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Scots family living with giant 20-stone pig after thinking it was a micropig

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant pig weighing 20 stone is living in a house - after being bought as a micropig. Francisco, a three-and-a-half year old Vietnamese potbellied cross, was falsely sold as a micropig, but had an Instagram account which caught the eye of a 15-year-old girl. The teen begged her parents for the cute piglet and the family, from Glasgow, travelled down to England to buy him - but three months later he was given to an animal sanctuary. But he now weighs 20 stone, twice the weight of a healthy adult, and is 1.2m long. The giant hog is living in a three-bedroom house after getting used to creature comforts with his old owners. Morag Sangster and husband John Ryan founded Tribe Sanctuary in Carluke, South Lanarkshire, and have four 'failed micropigs' in their care as well as more than 100 animals.

Mandalorian fan builds life-size replica of Razor Crest spaceship

Yakutsk, Russian Federation: A Russian sci-fi fan loves The Mandalorian series so much he built his own spaceship. Ayaal Fedorov and his friends set about building a huge replica of the Razor Crest vehicle featured in the Disney Star Wars show. The 28-year-old was then able to transport the impressive ship to the top of a hill in his freezing home city of Yakutsk in east Siberia. Ayaal tells: „I had an idea to recreate the ship right after watching season 1 of The Mandalorian in 2019, but at that moment we didn't have enough finance to do the project. But, at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic hit. We, as Star Wars fans, and in particular, The Mandalorian fans, decided to create Razor Crest, knowing that no one has done it before.” Ayaal used all his savings and sold his car to finance the project, as well as getting funding from Star Wars fans online.

Man was born with moles covering EIGHTY PER CENT of his face

***EXCLUSIVE*** KERALA, INDIA: Student Prabhulal Prasannan (24) from Kerala, India, has been a celebrity since birth. With news of the moles that cover eighty per cent of his face spreading quickly throughout his town, Prabhulal was constantly the centre of attention whilst growing up - no matter where he went. Strangers would stare at him and whisper about his unique look, and children would look visibly afraid. When Prabhulal started school, he would sit alone at lunch time because other children were scared of the way he looked and would bully him relentlessly as a result. On one occasion when attending a school science fair, Prabhulal had a group of children follow after him and taunt him by asking if he had 'dung' on his face. According to Prabhulal, even some of his teachers would avoid standing close to him. Prabhulal was in constant fear of being mocked when he attended public events including weddings and festivals and lived in a world of isolation as a result. For Prabhulal, these experiences were heartbreaking and led to him spending hours questioning why God had burdened him with his condition. When starting college, Prabhulal hoped that attitudes towards his birthmark would change. However, on his very first day, he once again encountered other students screaming and running away from him. Prabhulal wondered if his dream of being able to lead a normal life was far-fetched. In his darkest moments, Prabhulal even considered ending his life. Realising in these moments that the misconceptions strangers had about him would not change on their own, Prabhulal decided in an instant that he was no longer going to hide his face away or be ashamed of who he truly was.

19-year-old creates amazing realistic 3D food art

These artworks look good enough to eat. The jaw-droppingly realistic drawings are the work of an Osaka, Japan-based artist known as Shino. The 19-year-old's work includes a crisp packet that seems to emerge from the page, a banana, a bar of chocolate and a tasty apple. To prove the creations are real, Shino documented the drawing process of the crisp packet in pictures as they completed the work. Shino says: „I don't go to a painting school, so I'm self-taught by watching YouTube. I choose what I want to draw, what I like, and what food I like. Some drawings can be produced in two hours, while others take more than 50 hours.''

Post pregnancy glow up

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, UNITED STATES: This woman says pregnancy made her hate her body so much that she spent three-and-a-half-thousand pounds travelling to Mexico for weight loss surgery - and now she's unrecognisable. Social media influencer Alexis Fish (25) from Florida, USA, has always suffered with her weight and used to weigh 19-stone. She consumed over 2,500 calories per day and struggled with binge eating as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. Alexis? weight never really bothered her until she became pregnant with her first child, Carter (6), in October 2014. After giving birth to her bundle of joy, she felt uncomfortable in her body where she would hide under baggy clothes and constantly felt like others were staring at her because of her weight. In August 2018, she began researching diets and weight loss methods where she came across „fad” diets such as keto, a no carbohydrate diet, and beach body, a juice cleanse, which she would initially try for one week but then quickly fall back into old habits. Alongside this, Alexis tried exercising but after three minutes, she would be exhausted and had the mindset that she wasn’t strong enough to carry on. In July 2018, she gave birth to her third child, Chandler (2), with her husband Chris (27) and just one month later, she knew that it was time for a change. She visited her doctor in August 2018 who suggested bariatric surgery - which removes part of the stomach and restricts how much food is digested. Alexis was thrilled to hear that there was a solution and she flew to Tijuana, Mexico, to have the surgery on March 13, 2019 which cost Ł3,500.

Man who escaped Rwandan genocide as child now finds peace through photographing squirrels

Belgium: In 1990, Niki Colemont was just four when he and his sister fled to Belgium as refugees. His mother had died in childbirth and his father stayed behind to fight in the war. Tragically, his dad died in the conflict, leaving the children as orphans. His sister would pass away in 2019 at just 38-years-old. Now, at 34, Niki is able to find inner peace by photographing squirrels, both feeding and interacting with humorous props and mini sets. Niki says he first was inspired to pick up a camera after visiting his girlfriend’s grandmother’s home. He explains: „I was looking through the window when I saw a little bird flying out of the nest searching for food. It was really fascinating to watch. From that moment I knew that I wanted to do more in nature photography. When I am in nature, I don’t think about troubles. The squirrels, they are like humans. If you have an idea that you want to create, they can help you with that. They are the perfect models. Nature gives me more joy and a clear head. Photographing people is a lot of stress and you need to perform on a higher level. In nature and wildlife there is no pressure.”

Hat's a daft place to land! One-inch mantis perches on the head of a gecko that wants to make a meal of it

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKSAI, INDONESIA: This adorable gecko looked like it was wearing a crown when a one-inch mantis landed on its head. In one image, the day gecko sat on top of a branch and waited for a tasty treat to fly by as it stuck out its tongue in readiness to pounce. Another image captured the adorable moment that the six-inch gecko smiled with glee as an orchid mantis flew over and sat on top of the gecko’s head - resembling a crown. The cute snaps were shot by photographer Dzul Dzulfikri (48) from Beksai, Indonesia, who witnessed the reptile and insect get acquainted in his back garden from just 11-inches away. The friendly day gecko - a pet of Dzul’s friend - sat calmly whilst the mantis stood on its head. Dzul used a Canon 5D MK IV camera and a Canon 100mm macro L series lens and shared these images on his Instagram, @dzulfikri72. The day gecko is a species native to Mauritius and Madagascar and is usually active in daylight. The orchid mantis is native to southeast Asia and can grow up to two-and-a-half inches long.

Burning California to save it

***EXCLUSIVE*** On a crisp, breezy February morning near Lake Tahoe, a crew of five firefighters descended on a snow-covered, heavily-forested park straddling the California-Nevada border. They came to start fires, not put them out. California and the West are just months removed from one of the worst wildfire seasons in modern history. Climate change is ramping up the hazards, and a dry winter suggests another tough year is coming. Desperate for a solution, states are finding that lighting a fire can be a good way of preventing one. 'It's the closest thing to a consensus in the fire community,' said Timothy Ingalsbee, director of Firefighters United. 'We need more of it.' A growing army of experts argues that 'prescribed fire' planned, deliberate burns, can reduce the volume of combustible vegetation from parched landscapes and ease a crisis gripping the western third of the country.

YouTube snake handler nearly loses an eye after being bitten on the face by python in Steve Irwin-style wildlife video

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: The shocking moment blood pours from a snake handler after a THREE FOOT LONG python attacks his eye has been caught on camera. The footage showed the snake enthusiast holding a three-foot-long Burmese python, native to Southeast Asia, which then lunged at him in order to defend itself. On several occasions, the reptile managed to sink its razor sharp fangs into the handler's arms. The wrangler then received the shock of his life when the snake suddenly lurched towards his eye. Fortunately, he had a lucky escape with the reptile’s fangs sinking into his eyebrow as opposed to his eyeball. However, he was still left with blood streaming from his face after the near miss. The footage featured reptile fan Nick „The Wrangler” Bishop (32) from Los Angeles, USA, who encountered the snake whilst scouring the Everglades National Park in Florida. Luckily for Nick, the Burmese python is a non-venomous snake and there haven’t been any recorded cases of them killing humans in Florida. However, snakes account for as many as 138,000 deaths per year. The only creatures on earth to be considered deadlier are mosquitoes and humans.

Frog taxi

***EXCLUSIVE*** WEST SUMATRA, INDONESIA: Unusual images showed the moment a three-inch tortoise hitched a ride on the back of a frog. In one image, the dumpy frog blankly stared out into the pond as it took its passenger, a Brazilian tortoise, on a leisurely ride across the water. In another, the tortoise curled up into its shell and got comfortable in its seat on top of the five-inch frog’s head as they swam across the pond together in a similar fashion to a taxi. The funny snaps were captured by photographer Yan Hidayat (42) from west Sumatra, Indonesia, who caught the moment on camera in his back garden from just six-and-a-half feet away. After five minutes of the tortoise trying to clamber on top of the frog, the reptile and amphibian finally became one. Yan used a Nikon D7100 camera and a 60mm macro lens. Dumpy frogs are native to Indonesia and are tame, greedy amphibians that have a lifespan of up to 10 years. The Brazilian tortoise has a simple diet of small fish and can reach up to 12 inches at full adult size.

This adorable video shows a water-loving corgi struggling to climb into his swimming pool for a cooling dip

***EXCLUSIVE*** Six-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi Oliver is desperate to take the plunge, but his little legs make it almost impossible for him to get in. But Oliver's perseverance finally pays off and he enjoys a well-deserved doggy paddle. Oliver’s owner Christell Eve captured the heartwarming moments at her home in Jakarta, Indonesia.