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Horny billy goats invade Welsh seaside town — after missing out on contraception due to lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wild goats which regularly roam the streets of a town are flocking in record numbers - after not getting contraception due to Covid. The Kashmiri goats venture down into Llandudno in search of something to eat when food is scarce in Spring. They normally get contraceptive injections to manage their numbers but due to the pandemic this did not happen last year. Now they are back and exploring further than ever, reaching the far side of town during Wales' latest lockdown.

The world's smallest chapel

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show the world's smallest chapel hidden in a British woodland - for ANIMALS to worship in. The tiny St Francis Chapel is dedicated to St Francis of Assisi the Patron Saint of Animals and houses a small statue of him. Built in memory of Dr Leo O'Neil after his death in 1927 by the landowner, his brother-in-law, the chapel now belongs to the National Trust. It is designed to offer a sanctum or spiritual space for all creatures great and small - including dogs.

Ex-cheerleader reveals the symptoms to look out for after discovering her excessive weight gain was due to an under active thyroid

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Freelance makeup artist Sammy Godfrey (33) from Hastings, New Zealand, has always been mindful of her weight ever since she was 12 years old when she first started training for her water-polo team. Sammy rarely took notice over how much she was eating as she never put on weight and this led to a range of struggles with eating as she got older. At 20 years old, she quit water-polo as she wanted to focus on her fashion design and makeup artistry degree at university where she rapidly gained weight each year and by the time she was 28, Sammy weighed 23st 6lb and wore a UK dress size 26. She left her life in New Zealand and started a new chapter in Brisbane, Australia, where she started a new job as a sales and education trainer which caused her to go into a deep depression as she struggled coming to terms with her new life. Sammy tried multiple diets such as keto - a low carbohydrate diet - and even tried going vegan which failed to work and she realised that she would need a huge lifestyle change in order to get her out of this vicious cycle. In 2016, she visited her doctor to check over her thyroid as she knew that there must be another reason for her rapid weight gain and constant fatigue other than her eating habits. As well as this, Sammy had suffered from pneumonia twice and laryngitis once in the space of one year which wasn’t normal and showed that her weight was becoming detrimental to her health. Despite her thyroid tests coming back negative, Sammy still wanted to find a way to help shift the pounds and was recommended to have bariatric surgery - surgery to help restrict the amount of food the body digests in order to help weight loss - by her doctor in 2019.

Man declares himself 'King' and his land a sovereign state to try to beat planners

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man has been given community service for trying to get around planning rules by declaring his land a sovereign state - and making himself 'KING Steve'. Determined Steve Ogie wanted to build a small home on the plot but his application was refused. He then declared the land 'Everland' and made himself its ruler and campaigned to have it classified as its own state. Steve took his battle to the Royal Court on Guernsey but his claims were rejected, and he was convicted for five offences under The Land and Planning Law.

A model of a human embryo in its earliest stages has been grown from skin cells providing a 'blueprint' of the human body - as it forms, the breakthrough could lead to new treatments for infertility and may help prevent birth defects and miscarriages

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Australian team reprogrammed fibroblasts — cells found in connective tissue which were then placed in a 3D 'jelly' scaffold known as an extracellular matrix.  This caused them to turn into blastocysts or 'iBlastoids' (induced blastoids), the first cells readily detectable during development.  Co-author Professor Jose Polo, of Monash University in Melbourne, said: "iBlastoids will allow scientists to study the very early steps in human development.

This is the moment a surfer was photobombed - by a leaping manta ray

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rusty Escandell, 59, was just hoping to get a gritty snap of Michael Cobb as he surfed a wave on Officer’s Club Beach in Florida, USA. But, on second look, he saw that the surfer was not the star of the picture - instead an 8-foot-wide giant manta had leaped out the ocean in the background to steal the shot. Automotive repair shop owner Rusty said: "Even though I saw a splash behind the surfer, it was not until I got home and was reviewing the pictures of the day that I realized, much to my amazement, what I had captured; the manta ray photobombing.

Bear cubs cautiously explore a nearby meadow together

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAPLAND, FINLAND: Adorable photos captured the moment a trio of tiny Eurasian brown bear cubs clambered up the trunk of a 90-foot tall tree as mum looked on from below. One photo showed the 30-pound cubs playfully scrambling up a tree in a sparse pine forest as mummy bear stood guard at the base of the tree. A second hilarious photo captured the 500-pound mum with her hands over her eyes, seemingly unable to watch the antics of her three youngsters. The wonderful images were taken by photographer Ville Petter (25) near his home in Lapland, in northern Finland, using a Canon with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens from just 100 feet away. Despite adult brown bears weighing up to 800-pounds, they are certainly no slouches and can run at speeds of up to 31 miles-per-hour and can easily chase down a fleeing human.

An IT expert has repaired more than 400 old laptops to help children with homeschooling

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brian Henderson, 56, has been refurbishing outdated laptops to help children with their studies and has distributed 435 computers. The semi-retired IT consultant was inspired to help after watching a story on Sky News about a man delivering refurbished laptops on a tuktuk to children who needed them. Dad-of-two Brian searched cupboards in his home and found six old laptops which he repaired and offered to the local primary school.

Spectacular images showed the moment a twenty-three inch eagle plunged into water and resembled the „X-wing Starfighter” from Star Wars

***EXCLUSIVE*** TAIPEI, TAIWAN: In one image, the osprey eagle was shown as it steadied itself ready for its landing along the river by sticking out its wings and feet - helping it to balance. In another image, the osprey replicated the shape of an „X-wing” from Star Wars as the bird’s 66-inch wings caused a splash of water which looked comparable to the multi-winged spaceship from the space-opera series due to a reflective ripple effect along the water. The spectacular images were captured by photographer Leo Liu from Taipei, Taiwan, who caught the spectacle on camera in the country’s Kinmen national park from around 98-feet away. The osprey bird took just three seconds to steady its pace before landing. Leo used a Sony A911 camera to capture the snaps and a Sony FE 200-600mm lens. Ospreys feed mostly off fish and are one of the most widely travelled eagles in the world. The wings of an osprey can reach up to five-feet at full adult size and they are native to the United States.

Women wearing colourful dresses herd sheep through dusty terrain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women wearing colourful dresses herd sheep across dusty country roads. Faint rays of sunlight struggle to burst through the dust clouds created by the herds of cattle as the villagers shepherd their flock. The enormous An Hoa sheep field is in Vietnam's Ninh Thuan province and is one of the largest places in the region for sheep to graze freely. There are several different sized herds on the field, from a few hundred to a thousand, and it is a popular tourist destination as people can visit, take pictures of sheep and experience the life of the local nomads.

Photographer captures red kites diving and battling from his back garden during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two majestic red kites provide free lockdown entertainment by doing battle in the skies above a Welsh garden. The birds of prey swoop and dive, competing over small morsels of food in mid-air. The pictures were taken by hobby photographer Mark Rolph, on his property in the village of Penuwch, Ceredigion, where he he says he s sometimes lucky enough to see as many as 30 kites circling above his house. The 54 year old retired civil servant said: "The kites battle and tumble with each other in the skies above our land, usually over food or potentially seeking a partner.