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Woman, 35, who hunts three times a week and has racked up more than 100 kills admits she's 'addicted' to the 'calming' feeling it brings her

***EXCLUSIVE*** LINKOPING, SWEDEN: This woman describes hunting as 'addictive' after racking up over one-hundred kills - including a baby seal. Train driver Erica Egonsson (35) from Linkoping, Sweden, has always had a love for animals and went on to study a degree in wildlife management. She started hunting in 2018 with her boyfriend Patrik (35) after they bought their second laika and German spaniel dog mix Atlas (3) and fell in love with the sport instantly. For Erica, a typical day shooting involves going out from the morning until the evening and driving around her local fields and forests in the hopes of spotting a deer or wild boar to hunt and take home for her family to eat. She hunts typically two or three days a week all year round as she can’t get enough of the calming feeling hunting brings her. Erica’s dogs, Enzo (10), Atlas (3), Sally and Loke (8 months), all accompany Erica and Patrik on their hunts where they're trained to sniff out and track down deer and wild boars. Their dogs have also hunted moose in the last three years and Erica believes her dogs are made for hunting. One of Erica’s most unique kills was in 2019 whilst she was in Finland for seal hunting. The seal population in Finland is increasing each year and as it’s important to keep the population down for the benefit of the fish population, seal hunting is welcomed so Erica hunted a little grey seal. Although Erica’s passion lies in hunting, she does feel remorse after she has killed an animal but she always tries to think of the benefits, such as being able to hunt her own meat and loves that she’s found a hobby where she can get outdoors. Erica comments that her favourite part of hunting is being part of the whole process from forest to food and loves the energy that hunting provides her and she has hunted over 100 animals to date. She hopes that her son Casper (10) will follow in her footsteps as he gets older.

One of Harry and Meghan's wedding photographers has taken these pictures of the marriage of two DOLLS - after he was commissioned by his daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joe Short, 49, captured stunning images of the 2018 Royal wedding - but says he has been short of work in lockdown. But he has now been commissioned to cover the marriage of two Sylvanian dolls by his nine-year-old daughter Juno. Her dolls Tabitha and Jonathan were married on Sunday (March 7), surrounded by friends and family - with pictures by her dad.

Dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments bearing biblical text are discovered in Israel's 'Cave of Horror' having been hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome 1,900 years ago

Dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments thought to have been hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome 1,900 years ago have been found in a cave. The fragments include lines of Greek text from the biblical books of Zechariah and Nahum and were radiocarbon dated to the 2nd century AD, experts confirmed.  The Israel Antiquities Authority say more than 20 fragments were found in a remote canyon in the Judean Desert, south of Jerusalem - the first find of its kind in 60 years. They were discovered in the Cave of Horror, named in the 1950s after 40 skeletons of women, men and children were found after excavations - they were hiding from Roman soldiers during the 2nd century Jewish Bar Kochba Revolt. To get into the cave, which is well secluded from view and difficult to access, teams of archaeologists and other experts had to repel down the side of a 260ft cliff. A number of items were found in the cave, including a 10,000 year old woven basket, the skeleton of a girl dating back 6,000 years and the biblical fragments. They were discovered in clumps and rolled up within the cave - so far 11 lines of Greek text translated from the books of Zechariah and Nahum have been revealed.

Woman who accidentally added a stranger on Facebook now plans to marry him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple are looking to get engaged after accidentally adding each other on Facebook. Jo Kelly didn’t have a clue who Matthew Benja was he accepted her friend request – but a year or so down the line - and the pair are extremely happy she did make the mistake. The pair are looking to get engaged and admit that finding each other very possibly saved both their lives during lockdown - Matthew having been hospitalised at one point with a severe throat abscess and Jo enduring a breast cancer scare. “I was sat in work one day and had a notification come through – ‘Matthew has accepted your friend request,’” said Jo, a 42-year-old youth councillor and learning disability support worker from Beaufort, near Ebbw Vale.

A 97-year-old ‘doll’ Easter egg, treasured for life by the little girl it was given to in 1924, smashed its auction estimate and is set to be enjoyed by thousands at a seaside tourist attraction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Internet and phone bidders’ hearts were melted by the rare Pascall’s chocolate egg, which was discovered by Karl Martin, a Hansons Auctioneers valuer, during a routine home visit in Hulland Ward, Derbyshire.  In impressive condition given its age, it went to auction at Hansons’ Etwall saleroom, near Derby, with a guide price of £200-£300 on March 12 but sold for £800 after a bidding battle. The total paid with buyer’s premium was £1,040.  Now the rare Easter egg is poised to add a new dimension to Bygones, a popular tourist attraction in Torquay, Devon, which hopes to reopen on May 17. And no-one is more delighted than the sellers whose dream was to see it in a museum. The egg belonged to the late Christine Lilian Metcalf, the mother of a 74-year-old retired teacher from Hulland Ward, Derbyshire who, together with her brother decided to part with the egg.

During a dream holiday to Spain, this woman felt so ASHAMED to show off her sixteen-stone figure that it prompted her to lose almost six-stone in just ten months

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONTREAL, CANADA: Entrepreneur and nutrition coach Isabelle Audette (23) from Montreal, Canada, was overweight as a child. Living on a diet of fast food for almost every lunch and dinner meal, Isabelle dealt with obesity throughout her childhood and into her teenage years.  At her heaviest in 2016, Isabelle weighed 16 stone and struggled to fit into a UK dress size 16. Despite receiving the occasional mean comment from other children at school who would call her 'fat,' Isabelle’s size never really bothered her growing up. However, a close family member once told Isabelle that she would never be able to lose weight leaving her feeling resigned to being obese for the rest of her life. This all changed in 2016 when Isabelle decided to take a holiday to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Surrounded by the sun, sand, and lots of slim people, Isabelle felt extremely uncomfortable in her skin. Seeing strangers looking at her body and believing that she was being judged for her weight, Isabelle decided that on her return to Canada, she had to lose weight for the sake of her health and future happiness. Swapping the burgers, fries, and soda for vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean meat, Isabelle started exercising up to five times a week and the pounds quickly fell off. In just ten months, Isabelle lost a whopping 5st 9lb and today weighs just 10st 5lb, fitting into a UK size six dress. Isabelle’s desire to never feel embarrassed about her body again made her weight loss a simple task. She was so committed to her diet and exercise regime that she would even take her own food with her when visiting friends and family to ensure that she stayed on track with her goals.

A grandad who happens to be an expert in the field of chemistry has been teaching his granddaughter science using objects found in the home – via facetime

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bernard Dagnall, 76, has never been a professional teacher, but used his experience working as a chemist to school his nine-year-old granddaughter Ella on the topic. The pensioner has been tuning into his iPad every day to teach Ella the wonders of maths and science. Nine-year-old Ella attends Holly Spring Primary School in Bracknell and spent many months learning from home due to the pandemic. To help take the huge task of home schooling off the shoulders of Ella's mother Helen, Bernard took the reins, teaching Ella science remotely from his home in Oxford. Bernard set up the iPad in his house and Ella set up hers in the kitchen. He then gave her instructions on how to do hands-on science experiments using objects easily found in the home.

A former pro dancer runs dancing and keep fit lessons and dances every day to raise money for the NHS - aged 99

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grandmother-of-four Dinkie Flowers turns 100 in May – and has been dancing since the age of three. The mum-of-one has travelled the world to showcase her skills – including Baghdad to dance in front of the Iraqi Royal Family. She still runs dancing classes from her garage three times a week – but had to wind down due to the pandemic.

Historic space auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Some of the most historic photographs chronicling the history of man’s exploration of space, from early expeditions, to some of the latter trips of the 1990s will be sold at auction. Over 600 images, many of which capture historic moments, such as the first humans in space, the first spacewalk and the first moon landing will be auctioned today on March 17th 2021 as part of the Space Exploration Photography and Ephemera auction by Dreweatts.

A wildlife photographer has joked that his wife beat him at his own game - as she captured this amazing photo of one of the world's largest owls perched on his camera lens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Keith Kirk, 64, had to stay very still as the European eagle owl - one of the world's largest species of owl - came in to land on his camera lens, as he peered through the viewfinder. Both Keith and his wife Caroline, 60, were literally "watching the birdie" - but it was Caroline who captured the amazing moment on camera, in Castle Douglas, Scotland. And wildlife photographer Keith admits that it is one of his favourite photos - but jokes that it has become a "sore point" between he and Caroline, as she outdid him on the photography front.

Sand portrait highlights threat to water access

A giant 60-metre wide sand portrait of 12-year-old Ansha from Ethiopia created by WaterAid on Whitby Beach in Yorkshire. The image of the young girl, who spends hours each day collecting dirty water from a river, was created to illustrate how climate change threatens water access for world's poorest.

Eagle bit off more than he could chew when he killed a giant possum that was too HEAVY to carry away

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: In one image, the greedy 11-pound juvenile eagle hovered just a foot off the ground as he struggled to carry his freshly killed possum dinner away. In another, the 14-pound possum looked as if it was crying out in pain as the eagle used its claws to bend the creature in half but the prey had already met its untimely end. Photographer George Garrett (60) from Virginia, USA, was in the state’s Hanover Country when he came across this grisly scene. George pulled his car over just 150-foot away as a juvenile eagle struggled to lift a possum carcass. Eagles hunt in daylight and will look for prey whilst in the air before swooping down and making their kill. Some eagles can travel as fast as 200 miles per hour whilst swooping down towards the ground. George captured the images using a Sony A7III camera and a Sony FE 200-600 lens.

Irish Dance School in Tenby, Wales

Tenby, United Kingdom: Ahead of St Patricks day, some Irish dancers from Seren Irish Dance School in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, make the most of the sunshine and take to Castle Beach and the bandstand to dance. With around 30 dancers, Seren Irish Dance school has been open for 13 years and have had successes including 9 Irish Open Champions, 5 World Champion Qualifiers and most recently, in 2019 before lockdown, one of their dancers placed 3rd in the World Championships. However, like many performing arts schools, since the start of the pandemic, the dance school have had to close their doors to their students until it is safe to re-open and although they sometimes have online video classes, the dancers and teachers very much look forward to being able to attend classes, compete and perform to a live audience in the near future.

Hawk walks into river, has a wash, walks back out again

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hawk walks into a river to wash before ruffling its feathers to dry off. The female Northern Goshawk had recently been hunting and went to the water to clean. The bird of prey was photographed by nature photographer Marta Demartea in Drunen in the Netherlands.

Floor cleaning cloth drying

Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia: Workers drying cloth in Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. The cloth, which is traditionally produced in the home textile industry, is intended to be used as cleaning cloth for house floors with a selling price of fifty thousand rupiah per sheet.

Chrysanthemum being harvested

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fields of yellow flowers bloom as workers harvest brightly-coloured chrysanthemums. The vast area, filled with 100,000 pots of beautiful flowers, creates an incredible spectacle when viewed from above. The workers of Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam harvest the flowers so they can be used to decorate streets throughout Vietnam in time for Tet Festival. Tet Festival, otherwise known as the Lunar New Year, is based on the lunar calendar and the celebration lasts one week or longer. The flowers are planted in bulk about 60 days before the festival so they have time to bloom before the new year.