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Woman was born with TWO vaginas, each with their own functioning uterus, cervix and ovary, and she is now pregnant in her right uterus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Evelyn, who asked to be identified as such to protect her privacy, was born with an extremely rare mutation called uterus didelphys. The condition develops in utero when tubes that create the uterus don’t fuse completely, leading to two separate structures.  There’s also a wall that runs down her vagina, causing it to be separated into two, although the exterior looks like just one.

Teenager becomes youngest clockmaker

***EXCLUSIVE*** HE HAS TIME ON HIS HANDS.... Teenager Lewis Walduck is believed to be Britain's youngest clockmaker at the age of just 17 years old. The youngster's first words were 'tick tock' and he's been obsessed with clocks ever since. As well as making a 140 mile round trip three days a week to fulfil his dream of working as an apprentice in a clock shop, he even has 40 in his bedroom - and he says it shakes when they all chime at the same time. The 17 year old lives with his parents in Bicester, Oxfordshire, and drives 70 miles to the village of Kings Worthy near Winchester, Hants, where he landed his apprenticeship at The Clock Work Shop.

One of the world's rarest bottles of champagne is on sale for £173,000 - after the bottle alone cost £3,400 to make

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the world's rarest bottle of champagne is on sale for £173,000 -- after the bottle itself cost £3,400 to make.  The 30l bottle - known as a Melchizedek - is one of just four produced by fine wine investment firm Oeno from the posh champagne brand Boerl & Kroff. The bottle of plonk is made up of 90 per cent Pinot Noir, seven per cent Chardonnay and three per cent Pinot Meunier and comes with its own stand. It can serve 350 glasses of fizz, which derives from a 1995 vintage - making it one of the rarest Champagnes on the market. A wine's vintage represents the year in which the grapes that were used to make that wine were grown and harvested. The bottle cost £3,400 to create at a glass-blowing facility in Italy where the kiln was left constantly running to maintain the high temperatures required to make it.

Downsizing pensioner uncovers remains of a long-lost palace in back garden where he is building a bungalow - solving 200-year-old mystery but landing himself with a £15,000 bill

***EXCLUSIVE*** An OAP building a bungalow in his garden uncovered the remains of a long lost PALACE - solving a centuries-old mystery. Retired banker Charles Pole, 81, had hoped to move into the one-storey home and sell his house. But that is all on hold and he says he is facing a 15K bill after a 700-year-old Bishop's Palace was found under his lawn. The ancient building dates from the 13th Century and was in ruins by the 18th Century and then disappeared.

Artist creates incredibly detailed miniature sculpture of Hong Kong store

An Australian artist has created an incredibly detailed miniature sculpture of a special Hong Kong store. Joshua Smith is famously-known for his incredibly detailed miniature worlds which mimic the grit and grime of urban architecture. Working at 1:20 scale, Smith builds in-depth works that capture the layered existences of urban environments in cities around the world. His latest piece is based on The Biu Kee Mahjong shop in Hong Kong, one of the last few standing mahjong tile shops in the city that still does everything by hand. Part of a dying breed of artisanal craftsmen in the city, the model has everything from photos of the owner’s celebrated customers, fluorescent lamps, display cases, and signage - all made from scratch with nothing to go by but online photos for reference. „A private collector based in the UK contacted me in March last year looking for a miniature based on a small shop” Smith told. „After some research and finding out that this was one of the last shops that hand-carved mahjong tiles, I decided that [Biu Kee Mahjong] would be the basis of the miniature.” The store is the third Hong Kong building Smith has created in miniature, after his Temple Street shophouse that went viral and a tong lau building on Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan. As with most of the other buildings around the world he has recreated in miniature, Smith has never seen Biu Kee Mahjong in person - he works with Google Street View and photos sent in by his Instagram followers around the world.

Glass-like sea creatures just millimetres big, found in black water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alien-looking sea creatures which measure just millimetres are seen floating in the darkness of the ocean. Photos of the see-through black-water larvae, octopus, fish and eels - taken at depths of between 15 and 30 metres below the surface - show the organs of the tiny beings in striking detail. Exceptional skill and a keen eye are required to find and photograph the creatures, which measure between one millimetre and two centimetres in size and move quickly through the dark waters. Photographer Yung-Sen Wu took these pictures off the Philippines and Taiwan, and says it is a challenging task to complete in the pitch-black waters.

Vespa celebrates 75 years with limited Primavera and GTS release

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vespa is taking it back to the '40s with its 75th-anniversary editions of the Primavera and GTS. The all-steel bodies for these scooters will receive a limited edition “Giallo 75th” paint job with “75” markings in a darker shade across the side panels and mudguard. This commemorative Vespa will also see a new nubuck leather saddle, chrome detailing, Grigio Fumo-gray wheels, and a saddle-matching quick-release round bag that can be attached to the rear luggage rack. The bag can be worn like a backpack and houses a waterproof cover for the Vespa. Over these 75 years, Vespa has sold over 19 million vehicles in five continents and has developed a cult following throughout the decades. the 50cc and 150cc version at 4,499 and 5,849 Dolars respectively, while will see an additional 300cc GTS for 7,949 Dollars.

Long exposures create amazing effects at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing photos show sparks illuminating British landmarks as they fly from what appears to be a disc of colourful light. This unique effect is the result of long-exposure night-time shots of a whisk stuffed with steel wool, which is set alight and spun at the end of a metal chain. Amateur photographer Dmitrij Dimek is passionate about what he calls 'light paintings', and took these photos at castles, beaches and other settings around Essex and London. The 38 year old, who grew up in Poland but now lives in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, said: "When I first found out about light painting with steel wool, I thought it was an outstanding way to connect with photography.

Boxing training in a devastating building

Aleppo, Syria: Ahmed Dwara, a displaced person from the city of Aleppo and a champion of the Republic in boxing, trains young people in boxing among the rubble of a destroyed building after the previous bombing of the city of Atarib in the countryside of Aleppo governorate, and he chose to train them in a destroyed building due to his financial inability to rent a good building. Ahmed dreams of participating in tournaments outside Syria, representing Syria and his team, and having the right atmosphere to practice boxing well.

Porsche design unveils two new eBikes inspired by Taycan Cross Turismo

***EXCLUSIVE*** Porsche Design has just unveiled two new electric bikes inspired by the Taycan Cross Turismo: eBike Sport and eBike Cross. The eBike Sport, with its sleek body and glossy white finish, has been made for everyday use. It comes with a small Shimano EP8 motor that can help boost the bike's speed upwards of 15 mph, while its Shimano electric gear shifting system allows for a smooth ride. Porsche Design's eBike Sport and eBike Cross are currently available on the company's website, ranging from 8,549 to 10,700 Dollars.

A company that makes special swimwear and underwear for young transgender girls is now donating their products to underprivileged trans girls for free

***EXCLUSIVE*** Canadian company Rubies began as one father’s mission to create safe and comfortable swimwear for his transgender daughter.  The business has since donated over $25,000 worth of products to families in need. The Toronto-based organization was launched in Spring of 2020 by Jamie Alexander, the father of Ruby, a newly transitioned 13-year-old girl.

Fossilized remains of a dinosaur sitting on a nest of eggs with embryos preserved inside are discovered in China in incredible world first

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dinosaur has been unearthed sitting on a nest of eggs... with its fossilised babies inside. It was incubating them just like a bird - adding to evidence our feathered friends descended from the legendary beasts. The winged and crested creature is "crouched in a bird-like brooding posture" over a clutch of about two dozen eggs. At least seven contain bones or partial skeletons of unhatched embryos - making it a unique discovery. The forearms, pelvis, hind limbs and part of the tail of the parent are also "clearly visible," say scientists. Lead author Dr Shundong Bi, of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, explained: "Dinosaurs preserved on their nests are rare, and so are fossil embryos.

Buzzard offers hug but then lunges at rival

***EXCLUSIVE*** HUG? A buzzard looks as though it is offering a hug, before lunging in for an attack on a rival. Larissa Rand, 46, managed to capture these two buzzards in an intense stand-off in a local forest in Brabant, Netherlands. Larissa who is the Head of Education for the local school authority in Tilburg said “These young buzzards have to find their own territory, but start off by remaining close to the place where they were born. Which causes them to accidentally running into each other sometimes. Most of the time one of them will just fly away, but in some situations they will search for confrontation to show who is the strongest.”

Even though the encounter seems fierce, Larissa sees the comical side of it saying that “It is kind of funny to see how they spread their wings as it looks like they want to give each other a hug. Even though the brown buzzard seems to be the one that is trying to calm the hostility, the ensuing fight is won by the blonde buzzard while the brown one flies away."