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An artist has created life-size models of the clitoris using a 3D printer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An artist has created life-size models of the clitoris using a 3D printer to educate people about the female anatomy and close the orgasm gap - a term that refers to the disparity in orgasms between men and women. Caroline Barrueco, 34, began making her vulva sculptures with detachable clitorises four years ago when she was horrified to discover she didn't know the actual shape of the clitoris. Caroline, who is based in Berlin, Germany, said: "When I discovered the real shape of the clitoris, I was so shocked that I didn't know it.

A dad cheated death FOUR times in a year - battling Covid, gallstones, sepsis, cysts, boils and 19 hospital admissions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ray Snow was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis in March last year after a gallstone got trapped in his pancreas. Then he got Covid followed by three bouts of sepsis all while 94 per cent of his pancreas was killed off by his condition. After 19 different hospital stays, losing FIVE stone, breaking out in boils, and surgery on a melon sized cyst, he finally said a reluctant goodbye to wife Jackie, 53.

These adorable polar bear cubs were spotted emerging out of their den for the very first time and playing inquisitively in the snow - while their sleepy mum napped nearby

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tiny cubs are just a couple of months old, and no bigger than a Yorkshire terrier dog - but appear confident and inquisitive as they run about and smell the trees and the outside world. The twin bear cubs did not stray too far from their protective mother as they took their first steps into the outside world in a blanket of thick snow near Churchill, northern Canada. But the excitement of leaving the den for the first time in almost six months seemed to prove too much for their mother - who flopped down on a mound of snow and had a snooze while her cubs played around her.

Furloughed barman scoops £100k on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard after tough year

***EXCLUSIVE*** The win couldn’t have come a better time for the Jonathan Wright, (40), who is currently furloughed from his job as a bartender at the White Hart pub in Quorn and his wife, Heather (40), who is in the final year of her nursing studies, and who is destined to graduate and join front line nursing in September. Jonny recounted his winning moment by explaining, “I needed some fresh air so went for a walk to the local shop to get some chewing gum and a can of something fizzy. I had £3 in change so just bought a National Lottery Scratchcard to use it all up. I’m not a regular National Lottery player but I just had the urge that day. I couldn’t even tell you why I chose the one I did. “I started walking home and scratched it. My legs went to jelly. Even though it’s just a 15 minute walk home from the shop, I couldn’t wait to tell Heather so I phoned her and she obviously didn’t believe my story. My knees aren’t good, having played a lot of football when I was younger, but that didn’t bother me – I just ran home like a schoolboy!”

Sampson the lab dog tests the boundaries of science

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dressed in goggles and a lab coat, this service dog is the first ever to be granted access into a chemistry laboratory at The University of Illinois, and he's working to allow other service dogs into labs globally.  Sampson, who is required to wear PPE for safety reasons, helps disabled neuroscientist Joey Ramp conduct her crucial lab work every day.  “If I drop something in the lab he'll come to my side and I can use him as a brace to kneel down and pick up what I need,” said Ramp, 56, of Champagne, Illinois, who is also a disability advocate.  “I couldn't possibly navigate academics or a neuroscience program without his assistance.”

A dad-of-three who is paralysed from the waist down has walked 125 miles over just four weeks - thanks to a high-tech, £100,000 robotic exo-skeleton suit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Simon Kindleysides, 36, was diagnosed in 2013 with functional neurological disorder and a benign glioma brain tumour - leaving him with no feeling in his legs or lower body. But the dad-of-three has not let his disability stand in his way - and has just raised almost £14,000 for the NHS in the last month by walking at least four miles every day in February. His amazing walking achievement, which saw him walk 234,000 steps over the month of February, is thanks to the £100,000 ReWalk exo-skeleton suit, which acts as a pair of legs for Simon.

Boy recreates famous images using beans on toast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gil Privett aged 14, of Frome, Somerset won his own height in baked beans for winning the school baked bean art competition. The beans were donated to the local food bank. For centuries, archaeologists have puzzled over how Stonehenge was built. Turns out all you need is a toaster and possibly a tin opener. But quite what our prehistoric ancestors would have made of this beans on toast version of the 5,000-year-old Wiltshire monument is anyone’s guess. It was just one of the sculptures crafted using the simple dish by GCSE pupils at Frome College in Somerset. They were asked to plate their beans on toast in an ‘exciting and imaginative way’.

A seven-year-old boy is set to embark on a gruelling three-day 7,000 feet hike up three mountains in memory of his late mum who died of breast cancer aged just 49

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Jacob Newson will climb Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-Ghent in the Yorkshire Dales to raise funds for the hospice that cared for Andrea. Andrea, who worked as an analyst for the NHS for 20 years, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in October 2019. Her condition deteriorated when it spread to her liver and she was told late last year that she only had months left to live.  She was hospitalised on Dec 12, but thanks to the ‘brilliant efforts’ of hospital, ambulance and St Gemma’s Hospice staff in Leeds, she spent Christmas at home. It was her final wish to have ‘one last Christmas’ with her two boys Jacob and husband Andrew. Tragically she died two days later on December 27.

A brave two-year-old girl whose mum was told she would not ‘live more than an hour’ at birth defied the odds to survive - but has now been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Ellie May was born with a deadly tumour in her heart which led doctors urging mum Jade Rowland, 26, to make the heartbreaking decision to abort her baby. But the single mum-of-three refused and said that as long as her baby was fighting to survive, she would fight for her too. Doctors at Leeds General Infirmary found a tumour in the baby’s heart during a routine scan 22 weeks, and she was later diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called tuberous sclerosis.

I was viciously trolled over my boobs after posting a dinner photo online

***EXCLUSIVE*** A model told of her bullying hell following a barrage of online abuse for promoting a sushi restaurant on Instagram - and said it left her having a panic attack. Emily Hawthorne, 20, posed wearing a low-cut dress in her home as she promoted a restaurant for Valentine's Day - but had a panic attack when she read the comments. Japanese restaurant Maki & Ramen issued a statement condemning the shocking abuse Emily received and said it hoped 'women can dine in their homes in this time of great challenge, dressing however they feel comfortable'. Emily, who has featured on Vogue Italia’s website, said she wanted to 'delete herself' and was appalled by the misogynistic comments posted by other women.

Amazing underwater perspective of diving Kingfisher

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos capture the underwater moment a kingfisher dives to catch a fish. Air bubbles caused by the bird as it dives under the surface are shown in breathtaking detail. Photographer Han Bouwmeester took the stunning photos from his garden in the village of Goor, in the Netherlands, where he has an aquarium that the animal visits for a snack.

Workers toss bricks in North Bengal’s biggest brick factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers toss each other bricks at an enormous factory. The huge factory is one of the biggest in Bangladesh and has more than 10 million of the building blocks in its storage. Aerial photographs of the site in Mokamtala, Bogra, show the factory's workers covering unfinished bricks with blue plastic sheets. University student Rafid Yasar, who captured the shots using a drone, said the labourers work from 7am until 5.30pm six days a week, earning 200 Bangladeshi Taka per day - equivalent to £1.68.