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Youngest person in the UK to get a PhD at the age of 22

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 22-year-old who was home-schooled by his father has become the youngest person in the UK to get a PhD. Imran Nasim was awarded a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Surrey just four years after getting a first-class honours degree in Mathematics and Physics (BSc). It makes him the youngest person in the country to become a so-called doctor of philosophy and the youngest person in the world to obtain a PhD in this field. He started a degree with the Open University at the age of 14 and was doing A-level work age 12.

Extraction of venom breaks world record

The extraction of venom from a Coastal Taipan at the Australian Reptile Park has broken the world record for extracting the most raw venom from a single yield. The Australian Reptile Park is renowned for its incredibly dangerous and deadly venom program, in which keepers take on the dangerous task of milking venomous snakes to save thousands of lives across the country - up to 50,000 lives have been saved since the introduction of the program. Venom Supervisor, Zac Bower was extremely surprised to have found Whiplash the Coastal Taipan had his record smashed by fellow Coastal Taipan, Cyclone. The previous amount recorded by Whiplash was 3.32 grams which is enough to kill over 300 humans and well above the average yield of 1.8 grams per milking. However, Cyclone produced a massive 4.54 grams thus beating the previous record.

Amazing footage showing daredevil doing vertigo-inducing pull ups 40-stories up on a building

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning footage shows the moment a fitness fanatic performed a set of pull ups on top - OF A SKYSCRAPER. Lewis Felix, 24, did the vertigo-inducing pull ups 40-stories up on a building in east London. Superfit Lewis, also known as Air Addiction, previously went viral when he filmed himself doing bodyweight dips from the top of a building. Lewis, from Salford, Manchester, said: "What we do may appear reckless, however, every video you see of me high up is extremely calculated and planned.

A footage appears to show a UFO floating high above the Arizona desert in broad daylight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kristian Noel, 50, and Kelly Dees, 49, were on a road trip to San Diego, California, when they filmed the unsettling video yesterday [March 15] morning.  The couple first saw the object at 7.15am as they drove into the town of Gila Bend in Maricopa County, Arizona, and watched it all the way to the town of Yuma - a distance of 116 miles. Kristian, a cable TV lineman, of Scottsdale, Arizona, is convinced that the flying object was extraterrestrial and believed that it was too large to be a drone.