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This woman got ripped after her boyfriend told her he’d never met anyone as „weak” as her and now she is inundated with messages from men who tell her she has SEXY VEINS and is a MUSCLE GODDESS

***EXCLUSIVE*** LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND: Sales and visual merchandise manager Rahel Cucchia (28) from Lucerne, Switzerland, met her fitness coach boyfriend, Miguel Odermatt (26) five years ago. Deciding to take up fitness in order to spend more time with her partner who was constantly working at the gym, Rahel started working out. Despite playing sports as a child and teaching dance until the age of 16, several years without intense physical activity meant that Rahel was nowhere near as strong as she wanted to be, with her partner even telling her that he had never seen anyone as weak as her before. Whilst this upset Rahel, it was the motivation she needed to set about proving him wrong. Rahel quickly became obsessed with hitting the gym and started visiting up to seven times per week, lifting heavy weights in order to become stronger. With Rahel’s dedication to training clearly visible to those in the gym around her, members of the fitness community increasingly told her that she should compete as a professional bodybuilder. Taking their advice, Rahel entered her first ever competition in Switzerland in 2018, achieving second place. As a perfectionist, Rahel was disappointed and after a year of training even harder, she came back and won the same event in 2019. The same year, Rahel achieved her Pro IFBB status after winning an international qualifying event in Romania. However, her success hasn’t come without sacrifices with the pro athlete saying that she no longer has many friends as bodybuilding takes up all of her free time when she isn’t working.

Woman has been sharing pictures of her scars online after choosing to have double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation

***EXCLUSIVE*** BAY CITY, MICHIGAN, USA: This woman has been sharing pictures of her scars online after choosing to have double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation which increased her risk of cancer by EIGHTY PER CENT. Photographer and content creator Marisa Kimmel (27) from Bay City, Michigan, USA, was diagnosed with alopecia at nine-years-old when she noticed small bald patches on her head that would come and go. Growing up and in high school, Marisa tried a whole host of treatments which included special shampoos, creams, and steroid injections to try and relieve her alopecia symptoms with limited success. Marisa would spend hours before school covering her bald spots with bobby pins, hair extensions, and headbands as she wanted to look like everyone else and believed she would never find love or get a job because of her baldness. By the age of 19, Marisa had lost half of her hair and was incredibly self-conscious but at the same time, she started dating her now husband, Drew (27), and fed up with hiding her alopecia, told him that she wanted to cut all her remaining hair off, which she did. After a year of wearing wigs and hats, Marisa decided to embrace her alopecia once and for all and started to embrace her natural beauty and who she truly was. Marisa’s experience with alopecia helped prepare her for her latest journey. On May 3, 2019, Marisa tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation after her doctor suggested she be tested due to her family history of breast cancer - and just six months after she had given birth to her son, Abraham. A positive result meant that Marisa’s chances of developing breast cancer in her lifetime were increased by 80 per cent and for ovarian cancer, by 40 to 60 per cent.

This man says other men are jealous of him thanks to his eyeball tattoos that he says drive women CRAZY for his „SEXY LOOK”

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Pub worker and aspiring fashion model Alex Taylor (21) from Moscow, Russia, went to a conservative church school growing up. However by his late teenage years, Alex was listening to deathcore music including Marilyn Manson and Bring Me The Horizon and was starting to transform his look to reflect this. Alex’s new look, complete with both ear and nose piercings, drew unwanted attention his way and he was bullied at school for looking different. On several occasions, Alex’s classmates even hung him up on hooks in the school changing rooms, but the teacher’s never took his side, seeing him as an outcast. This did not deter him from wanting to look different and after leaving school, Alex decided to transform his body - spending Ł1,000 on tattoos across his hands, chest, face and even eyes, as well as undergoing a procedure in which his tongue was split to resemble that of a snake’s. Alex certainly stands out from the crowd and believes his unique look will help him pursue his career as a fashion model. With the white’s of his eyes now painted black, Alex receives plenty of attention when he is out in public with strangers staring and asking what he has done to his face. However, the 20-year-old says that most of the attention he receives is positive and that he gets a lot of attention from girls who are crazy about his „sexy” look. Alex’s biggest fan though is his mum who has fully supported his decision to stand out from the herd.

World Record attempt for largest crop mosaic in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Villagers attempt a world record for the biggest crop mosaic with an extraordinary artwork stretching over more than 120,000 square metres of rice paddy fields. This huge crop mosaic was made in the village of Balenda, Bangladesh, and depicts Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Known as 'Father of the Nation', he was the first President of Bangladesh and also later served as Prime Minister until he was assassinated in 1975.

This kindhearted 12-year-old has helped 1,650 seniors to get their COVID vaccines in New York, thanks to his lightning-fast reactions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sam Keusch, from Scarsdale, Westchester, spends up to three hours a day helping seniors sign up for the vaccine and estimates that he organizes about 100 appointments daily. The tech-savvy youngster believes that his experience of playing computer games helps him secure the hard-to-get appointments on the overburdened New York state website.  He was inspired to start his benevolent project after watching his dad become immensely frustrated while trying to secure appointments for his elderly parents on the congested site.

Woman thought she was going to die when she CAUGHT FIRE AT A BARBEQUE but says her scars make her special

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCHÜTTORF, GERMANY: This woman thought she was going to die when she CAUGHT FIRE AT A BARBEQUE but says her scars make her special - despite trolls saying she looks „disgusting”. When apprentice occupational therapist Laura Mecklenburg (20) from Schüttorf, Germany, attended a barbeque on June 23, 2019, she never expected the day to end in the way it did. As day turned into night, Laura’s ex-boyfriend’s stepmother put a small bioethanol stove on the table and lit it. When the flame eventually went out, the stepmother didn’t wait long enough to top up the fuel on the stove and due to the residual heat, there was a small explosion and Laura caught fire. Laura remembers standing up in horror and screaming, and saw her life flash before her eyes - convinced that she was going to die. She tried to extinguish the flames and with the help of her ex-boyfriend’s dad, the flames were finally put out. As Laura lay on the grass in searing pain and tried to come to terms with what had happened, the emergency services were called and she was airlifted to hospital where she was put into an induced coma for one week whilst she fought for her life. Laura suffered second and third degree burns to most of her body and had to undergo six operations which involved a total of 14 skin grafts from her thighs to her hands and arms. Laura was brought out of her coma after a week and then spent six-and-a-half weeks in hospital learning to eat, drink and walk again followed by another eight-weeks in further rehabilitation. Laura remembers everything about catching on fire but says the most difficult thing about her journey has been the constant pain she was in whilst healing. Remarkably, Laura says she prefers the life she has now since her accident over the one she had before it because she values things more. Laura’s been sharing her incredible journey on Instagram to show others that there is no shame in being different.

This couple ditched their old lives and moved TEN-THOUSAND MILES across the globe to live in a VAN

***EXCLUSIVE*** QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: This couple ditched their old lives and moved TEN-THOUSAND MILES across the globe to live in a VAN - which cost Ł16K to transform into their dream home. Barista Melissa Hoareau (23) and her partner Maxime 'Max' Durand (25) from Bormes les Mimosas, France, met each other seven years ago through mutual friends and they quickly became best friends and soon fell in love. Melissa’s dream since she was 12-years-old was to travel the world and live a „free” life where she could go anywhere she pleased and after she met Max, the two realised that they both shared the same dream and decided to make this a reality in 2018. Melissa and Max started working in hospitality and other part-time gigs and the two saved up almost Ł7,000 each and decided to quit their jobs and move across the world to Perth, Australia in February 2019. Once there, they made their dreams a reality and purchased a Mercedes Sprinter 2013 van which they found online for Ł12,000. They began renovating their van and travelling through Australia where they worked freelance gigs at local farms to earn some extra cash and the duo spent just over Ł4,000 on making the van their new home. This included important features such as plenty of hidden storage, a nice kitchen as they love cooking, as well as a surf hanger as the couple - especially Maxime - are lovers of the sea and the sport. At the moment, the couple spend their days waking up between six and seven in the morning, cleaning the van, grabbing a coffee and driving to the beach where they check the waves and go surfing in their favourite destination, Noosa in Queensland, which they settled down in two years ago as it felt like home.

Incredible footage shows the moment a bottlenose dolphin decided to ride the waves alongside a human surfer

***EXCLUSIVE*** TURKS AND CAICOS: Incredible footage shows the moment a bottlenose dolphin decided to ride the waves alongside a human surfer. The remarkable video clip showed surfer Austin Keen wake surfing whilst being flanked by a nine-foot-long bottlenose dolphin known as Jojo. In the fun video, Austin could be seen laughing whilst trying to maintain his balance as Jojo shadowed him beneath the ocean’s surface before performing a series of acrobatic flips alongside his human friend. The incredible footage was shot by Mark de Fraine (30) of Wake to Wake Watersports, who is originally from Aylesbury, UK, but captured the footage in Turks and Caicos.

Two pairs of spectacles Gandhi gave to a friend as a thank you because he had no money to give are be sold at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The newly discovered specs were once owned by renowned Indian Politician Satish Chandra Roy - who worked with Gandhi in the 1940s.  Experts say the Gandhi lived a simple life often with no money - so would give his possessions as a thank you instead.  The two pairs of spectacles are estimated at £50,000 to £80,000 at East Bristol Auctions on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th March.

Last slipper maker in Berlin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Berlin: 82-year-old Günter Jünemann pulls the fabric over the last for the slipper into shape at the family business Jünemanns Pantoffeleck in Torstraße with a pair of tweezers. Slippers have been produced here for over 100 years. Since 1992, the company has been the last of its kind in Berlin. It is now run by the fourth generation. Slippers in all sizes and with different soles are produced by hand in 15 different colours and patterns. Currently there are a lot of online orders in the Corona pandemic.

Optimus Prime film truck for sale

The vintage truck used at the end of the 2018 live-action Bumblebee film can be yours for $21,600. Seller Justin L. VanDerslice, from Seward, Nebraska, explains: „This truck was featured in the ending scene of the motion picture Bumblebee, so it is the legitimate Optimus Prime.” In the film, the Autobot leader appears as a 1987 Freightliner COE truck on the Golden Gate Bridge and is joined by Bumblebee in the form of a yellow 1976 Camaro. Justin is open to offers but warns buyers that the vehicle is not quite showroom standard. He explains: „This truck has been sitting for almost a year now. Obviously with the cold weather it would take some doing to get it fired up, but it is definitely possible. At this point, I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer. I'm trying to get a down payment for a house, and honestly it saddens me to see my baby sitting there doing nothing. I'd rather sell him cheap to a good home than let him die in my yard.”

Woman transformed her home using wood, paint, and rug underlay – and now her house is worth an extra £100K

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: This woman transformed her home using wood, paint, and rug underlay - and now her house is worth an extra £100K. After purchasing her three-bedroom townhouse in 2014, occupational therapist Antonia Richards (37) from Manchester, UK, tried her hand at DIY for the very first time. Antonia had prior experience with simple decorating tasks such as painting but this time, she wanted to put her unique stamp on her newly acquired home. Due to spending £50,000 on structural works and rewiring, Antonia knew that the interior design would have to be done on a budget. Antonia was inspired by wall panelling she had seen online but this can cost hundreds of pounds to have professionally fitted. Instead, she purchased some strips of timber from Wickes and made her own DIY panelling in her hallway and living room at a cost of just £70 per room. Whilst browsing on Instagram, Antonia was also taken in by the trend of upcycling furniture using rattan canes. A rattan cane sheet could set you back £25 per panel but Antonia sourced a neutral-coloured rug underlay for £6.99 from H&M Home that gave the same effect - something her followers have since imitated. In her bedroom, Antonia upcycled her existing Ikea dressing table - painting the white frame black and giving the draws a hessian-finish using the underlay and some curtain rings at a total cost of £13 for the drawer transformation.

Moored up boats for the shape of tree branches

***EXCLUSIVE*** Moored boats are arranged in such a way that it looks like they are branches of a tree. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie managed to capture these moored boats, which were shaped in such a way that it reminded him of branches on a tree. The boats were moored on the Shitalakshya River in Narayanganj, Bangladesh and are used to carry passengers from one side of the river to the other. Azim said “A boatman cannot carry passengers across the river whenever he wishes. They must maintain an order, controlled using ticket numbers. After completing one trip across the river, the boat moves to the back of the queue and gets a new number. When his number is called up again, only then can he carry passengers across.”

Father-of-two, 35, thought he had Covid but was instead diagnosed with stage four cancer as he tries to raise £220,000 for lifesaving treatment in Germany

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ‘young athletic’ dad is hopeful surgery in Germany can save his life after he was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer on Father’s Day last year. John McCallum, 35, from Haddington, East Lothian went to hospital last year after he thought a pain in his gut may be a burst appendix. However, 14 hours later he was on an operating table undergoing surgery to remove a tumour from his bowel. It was discovered the tumour was bowel cancer which had spread to his liver The father-of-two has had six months of the standard first line chemotherapy to try to reduce the tumour.

A springbok decided to show a cheeky jackal who was boss

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK, NAMIBIA: Action packed images revealed the hilarious moment a springbok decided to show a cheeky jackal who was boss after it tried to make a sneaky kill at the same watering hole. In the series of side-splitting snaps, the sneaky 22-pound jackal was seen creeping amongst a group of springboks who were enjoying a refreshing drink of water - but it wasn’t long until one ballsy 93-pound springbok spotted the odd one out. In one particular image, the jackal and springbok were captured in a bitter stare off before the antelope launched itself towards the canine creature and sent it running into the distance with its tail between its legs. The incredible shots were taken at Newbrowni Waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia, by photographer Annemarie Du Plessis (56) from Polokwane, South Africa. Annemarie captured the action using her Canon Eos 1DX Mk ii with Canon EF 500mm camera from 98-feet away.

Medieval sheepskin scroll decorated with prayers to dragon-slaying female saint was tied around pregnant women during labour as a birthing girdle, researchers find

***EXCLUSIVE*** Honey, milk, eggs and cereals may have all formed part of the medieval childbirth ritual, according to a new study that found traces of the produce in a birthing girdle. In medieval England birth girdles were worn by pregnant women as an amulet against the high risks of childbirth and they were made from parchment and designed to 'invoke the Virgin Mary' to protect both mother and child. University of Cambridge researchers analysed the proteins remaining on a 'stained girdle' from 15th century England using a non-invasive technique. The team found direct evidence they were used during childbirth as they had cervico-vaginal fluid proteins inside the parchment as well as honey, milk, eggs and cereal - all used to treat childbirth during the medieval period. The medieval garment, worn like a chastity belt as a charm, was also inscribed with prayers and invocations for safe delivery.

Watch the brutal moment a pack of wild dogs ripped a FOETUS from the WOMB of this impala whilst it was still alive

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, NAMIBIA: Watch the brutal moment a pack of wild dogs ripped a FOETUS from the WOMB of this impala whilst it was still alive - and began playing tug of war with the unborn calf’s body before eating it. In the shocking footage, two 50-pound African wild dogs dragged a 100-pound pregnant impala down to the ground before the entire pack of canines began ripping the poor female apart. Two of the wild dogs then proceeded to rip the impala’s unborn foetus from the womb and used the baby to play tug of war. The pack eventually ate both mother and calf. Photographer Peter Geraerdts (51) from South Luangwa, Zambia, was in the country’s South Luangwa National Park when he witnessed the graphic scene from 80-foot away. Over the space of three minutes, a pack of African wild dogs toyed with and ripped apart a pregnant female impala - dragging her unborn baby from her womb. African wild dogs are listed as endangered and there are thought to be only around 6,600 left in the wild. When hunting, African wild dogs have an 80 per cent success rate as the large pack utilises their expert communication capabilities. Peter captured the footage using a 1DX Canon camera and a 200-400mm F4 lens.