Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple who thought they may never have children have welcomed a pair of twins - who were born on different days and have different star signs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jess, 31, and Chris Chelin, 34, were ‘completely shocked’ when they got pregnant with twins naturally.  The babies both weighed 6lb 7oz but Eric was born on January 19 at 11.52pm, while little Albert was born ten minutes later on January 20 at 12.02am. The couple had previously spent over three years trying to conceive and had undergone two rounds of IVF, one that resulted in the birth of their now two-year-old daughter, Ayda.

A toddler was reunited with his lost Buzz Lightyear doll when strangers tracked him down via his name on the figure's foot -- just like the plot from Toy Story

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two-year-old Hagen Davis was inconsolable when he left his beloved Buzz on a cross-country flight to Dallas, Texas, USA, with his family. But unbeknown to the tot, the toy was scooped up by airline staff, who noticed the tot's name scrawled on the astronaut's foot. They were able to match it up using the plane's seat bookings and post it back to the toddler - in a cardboard box scrawled with the message "To infinity and beyond".

A woman told she could die if she became pregnant due to her cystic fibrosis has become a mother - after her best friend acted as a surrogate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Graves, from Wolverhampton, gave birth to Harry in November after agreeing to carry Sophie Tristram's baby for her. Lockdown made everything difficult as the friends could not see each other. Mrs Tristram said nothing she could say would put into words how thankful she was for what her friend did. Although women with cystic fibrosis can give birth, a bacteria in Mrs Tristram's lungs could have developed into a pneumonia-type illness and proven fatal, she said.

A couple have given disused iconic red phone boxes a new lease on life by converting them into possibly the smallest coffee shops in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lore Mejia and Sean Rafferty, who own the chain Amar Cafe, transformed their first telephone box in Chiswick, west London in March last year. Despite being forced to close just one week after opening by lockdown, the pair, 28 and 31, have since unveiled three more - in Greenwich, east London, Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire and, most recently, in Twickenham, south London.  The familiar structures, loved by locals and tourists alike, were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott - the architect behind Battersea Power Station - and can be found across the UK and in Malta, Bermuda, and Gibraltar.

Indonesian student builds electric bike in 14 days from scratch

Bandung, Indonesia: An Indonesian student has built an electric bike from scratch in 14 days. Taufiqul Rahman from Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia is currently majoring in physics engineering at the Surabaya Institute of Technology. The electric bike, which he has named Vector, has a capacity of 1,000 watts and can last for 4 hours with a maximum speed of up to 60 kilometres per hour. The bike uses advanced technology and can be started with a finger print, remote control or electric card. It can also be controlled by an app on a cell phone.

A romantic lawyer who spent five months planning an elaborate fake trial to propose to his attorney girlfriend is finally married, after rearranging their wedding THREE times due to COVID

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brandon Dinetz, 30, popped the question to fellow lawyer Jen Lettman, 31, by planning an imaginary DUI trial in the Palm Beach County Courthouse, and told Jen it was imperative that she watch his opening statement. The romantic lawyer even roped in a judge, a defense attorney, a fictional defendant and 17 of Jen's family and friends to act as the fake jury to witness him dropping to one knee.  The incredible video from February 2019 made headlines around the world.

A yacht for the intrepit explorer, the Arctic Owl

***EXCLUSIVE*** An innovative design for a £72m explorer yacht combines adventure with the luxuries of sailing. The slender, 200ft-long (61m) Arctic Owl features opulent cabins, panoramic views, a spa and a swimming pool as well as two helicopters, two boats and a submarine to explore the ocean's depths. The unique cross between a superyacht and an explorer vessel has the capacity to accommodate up to ten guests along with a crew of six in its two master cabins and four twin bedrooms. The lightweight yacht is both electric and diesel powered and can cruise at a speed of 16 knots for up to 6,000 miles.

More than 600 photographs of space exploration will go under the hammer, including the first picture of Earth from the moon and man's first walk in space

***EXCLUSIVE*** The first picture of Earth from the moon and man's first walk in space are just some of the iconic photos of space exploration being auctioned this week. Images of more than 600 photographs of space exploration will go under the hammer and are expected to fetch thousands of pounds each. The original copies of the images being sold document mankind's history of space exploration from the first expeditions in the 1960s right to the later travels of the 1990s. Some of the most iconic photographs include the 1968 Earthrise image, taken by astronauts from NASA's Apollo 8, which showed our planet as it looked from 240,000 miles away.

This married couple invited a younger woman into their relationship after the wife confessed that she was BISEXUAL - and admit strangers call them 'PERVERTED'

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: This married couple invited a younger woman into their relationship after the wife confessed that she was BISEXUAL - and admit strangers call them 'PERVERTED'. Psychologist Rachael Meir (39) and client success manager Aaron Meir from Colorado Springs, USA met in their first year of college when they were just 18 years old in 2000. Falling deeply in love, the couple were married six years later and decided to focus on their respective careers. Seven years into their relationship, Rachael became increasingly aware that she had romantic feelings towards women as well as men, and realised that she wanted to explore this side of her sexuality. After discussing this with Aaron who was fully supportive of Rachael’s newly discovered bisexuality, in 2010 the couple began swinging together in order to fulfil these desires. However, over time it became clear to Rachael that what she really wanted was a more committed relationship with another woman as opposed to a play partner. In 2019, with both Aaron and Rachael fully onboard with the idea of bringing a woman into their relationship, the couple each set up profiles on the dating app „Bumble” to complete the triad they wanted to form. In August 2019, Rachael matched with digital marketing specialist Kasey Kershner (30) from Kansas City, Missouri, and the trio arranged a date. Despite Kasey having reservations about entering a throuple, having recently ended a similar relationship with another married couple, the three got on incredibly well and were soon talking about taking things to the next level. Living in Mexico at the time, Rachael and Aaron decided just twelve days after meeting Kasey that they would make plans to move back to the United States to start a new life together as a trio.

The parents of a toddler who survived a giant brain tumour “the size of two oranges” are celebrating after his latest scan images revealed no remaining lump

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Roux Owen, who is now 18 months old, had to undergo ten operations in just 11 months to remove the rare immature teratoma, a benign tumour that continues to grow. Adorable Roux was just four weeks old when he was diagnosed with the tumour and his parents Antony and Amy were told to consider end-of-life care after his fifth surgery. However, he battled on and was discharged from hospital on his birthday in October.

Fundraising bike repairer who has found new homes for hundreds of old bikes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wheelie handy charity shop worker has repaired and given away more than 2,000 bicycles during lockdown.  Martin King has fixed a staggering number of broken and unwanted bikes before handing them over for free via Facebook to help people stay active. His Facebook group has more than 3,000 members and he has been repairing about 15 bikes a day from his home in Eastleigh, Hants.

Snails sit on top of frogs head

***EXCLUSIVE*** A frog looks like it is wearing a pair of peculiar accessories as two snails perch on either side of its head. The green Australian tree frog does not seem at all bothered about the snails resting above its eyes. The photos were taken by Yan Hidayat in the garden of his home in the coastal city of Padang, Indonesia.

New ‘Banksy’ mural showing child holding onto colourful kite appears on brick wall in Hampshire leaving locals stunned

***EXCLUSIVE*** A suspected Banksy mural showing a child holding a colourful kite has popped up in Winchester. Locals were left stunned after the graffiti-style artwork suddenly appeared on a wall on the outskirts of the Hampshire town. In the mural, a little boy is depicted holding a real kite which is attached to his hand by a piece of string. Resident Liz Kavanagh stumbled upon the black and white piece on a wall near the Handlebar Cafe while on a walk.

One-year-old orangutan Bomban, who was torn from his mother's arms after she was shot dead, has been rescued from a cage

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby orangutan who was torn from his mother's arms after she was shot dead has been rescued from a cage. One-year-old Bomban was found by volunteers last month after being held in in captivity for three months.  He had been imprisoned in a 50cm by 40cm wooden cage by a farmer and was found with a bullet in his right thigh -- believed to have rebounded off his mum. Locals near the Sebamban River in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, raised the alarm.

Piers Morgan made from Marmite on toast by artist

***EXCLUSIVE*** An artist has created the ultimate 'love or hate' collage - a portrait of Piers Morgan drawn with Marmite on toast. The impressive work was made by spreading a jar of the yeast extract spread onto 35 slices of toast, and took three painstaking hours to complete.

Mattel drops collector edition Baby Yoda plush with motorized hover pram doors

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mattel Creations is offering The Mandalorian fans a Collector Edition plush toy of Baby Yoda — complete with motorized hover pram doors to protect The Child from any type of danger. The soft plush toy stands at 12 inches tall, highlighting Baby Yoda's eyes, ears, realistic looking hair and detailed clothing and includes Season 2 accessories such as the control knob from Mando's Razor Crest and Squid Chowder. The Mattel Star Wars – The Mandalorian The Child™ – Collector Edition Plush with Hover Pram is priced at 400 Dollars and is available for pre-order on the Mattel Creations webstore.

Insta360’s Go 2 is a $299 action camera with a surprisingly powerful case

***EXCLUSIVE*** At 26.5 grams and the size of a thumb, Insta360’s latest action camera, the Go 2, looks like an oversized Tic Tac with an eyeball. It’s the second generation in the Go lineup, which is Insta360’s only non-360-degree camera line. Where the first-generation Go left a lot to be desired, particularly in the image quality department, the $299 Go 2 comes with a new charging case, larger sensor, and improved image quality, making a strong case for a mobile-first action camera.

Open wid! Bird inspects mouth like a dentist as Frigette bird feeding other bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** Open wide! A seabird looks like it's getting a close-up dental checkup on the North Seymour Island in the Galapagos. The frigate chick on the left is in fact feeding on fish caught by its mother, who regurgitates what she has caught into her youngs mouth. The peculier sight was captured by Wildlife photographer Leighton Lum of Aiea, Hawaii. Leighton said, "The chick sticks his head into the mum's mouth to reach the fish, because there are other brids around looking to steal a quick meal." "The chick is only about 3-4 weeks old - just a little larger than a football. This was a nesting area where they wait for their parents to come back and feed them. The female will remain with their young for 6-7 months."

Forgotten vehicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Photographs of America’s abandoned cars dating back FIFTY YEARS have been revealed in this new book. In one image, a 1968 blue Lincoln Continental sat in decay outside of an abandoned car dealership in Weare - a small town in the state of New Hampshire, USA. Opening as „South Weare Garage” in 1919, the building became a Ford dealership in the 1930s before it was abandoned in the 1960s in favour of larger premises. In another, a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe was laid to rest in a shady glade - its black paint job slowly starting to turn a rust-coloured shade of brown following decades of abandonment. Others showed a 1951 Buick Special lying hidden amidst endless bracken, and a 1955 Ford Mainline Tudor Sudan almost sinking into woodland ground. The collection of images was taken by photographer Jerry LoFaro for his new book, Abandoned Vehicles of New Hampshire: Rust in Peace, which is available from Arcadia Publishing for RRP Ł20. Around 60,000,000 new cars are produced every year and roughly one in seven people are using a car at any given time.

Cheetah cub playing with her mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** What mum might wake up to Sunday... A cheetah and its cub roll around together on the ground as they play. The pair can be seen bundling around on the grass and throwing paws at each other, in what is a valuable lesson in survival for the four-month old cub. Photographer Hung Tsui caught the heartwarming encounter in the Ndutu region of Tanzania.

Famished fox

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA: This vole’s attempts to befriend a fox were short-lived after it became breakfast just seconds after introducing itself. In one image, the 22-pound silver fox peered down towards the four-inch-tall friendly rodent who seemed to look up to the fox with curiosity. In another, the fox looked to be momentarily playing with the vole before grabbing it with its sharp teeth and swallowing the poor rodent whole. Photographer Carol Ann Ryan (61) from Newfoundland, Canada, captured the images near the region’s Signal Hill which overlooks the city of St. John’s. Carol Ann stood several hundred feet away as she watched the silver fox wander along the path for 30 minutes looking for voles to snack on. Silver foxes account for around 10 per cent of fox populations. They are solitary animals and will usually roam one territory. When threatened, they will „gekker” which sounds like chuckling. Carol Ann captured the images using a Nikon D750 camera and a Nikon 200-500 lens.

Gutted wildebeest

***EXCLUSIVE*** TANZANIA, KENYA: Disturbing video captured the moment a violent one-hundred-and-seventy-pound hyena pulled at the GUTS of a six-hundred pound wildebeest. In the heart-breaking footage, a western white bearded wildebeest swayed from side to side as its bloody stomach and intestines hung from its body. Just moments later, a bloody-faced spotted hyena ran over and grabbed the wildebeest’s guts by its mouth and tugged on them like a piece of rope which subsequently led to the hyena tearing off a part of the mammal’s organs and eating them as a tasty treat. The disturbing footage was taken by travel and adventure consultant Mugambi Elegwa (30) from Nairobi, Kenya, who captured the video in the country’s Maasai Mara National Reserve from just three-feet away. The 170-pound hyena took just over five minutes to capture and attack the 600-pound wildebeest. Mugambi used a Samsung phone to capture the action as it was a random, once-in-a-lifetime moment. The western white bearded wildebeest is a member of the antelope family and can live up to 40 years and migrate up to 1,000 miles per year. The spotted hyena are the largest and most common species of hyena and can weigh up to 170-pounds at full adult weight.