Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Make mine a small one! How one locked-down landlady has recreated her pub as a doll's house... in pint-sized detail

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Sayers, 35, said the ‘novelty of lockdown had worn off’ and decided to spend up to eight hours a day handcrafting her pub as an incredible doll's house. She said she needed a new project to keep her mind busy after her pub, the Swan Inn in Ilkley, West Yorks., was forced to shut due to Covid. Amy used off cuts of materials from her own pub and bought materials from independent retailers online to design an amazing version of the Swan Inn. The ‘micro-pub’ was built to a 1:12 scale and was decorated using the same paints as the real inn.  She even went as far as to use fabric from the underside of the bench from the real pub and used an off-cut of the real bar floor while hand-crafting parts. The doll's house comes complete with cardboard models of regulars, beer pumps made from matchsticks and even a newspaper rack.

Man collects pens for world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lower Saxony, Rhauderfehn: Collector Gerd Reck holds two oversized ballpoint pens in front of his collection. For around 27 years, the East Frisian has been collecting ballpoint pens in all shapes and colours, some with sounds and music. With his collection, Reck would like to set a new world record and get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

A man who has two pet mini pigs takes them on walks but has to stick to routes approved by the Government - to avoid shops, cafes and PICNICS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Josh Townsend, 32, is regularly seen with porkers Billy and Franklyn on a stroll of their local park. The two mini pigs are mega-smart and have learned tricks normally taught to dogs - including, sit, come and spin. But when it comes to 'walkies' Josh has to stick to an official route approved by DEFRA - the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - who issued him a 'walking licence'. Pigs can spread disease so IT manager Josh, of Cheltenham., Glos, can't go near any shops or cafes.

Easter egg artist in Leipzig

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saxony, Leipzig: Easter egg artist Kerstin Dischereit shows in her basement room, which has been converted into an "Easter bunny workshop", ostrich eggs costing up to 500 euros and consisting of up to 50 puzzles using a wide variety of techniques. The illustrations show how the bunnies from the almost 100-year-old picture book classic "The Bunny School" struggle with home office and homeschooling. With stock exchanges and Easter markets cancelled again because of Corona, Dischereit uses the Internet for her extensive Easter egg collection.

Savvy mum boosts home value by £32,000 with black tape hack and other DIY tricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** LANCASHIRE, UK: This woman has tripled her Ł10K home investment using clever DIY hacks including upcycling second-hand finds which has increased her property’s value by Ł32K. Designer and content creator Tara Slinger (29) from Lancashire, UK, has been creative for as long as she could remember but it wasn’t until after her wedding in 2019 to husband Joe, that she decided to truly try her hand at transforming her 1930s three-bedroom end-of-terrace home. With son Henry (3) now a toddler, Tara had more time to put into the project and she soon caught the DIY bug. Tara’s primary goals were to create an inspiring space, but to do so on a budget. Tara’s beige bathroom was low on the priority list. With the average bathroom costing UK homeowners Ł6,500, there seemed little point in refitting the fully functioning space. Instead, Tara used white Ronseal tile paint (Ł15) to refresh the tiles and injected some colour using patterned wallpaper (Gifted - Ł100) on the ceiling from Ohme Decor. To modernise the space, Tara painted the fixtures and fittings black using Frenchic’s „Blackjack” (Ł12) and finished off by transforming her shower screen. A crittall-style shower screen could set you back upwards of Ł250 but Tara achieved hers using Ł1 black electrical tape.

This woman became too fat to tie her own shoelaces after an abusive relationship saw her seek comfort in food - but after shedding SEVEN STONE and him, she is unrecognisable

***EXCLUSIVE*** MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL: Head of marketing Renata Maimone (32) from Minas Gerais, Brazil, used food to try to help her cope with the toxic and abusive relationship she found herself in. With her diet consisting of junk food - including chocolate, cookies, crisps and soda – Renata’s weight quickly spiralled out of control and at her heaviest, she weighed 14st 13lb and found it hard to fit into a UK dress size 16. At work and when spending time with friends, Renata would often be told that she 'had such a pretty face, but needed to lose weight.' On one occasion when Renata was driving her car, she made a mistake which led to another driver shouting, ’You could only be fat with that kind of driving,' leaving her in tears behind the wheel. Eventually freeing herself from her abusive relationship in 2012, Renata found her reliance on food a harder bond to break and she continued to pile on the pounds. Renata hated looking in the mirror and struggled to find clothes that fit her expanding frame when she went shopping. At her heaviest in 2016, Renata was unable to tie her shoe laces, could no longer cross her legs and refused to leave the house anymore in fear of the prejudices she might face when in public. Trying numerous fad diets, Renata found that she could lose weight in the short term, but was never able to sustain this progress - instead, piling the weight she had lost and more back on each time. Realising that a continuation of her weight gain would leave her immobile and facing serious health problems, Renata visited her doctor to explore the option of weight loss surgery.

Peek-A-Hoo: Curious owlet caught in a spin as it keeps a wary eye on photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spotted owlet pears down from under a tree branch and gives a watching photographer a curious glare. The unusal image was captured along the banks of the Rancharda lake near Ahmedabad, India by marketing and sales manager Laukik Bajpai, 29. Laukik said, "It was a bit like hide and seek.  The owlet was trying to take cover behind some branches while watching my movements and probably wondered why I was so close to the nest." "The spotted owlet is a small owl which breeds in tropical Asia from mainland India to Southeast Asia. They are a common resident of open habitats and have adapted to living in cities.  They roost in small groups in the hollows of trees or in cavities in rocks or building and nests in a hole in a tree or building, laying 3–5 eggs." "It's rare for them to hang upside down and it was a very unique moment - I had waited for two hours in the same spot to make sure I wouldn't frighten him."

Trailblazing women of history are brought to life in colorized photographs dating back to the 1800s

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourised images showcase some of history’s most trailblazing women to celebrate Women’s History Month. One portrait showcased Ellen A. O’Grady who was elected to be the first female police commissioner in New York, USA, and served between 1915 and 1920. Another featured US author Zora Neale Hurston whose writings explored racial struggles in early 20th century America. Hurston’s most famous novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, was deemed to be one of the „100 most influential novels” by the BBC. In another image, women’s suffrage activist Lucy Burns - known for her work both in the UK and US - sat in Occoquan Workhouse in the US state of Washington. Best known for partly forming the National Women’s Party, Lucy continued to organise women’s rights protests during her imprisonment and repeatedly went on hunger strike despite enduring torture at the hands of guards. Lucy Burns formed the National Women’s Party alongside Alice Paul who was featured in another photograph raising a glass to the party’s gold, white, and purple flag. Others featured instantly recognisable figures such as abolitionist and activist Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery and assisted around 70 others in doing so on the underground railroad system, and Rosa Parks who fought for racial equality during the Montgomery bus boycott. Women’s History Month is celebrated during the month of March in the UK, United States, and Australia - coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8. The notion gained traction in the late 1970s but has become more prominent in recent years due to the involvement of younger generations on social media.

The first ever tribal aviary east of the Mississippi is to be opened by a Native American tribe to protect the sacred birds

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ‘Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians’, who hold eagles in high importance in their culture, will be opening the Migizi Aviary and Rehabilitation Center near Harbor Springs, Michigan. The Odawa believe that eagles, named “migizi” in their language, act as communicators between them and their creator. “The eagle is looking down on the Odawa people to see if you’re following your traditions, if you’re caring for the environment,” said Doug Craven, the tribe’s director of natural resources. “If you’re maintaining and taking your responsibilities, it’s another way that that information is carried up to the creator.” The Odawa had worked with the non-profit raptor rehab center Wings of Wonder for decades in the past.

Two abah river flying frogs sat on top of one another as they cosied up together on a branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKSAI, INDONESIA: Adorable images showed the moment two abah river flying frogs sat on top of one another as they cosied up together on a branch. In one image, the abah river flying frogs were photographed as one sat on top of a branch and the other used the stability of its companion to balance and climb on top and form the perfect stack. Another showed the one inch male frog and two inch female frog as they leisurely sat on top of one another and gazed out into the wilderness - appearing as if they had melded into one reptile. These adorable images were shot by Dzul Dzulfikri (48) from Beksai, Indonesia, who captured the two best friends in his back garden from just 11-inches away. After 15 seconds of trying to clamber on top of one another - both frogs, which are pets of Dzul?s friend - finally became one. Dzul captured these images using a Canon 5D MK IV camera and a Canon 100m L macro lens. The abah river (Wallace) flying frog is a moss frog that is native to western Indonesia and is named after biologist, Alfred R. Wallace who collected the first flying frog to be identified. Female frogs are usually larger than their male counterparts and can reach up to four inches in length at full adult size.

Coloured fabric being dried in the sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** An array of vibrantly coloured fabrics dry in the sun.  The cloths take up to six hours to dry on grass fields and hanging from lines held up by sticks of bamboo. Almost 90 percent of the inhabitants of Batik village work to produce a thousand of the colourful garments each day, which are then sold both locally and internationally. The photos were taken by amateur photographer Hedayet Sarker, in the Narayanganj district of central Bangladesh.

The savage moment a hungry lion sabotaged a wildebeest after it had successfully crossed a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: The savage moment a hungry lion sabotaged a wildebeest after it had successfully crossed a river have been revealed. In one image, the 280-pound big cat predator could be seen standing on the riverbank watching the group of wildebeest preparing to come ashore. Subsequent pictures showed how the lion made light work of taking down its 300-pound wildebeest meal before dragging the creature across the ground as its hooves flailed desperately in the air. Another picture revealed a pair of lions tucking into their meal. The action-packed shots were taken at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, by vet and photographer Sonia Varma (32) from Nairobi, Kenya. Sonia captured the encounter from her vehicle which was parked just a few feet away using her Nikon D750 camera and Nikorr 200-400mm lens.

Animals perfectly reflected in water at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animals reflect perfectly off water in the British countryside as they enjoy a late-night drink.  A red squirrel, a badger, and a rare albino hedgehog produced mirror images when they sipped the water in darkness. Dan Knight, patiently waited in a hide from 5.30pm to 3am to capture the photographs taken at a shallow reflection pool in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Geophysical survey workers at Taklimakan Desert

Taklimakan Desert, located in the Tarim Basin of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a major petroliferous region in China and one of the most difficult to explore due to its harsh ground environment and complicated underground conditions. To explore the oil and gas resources requires multiple processes including conducting geophysical survey, so as to collect seismic data to lay a solid foundation for further exploration. To perform the task, workers and researchers here have to overcome various challenges and difficulties posed by nature. Every year, lots of workers from China's Yunnan, Qinghai and Gansu provinces come here to start geophysical survey work from October to March in the next year, the most favorable time.

Brave buffalo rescued her baby from the jaws of a predator after six lions fancied the calf for a tasty snack

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHAMWARI, SOUTH AFRICA: Watch the moment this brave buffalo rescued her baby from the jaws of a predator after six lions fancied the calf for a tasty snack. In the intense footage, six 350-pound African lions sneakily followed a mother cape buffalo and her offspring as they walked off into the valley of Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa. Just moments later, one of the lions quickly swooped in and grabbed the mother’s calf by its mouth and ran off into the bush to kill it. However, the lion was attacked by the 1300-pound buffalo mother who took back her calf and continued to walk through the valley - scaring off the lions in the process. The action-packed video was taken by safari ranger Mino Munien from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who captured the footage on a safari in the country’s Shamwari Private Game Reserve from around 300-feet away. It took just 45 seconds for the lion to take the calf. Mino captured the footage using a Samsung S20 Ultra phone and shared the video on his instagram, @indianranger. The lion pack was made up of a mother, father and four sub-adults who are always hungry, so the mother lion needs to continuously kill to keep them satisfied. The cape buffalo carry their young for a year before giving birth and can weigh up to 1763-pounds at full adult weight.