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Couple swapped their office jobs for life in a VAN - and have maintained their savings despite now only working remotely TWO days a week

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRISTOL, UK: Former head of insight Charlie Low (25) and former lead engineer Dale Comley (29) from Bristol, UK, had grown tired of their previous nine-to-five lifestyle. The duo found themselves constantly counting down the days until the weekend and so in 2019, they decided enough was enough. Charlie and Dale invested Ł8,800 in a bright yellow LWB Mercedes Sprinter van - previously used by delivery company DHL - and began converting it in their spare time after choosing to commit to a new life on the road. Over the next year, the couple spent Ł6,700 converting the van including Ł611 on windows, vents, and exterior items, Ł376 on insulation, Ł724 on cladding and flooring, Ł1,228 on a kitchen and seating area, Ł295 on a bedroom area, Ł1786 on an electrical system, Ł423 on a water system, Ł742 on gas and heating, Ł343 on decorations, and Ł177 on security measures. The couple credit spending several months on planning the project prior to building as one of their foundations for success. To keep costs down, Charlie and Dale sourced timber from local merchants as opposed to DIY superstores. The project was completed in March 2020. Unfortunately, due to national restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Charlie and Dale’s travel plans were put on hold. However, they did manage to travel to several locations across England and Wales - including the Lake District, Pembrokeshire, and Cornwall - amidst periods of easing in the restrictions. With an end to the pandemic in sight, the couple hope to start travelling in Europe as soon as conditions allow and recently both quit their full-time jobs. Taking their skills online, the couple now work remotely just two days a week.

Woman, 20, whose cystic acne got so severe that she BLED onto her pillows at night reveals it made her SUICIDAL - as she shares 'life changing' treatment that finally cleared up her skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHICAGO, UNITED STATES: This woman’s acne caused CYSTS that bled all over her face and left her suicidal - but new treatment has SAVED HER LIFE. University student Isabella Miller (20) from Chicago, Illinois, USA, started suffering from severe acne in November 2014 after she experienced an outbreak of pimples across her forehead which soon spread across her entire face. Isabella recalls feeling uncomfortable constantly as her skin was itchy and painful to touch. She first visited her doctor in May 2015 and was diagnosed with cystic acne - a severe type of acne that leads to inflammation and infection - and was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed her topical and oral medications which only burned her skin and didn’t fully solve the issue. After four months, she was prescribed an antibiotic called doxycycline which cleared up her skin within three months. However, she was then taken off her medication and within a few months, she suffered the worst breakout she’s ever experienced which affected her confidence massively. She was prescribed further medication to help treat her skin alongside face washes, lotions and acne cream but as the medication was only a temporary fix, her skin would repeatedly break out. In September 2019, her skin took a sharp decline and she recalls suffering badly with her mental health due to a toxic breakup and believes that stress was a huge trigger for the decline of her skin. Isabella had almost no clear skin on her face left and would frequently have cysts growing on top of cysts that took a long time to heal and suffered from face dysmorphia where she didn’t even recognise herself anymore. She would wake up in the morning with blood and puss on her pillow from where she had picked the spots in her sleep which caused her skin to have an uneven texture and she became stuck in a vicious cycle.

A toddler with a rare condition which means that she could DIE if she gets overexcited was nearly killed after having too much fun at Peppa Pig World

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Lola Sheldon is just three years old but her life is far from normal due to a rare gene abnormality that has left her with epilepsy and delays in her development.  Her parents Carly Whing and Luke Sheldon, both 27, have to be careful to not let their little girl get too excited as it can trigger life-threatening seizures.  A frightening reminder for the family came when Lola was left hospitalised after having too much fun at Peppa Pig World to celebrate her third birthday.   She suffered hours of epileptic fits and had to spend several days in hospital after a visit to the children's theme park in Romsey, Hamps., in August last year.   On another occasion Lola was left in intensive care after suffering a seizure meaning her parents have to try and manage her excitement and keep her as calm as possible.  Mum Carly, who cares for Lola full time, said: "We've come to terms with the fact that Lola's trigger is having too much fun.

An exceptionally rare Edward VIII gold coin is tipped to sell for over £1million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An exceptionally rare Edward VIII gold coin is tipped to sell for over £1million. The five pounds coin was struck but never distributed as he abdicated the throne after 11 months in December 1936. It is expected to attract worldwide interest when it goes under the hammer with Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas.

The “world's oldest snowball” has just turned 45, and is now a treasured family heirloom

***EXCLUSIVE*** The snowball was created on February 5th, 1976, in San Jose, California by a 15-year-old boy named Jeff Shamus. Because snowfall is so rare in the Santa Clara Valley, Shamus’s mother saved her son’s creation in her freezer, holding onto it for more than 40 years until her passing in 2017. Now, the spherical snow lump has been passed back to its original creator.

New York dog lovers unveil vet-endorsed designer dog sneakers

Two New York-based dog lovers have created a range of designer dog sneakers. RIFRUF, which was founded by Jeremy Yoon and Peter Liu, is a new Queens-based dog sneaker brand dedicated to making our pets look their best. The snazzy shoes, which are part of the brand's first collection named Caesar 1, comes in three colours: Bone, Black and Blush. Aiming to help our furry friends look their best and live life to the fullest, the shoes represent what the company values best: modern design, sneaker culture, a dose of nostalgia, and most importantly, dogs. The shoe is crafted from custom-knitted RUFKNIT mesh material, just like a regular human’s sneaker. The veterinarian-endorsed kicks feature natural rubber outsoles and a Velcro strap, which provides your fur baby with a customizable and secure fit. To be extra safe, RIFRUF highly recommends keeping your dog’s nails clipped and filed on a regular basis in order to minimize any chance of injury. The new kicks take their name after RIFRUF's chief dog officer and star canine model who lives in New York, where scorching hot summers and freezing cold winters take turns.

Vintage Mini identical to the one that Mr Bean drove while sat on the roof in an armchair

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage Mini identical to the one that Mr Bean drove while sat on the roof in an armchair has emerged for sale for £15,000. The lime green Leyland Mini dates back to 1976 and has been recreated to look like the motor favoured by Rowan Atkinson's famous character. It has a large chair on top in reference to a famous scene from the 1994 episode 'Do-It-Yourself-Mr-Bean'.

An iconic Abbey Road street sign has sold to a Beatles fan for £37,200 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An iconic Abbey Road street sign has sold to a Beatles fan for £37,200 at auction. The distinctive NW8 sign for the road named after the Fab Four's 1969 album, was one of 275 street signs sold on behalf of Westminster City Council. It had been expected to fetch up to £2,000 but ended up selling for 37 times that amount due to its association of the Beatles' album cover of John, Paul George and Ringo walking over the zebra crossing on Abbey Road.

A rare comic showing Captain America punching Adolf Hitler has sold for a staggering $384,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The superhero comic became an 'instant classic' after it was released in 1941 just months before the US entered World War Two. It sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer with Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas. Captain America, in his stars and stripes outfit, gives the Nazi dictator a devastating right hook, causing him to fall back and scream in anguish. Next to it is the caption 'smashing thru Captain America comes face to face with Hitler'.

Mini Dutch silver toys that were moved to London from the clutches of the Nazis

***EXCLUSIVE*** An exquisite collection of miniature Dutch silver toys that were moved to London away from the clutches of the Nazis has sold for £30,000. The rare 17th century toys belonged to wealthy diplomat Edgar Michiels Van Verduynen who was appointed the Dutch ambassador to the UK in 1939. After the German invasion of The Netherlands in 1940, Baron Van Verduynen's manor house, Clingendael in The Hague, became the headquarters for the Reich Commissioner in Holland.

A rare first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has sold for almost £50,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hardback copy was one of 300 books sent to public libraries after it was published in 1997. It was taken out by readers using the Northamptonshire Library Service but has remained in fantastic original condition. Of the 500 first edition print run, 200 went to friends and family of author J.K. Rowling, meaning that examples are now rarer than gillyweed. The first print run contained various spelling mistakes which were corrected in later editions. One of these was the word 'Philospher' instead of 'Philosopher' on the back cover. Another error is the duplication of '1 wand' on page 53, which lists the equipment Harry required for Hogwarts.

Fans of Netflix's Bridgerton can get a taste of high society life without the upkeep costs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fans of Netflix's Bridgerton can get a taste of high society life without the upkeep of a country estate with this stunning apartment on the market for £2m. The Mansion at Sundridge Park, Bromley, would have made a fine base for any of the wealthy families in the popular period drama. The Grade I listed country house, which dates back to the 1790s, has been split into smaller properties, and The Repton - a two-bedroom duplex named after the leading landscape architect that helped design the estate - is on the market with Knight Frank.

Hungry lions devoured a fourteen-foot-tall giraffe and savagely tore her UNBORN BABY from her WOMB

***EXCLUSIVE*** JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: DISTURBING video footage showed the moment hungry lions devoured a fourteen-foot-tall giraffe and savagely tore her UNBORN BABY from her WOMB. In the heart-breaking footage, two 573-pound African lions approached and began tearing apart and feeding off an innocent giraffe who had been hunted down and killed by seven young male lions previously. Just moments later, the footage revealed that the 1763-pound giraffe was in fact pregnant and one of the two male lions proceeded to rip out the entire unborn, deceased foetus from its mother’s stomach. The disturbing video was taken by lodge owner Mark Fox (52) from Mpumalanga, South Africa, who captured the action on a safari in the country's Kruger National Park from 16-feet away. It took over three days for the lions to fully eat their kill. Mark captured the action-packed moment using a Nikon P900 camera. The seven young African lions are the offspring of the dominant Shishangeni males - a coalition in Kruger National Park - and the giraffe was a fully grown female who was fourteen months pregnant.

The mystery of the 'Pompeii of Plants' found preserved in 298 million-year-old volcanic ash has finally been solved after almost 90 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The plant, Neoggerathiales, was first discovered in the 1930s, but scientists have struggled to find its place on the massive family tree of all life on earth because poorly preserved samples were hard to analyse. But coal miners unearthed a swampy forest buried under around 66cm of ash in Wuda, an area of Inner Mongolia branded the “Pompeii of prehistoric plants.” Like the famous island, life-forms there were immaculately preserved, allowing scientists access to good specimens for the first time.

A Doctor Who superfan has completed an out of this world DIY project during lockdown – a replica of the time lord’s robotic sidekick dogs and TARDIS in his back garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Movie buff Ricky Butler’s back garden now looks like a film set as the latest creations join a Doctor Who Dalek and a replica of R2-D2 which he has made in recent years. Ricky, 67, made the remote control replica K-9s during the first lockdown last year using plywood sheets and more than 100 years of electrical wiring. Most of the electronics came from China – including electric motors, remote control receivers as well as electrical equipment to operate the dog's antenna.

A collection of works by the Scottish colourists will go under the hammer for an estimated £2 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The four artists, Francis Cadell, John Duncan Fergusson, Leslie Hunter and Samuel Peploe, were Francophile Scots based in Edinburgh. They were influenced by Matisse, Manet and Cezanne, and enjoyed holidays in Normandy seaside towns, and painted their travels to fishing villages of the Bay of Biscay and along the glamorous Côte d'Azur. Works going on sale were owned by Major Ion Harrison, a friend and patron, between the 1920s and 1940s, which have been in his family for 80 years. Describing the first time he saw work by Peploe, in 1921, Harrison said: "I had never seen anything in art similar to these pictures.

Jaguar stalked and then ate a stranded turtle ALIVE

***EXCLUSIVE*** COSTA RICA: Gruesome footage captured the moment a jaguar stalked and then ate a stranded turtle ALIVE as it came onto a beach to lay its eggs. The footage showed the 150-pound big cat stalking a huge 300-pound sea turtle from a group of rocks overlooking a remote beach in Costa Rica. The jaguar then slinked over to the reptile and sank its sharp two-inch teeth into the turtle’s head. With blood pouring from its prey, the jaguar then dragged the turtle into the nearby undergrowth to continue its feast. The brutal video was taken by wildlife and conservation filmmaker Brian Moghari (32) from Florida, USA, who stayed awake on the beach for three nights in order to capture the remarkable sequence of events from just 15-feet away. Brian used his Red Gemini 5K and Canon C200 cameras to capture the amazing hunt. The jaguar has the strongest jaw of all big cat species, allowing it to crunch through the bones of its prey with ease. As natural loners, jaguars will hunt and eat on their own, only interacting with other members of their own species in order to mate or rear young.