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This father-of-one has spent over four-thousand-pounds modifying his body - including having BEADS implanted into his PENIS so that he can pleasure his partner

***EXCLUSIVE*** CUERNAVACA MORELOS, MEXICO: Tattoo artist Mauricio „Daniel Garcia” Mandoza (24) from Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico, fell in love with tattoos at just five-years-old after he accompanied his father Jorge Garcia (48) during a tattoo session and had his first inking at 18-years-old which he did by himself. After his first tattoo, Mauricio realised that he loved being able to wear a design on his skin for the rest of his life and has now amassed over 160 tattoos which include the birthdays of his parents as well as the initials of his daughter Allison Garcia (8) and believes that over 75 per cent of his body is covered in ink. Mauricio also had 19 piercings and estimates that he has spent Ł4,000 on his body modifications which include having his tongue split in half, his ears cropped, tattooing his eyeballs and gums black and a painful genital implant - which inserts beads into the male genitalia - for the pleasure of his partner. These beads - made from silicone - are 0.8 centimetres in size and make the penis textured so that it remains „hard”, even when Mauricio doesn’t have an erection. Due to his obsession, Mauricio now owns his own tattoo studio and has tattooed over 190 people to date where he believes that his look has helped gain clientele. However, he has received some hurtful comments from people, telling him he looks like the devil and has had his fair share of prejudice from the likes of security staff - but he doesn’t let this affect him.

Meet the man who spent THIRTY-THOUSAND POUNDS on plastic surgery to look like an Instagram filter

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: Meet the man who spent THIRTY-THOUSAND POUNDS on plastic surgery to look like an Instagram filter - but now receives thousands of DMs comparing him to the mask from The Purge. Social media influencer Levi Jed Murphy (24) from Manchester, UK, left school at 16 and started making comedy videos on Facebook, amassing over 700,000 followers in the process. With the popularity of these videos dying down in following years, Levi found himself stuck in a retail job that he hated. Meeting his boyfriend, Cameron Smith (25), the pair started selling explicit images and videos together for their OnlyFans page and Levi soon realised that he was able to make over ten times the amount of money from this x-rated content, compared to his nine to five job. Bringing in over Ł10,000 per month, Levi turned to cosmetic procedures to enhance his look. After getting his first injection of lip filler, aged 19, Levi loved how it looked and went back for more just a month later. Creating videos about his plastic surgery adventures, Levi’s shot to stardom on both TikTok and Instagram, gaining a combined total of over 2.5 million followers across both of these platforms. As a result his OnlyFans continued to grow and now makes up to Ł30,000 per month. By the time he was 20, Levi was having frequent injections of filler in his lips, cheeks, chin, jaw, and under his eyes. In 2019, Levi travelled to Turkey to undergo a nose job and lip lift in which skin is removed from under the nose to bring the lips higher up. In total, Levi has spent over Ł30,000 on cosmetic and surgical procedures to achieve his plastic-fantastic look, with his nose jobs and lip lifts costing Ł16,000, fillers coming to Ł10,000 and teeth straightening procedure totalling Ł2,000.

Meet the real-life Dr. Dolittle, who cuddles with cubs, hangs with monkeys, and swims with sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Isabella Peschiera has cared for over 50 species of animals, and she’s only 21-years-old. “I’ve raised lions, tigers, and primates and it’s been the most rewarding experience,” said Isabella, a zookeeper at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, in Miami, Florida. “There’s nothing like being welcomed by a tiger with a chuff or being hugged by some of the primates. “It’s amazing to watch these animals grow and getting to see how they all have different personalities,” she continued.

Brave man is spreading the message that beauty is only skin deep after trolls compared him to a 'MONSTER' because he was born with a rare condition that left him with red, scaly skin all over his body

***EXCLUSIVE*** SICILY, ITALY: Foreign languages student Anthony Berizia (20) from Sicily, Italy, was born with a rare skin condition called ichthyosis which causes rough, scaly skin that is prone to tearing and infection. Anthony was born with a plastic-like film wrapped around him - called a collodion membrane - which was the first sign of the condition. Anthony suffers from dry, thick skin that cracks often and bleeds, ectropion - where his lower eyelids turn outwards and cause his eyes to dry out - and he cannot sweat properly or regulate his temperature. Both of his parents, Alfia Maugeri (53) and Salvatore Berizia (57), are carriers of the gene that causes ichthyosis but as the two are unaffected carriers, Anthony is the only person who suffers from the condition in his family. Despite this, his family are very supportive and remind him everyday that he is no different to everyone else. Anthony believes that his condition hasn’t held him back in life and tries to live life to the full every day. However, he often has thoughts that he is not handsome or adequate enough and that he will never be loved by somebody else. Although he receives mostly positive comments with people telling him that he's beautiful despite his differences, he has had some hurtful comments such as, 'You look like an alien,' and people saying he looks 'dirty' - which has impacted his mental health significantly.

Rare Ming dynasty bowl found at yard sale worth up to $500,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** One man's trash is another man's rare Chinese artifact. According to Associated Press, a small porcelain bowl that was picked up by an unknown buyer at a Connecticut yard sale for 35 Dollars turned out to be a vestige from 15th century China. The ancient piece has been deemed “exceptional and rare” by Sotheby's and will be up for auction in New York on March 17. Sotheby's estimates that the Ming Dynasty piece is worth between 300,000 and 500,000 Dollars. The piece is believed to have been made for the Yongle court, a period of time in which Sotheby's says the Ming Dynasty “came into its own.”

A two-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a satsuma only had ‘two or three days’ to live before doctors saved his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Kasper McMullen had a swollen head and a sudden loss of appetite when his parents Paul, 38, and Emma, 36 became worried but were told it was ‘just a viral bug’. But the little lad was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumour, which grows around the spinal cord at the back of the brain, six months later. The parents noticed that the toddler’s head had been getting ‘larger than you’d expect’ and he began to lose his appetite around January 2020.

A mum whose baby bump was so big people thought she was having twins gave birth to a baby as a big - as a bowling ball

***EXCLUSIVE*** Size-six Tia Walters, 19, was so large during pregnancy she struggled to get up off the sofa. She found out why when she gave birth to Roman Tomlinson, on 23rd October 2020, who tipped the scales at a whopping 10lbs 8oz. Tia's bump had grown so big people kept asking if she was having twins.

Feeling a bit grizzly – family of bears look to the heavens as it starts to rain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of grizzly bears look to the heavens as it begins to rain.  The mother and her three young cubs appear to look solemnly at the sky in anticipation of the downpour which set in for the rest of the day. Photos also show the protective mother fishing in a lake to feed the family and warning off larger bears when they entered her families' vicinity.  Wildlife photographer Jennifer Hadley captured pictures of the group at Crescent Lake, on the southern coast of Alaska.

A 97-year-old Easter egg, treasured for a lifetime by the little girl it was given to in 1924, is coming up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christine Lilian Metcalf was just two years old in 1924 when her Aunty Poll gave her the Pascall’s chocolate egg, which was presented as a doll. She loved it so much, she simply couldn’t bear to eat her ‘doll’ and kept it for the rest of her life.  She carefully tucked it away in a chest of drawers in her bedroom, proudly bringing it out occasionally to show members of her family. Along the way, it survived the Second World War and 10 house moves.  Christine was born in Islington, London, on April 13, 1922, the daughter of Christopher and Lilian Holt. The egg moved with the family to various homes in Barnet, Hertfordshire and Kent. For the last 30 years of her life, it remained at her home in Hulland Ward in Derbyshire – the place where the egg was discovered by Hansons Auctioneers.  Now, just in time for Easter, the special egg is due to be sold by Hansons on March 12 with a guide price of £200-£300. However, thanks to its provenance and place in British chocolate manufacturing history, Hansons says it could fetch more.

A dad who took up running to get fit during lockdown has become a viral sensation after he started mapping out his routes - so that he runs in the shape of a PENIS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adam Linsell, 36, started the Couch to 5k running app in January, to shed some pounds from Christmas and the first two lockdowns last year. After following another runner on fitness app Strava who calls herself Dick Run Claire, and also runs in the shape of phalluses, Adam decided to have a go at doing that himself. As he started to cover further distances, and his penis running routes got bigger and better, he decided to start sharing some of them on a local Facebook group for his hometown of Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Planting and growing rice under shimmering golden light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Golden rays of sunlight burst through the trees as Thai workers plant rice seedlings in paddy fields.  They worked together to carry the seedlings on bamboo poles to the main rice paddy at Kham ta Kla District, Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand. The farmers use buffalos to plough their fields and practice traditional agricultural methods without the use of chemical fertilisers or herbicides.  Photographer Chanwit Wanset said it was a rare 'wonderful day without rain' as he captured these stunning scenes in the middle of the rainy season.

Workers among thousands of silver drying pots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of shiny silver pots are left to dry in the hot afternoon sun. As many as 5,000 pots a day are cleaned with chemicals which make them shine before being rinsed with water, then dried in the sunlight for around half an hour. The pots - generally used to make food - take around three minutes to make at a nearby silver factory. The photos were taken by hobby photographer Touhid Parvez, in the city of Bogura in Bangladesh.