary as several of the creative youngsters turned the mundane dish into a meal that would not look out of place at a gourmet restaurant. First place was awarded to year nine student Gil Privett, who fashioned "beautifully-plated swans" out of pieces of toast and placed them on a plate-sized pool of beans.

LEGO celebrates International Women's Day with Amelia Earhart airplane set

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEGO is gearing up to celebrate International Women's Day with the release of a tribute to Amelia Earhart. The record-setting pilot was known for many things including her fight for gender equality and empowering females through her writing and lectures, and she was also highly competitive in the male-dominated field of aviation — setting the record for becoming the first woman to make a nonstop solo transatlantic flight. Sadly, during her attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937, she mysteriously vanished, although her legacy still lives on. LEGO version of Amelia Earhart herself. Made with 203 pieces, this set will be available from March 6 – 14 for a price of 19.99.

Myanmar people get under the skin of ousted government leader

Myanmar, Nyaung Shwe: A young man wears a tattooed portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi, the ousted head of Myanmar's government, on his chest. In Myanmar, supporters of the ousted head of government Aung San Suu Kyi are getting her face tattooed. Whether on the chest or on the arm - in the country with more than 53 million inhabitants, many now wear the profile of the 75-year-old on their skin. The background to the action is not only admiration for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, but also solidarity: in some places, the proceeds from the tattoos go to the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), which is leading the mass protests against the military coup of early February.

Photographer documents elephant tusk removal, Kenya

Naboisho, Kenya: A British wildlife photographer has captured the scene as rangers tended to a dead elephant in the Kenyan conservancy of Naboisho. Paul Goldstein documented the removal of the tusks to prevent them being passed into the ivory trade. This elephant had died of natural causes. Paul also commented on the damage a lack of tourists has on such an area, where tourism income can support the local economy and help pay for rangers. The watchful eyes of guides and tourists also help keep poachers at bay. Paul says: „In a Kenyan Conservancy like Naboisho where this was photographed, there is protection, donor money and a dedicated team of rangers who are still being paid, but they, like the elephants and other species, need tourists, they do not need bureaucratic and ludicrous restrictions on travellers. Every time the UK or other governments throw another misguided punch to the beleaguered travel industry, it casts the millions connected with wildlife tourism further into penury. It is also responsible for an increase in poaching.”

Animals formed in the morning waves, including a sea-horse

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sea horse, wolf and lion appeared in blasts of spray as huge waves crash against a pier. As the storm raged, giant walls of water battered the coastline and erupted in clouds above the pier, forming shapes of animals in the mist. Stephen Grant, 60, who lives in Porthcawl, Wales, with his wife Kath, caught all the images on the same morning in the seaside town. After taking the photos home they noticed the shapes of a sea horse, wolf and lion emerging from the crashing waves.

The sabre toothed squirrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'sabre-toothed' squirrel has been spotted living in a British woodland. The bizarre-looking rodent is instantly recognisable, with a long curly tooth growing outside its mouth and resting on its cheek. The squirrel appears to have an extreme case of malocclusion which has forced one of its teeth to grow into a spectacular and curly hoop.

Car stuck on beach is completely submerged with rising sea water

***EXCLUSIVE*** I THINK WE'VE BEACHED IT......An idiotic motorist drove his sports car on to a beach to take a picture of it by the sea - only for it to get stuck and submerged by the incoming tide. The driver and his friend decided to take the BMW convertible down onto the sand during a weekend trip out to enjoy the sunshine. However, it got bogged down and despite their desperate attempts to rescue it, were unable to drive it off the beach before the tide came in. The water-logged vehicle was first spotted by dog walkers early yesterday morning. By the evening, the silver 3 series - complete with sporty bucket seats and worth approximately £7,000 - was later covered by seawater in Southampton Water, Hants.

Potato farmers with their yearly harvest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers work to collect tonnes of potatoes in the annual harvest in Joypurhat, Bangladesh. The images were taken by Rafid Yasar, a student from Bogura. Rafid said, "There is about 500 metric tonnes of potatoes on this farm. They are exported abroad as well as nationwide. The farmers don't earn very much for their work despite this - as little as 10 pence per kilogram." "Over the winter, this area exports the largest amount of potatoes across the country."