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Dubai tower to be largest piece of art ever created

An artist plans to give Dubai the largest piece of art ever created in the form of a skyscraper. The Clothespin Tower, designed by famous Israeli artist Zygo, is the first conceptual building of its kind that turns the mundane clothespin into 'an icon of eternal love and unity'. Zygo and his team plan to build the 50-floor Clothespin Tower in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One side of the tower is designated to serve as a luxury hotel for guests with 1,200 decorated rooms to offer an incomparable stay. The opposite side continues the theme of luxury with 300 high-end apartments in addition to commercial space. A 10,000-square meter shopping center houses contemporary art galleries, upscale restaurants as well as a mezzanine with a lounge, fitness center and luxury spa. The artist said that the Clothespin Tower will be ''the biggest piece of art ever created.'' Instead of just looking at the art, however, Zygo wants people to be a part of it.

World’s first urban sun cleans public space of coronavirus for human gatherings

Designers have created a light that uses ultraviolet radiation to sanitise outdoor spaces, potentially reducing the risk of people contracting Covid-19. Studio Roosegaarde's Urban Sun uses far-UVC, a type of ultraviolet light with a lower wavelength that is thought to kill viruses while posing a lower health risk to humans. Studio founder Daan Roosegaarde told Dezeen that the aim is to make public gatherings possible for the first time since Covid-19 became a global epidemic. ''We can make places up to 99.9 per cent virus free in minutes, depending on weather and location, so the chance of getting sick or infecting each other is strongly diminished,'' he said. Roosegaarde added that the lamp can sanitise the cone of air beneath it in minutes, dependent on factors including height. A November 2020 report in the science journal Nature suggests that it can take up to 11.5 minutes for far-UVC light to destroy up to 99.9 per cent of airborne coronavirus particles. Studio Roosegaarde claims that Urban Sun could help make locations such as train stations, schools and public squares safer.

Children in hell

Guwahati, Assam, India: A Muslim is praying in front of his slum in the landfill. When it comes to talking about landfills, pollution is the main thing that comes to light. In India, people encounter air pollution and groundwater pollution as a result of these landfills. According to studies, more than 5 million people every year die due to these environmental problems and diseases created by landfills’ pollution. Another study has emphasized the health status of the child waste pickers in India. The industrial or hospital wastes which are picked by the child waste pickers create a lot of severe diseases. Kids have more delicate skin and it makes them more vulnerable to the chemical absorption, burns, and diseases. Ultimately their lack of choice and judgment and extreme poverty force them to leave their formal education and involve them in this type of occupational risk.