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A nine-year-old boy whose headaches turned out to be a brain tumour has made a brilliant recovery to return to school a year after his diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Tyler Dunn was suffering from headaches in January last year when doctors told him he was showing symptoms of the flu and sent him home with some paracetamol.  His headaches persisted for a few days, and the GP suggested it may be an issue with prescription glasses. But while playing with some pals he started throwing up violently, and held his head screaming in pain. His worried parents Wayne, 29, and Simone Dunn, 27, rushed him to Airedale General Hospital in Keighley where he was monitored overnight. A CT scan found a lump in Tyler’s brain and further tests revealed he had a grade 3 or 4 medulloblastoma, the most commonly found brain tumour. On February 12, the brave lad went under the knife for a 13-hour surgery where most of the tumour was removed. Following surgery, there were concerns that Tyler may have been suffering from brain damage, as he had a facial palsy and could barely walk. He underwent more than a year of chemotherapy and battled deadly sepsis - but the schoolboy has made a remarkable recovery just in time as schools reopened. Dad Wayne said his warrior Tyler was 'so strong and brave' throughout the gruelling year.

Detroit now has a Free Blockbuster box so you can swap DVDs or VHS tapes like the good old days

***EXCLUSIVE*** There’s only one Blockbuster store left in the entire world, but residents of Detroit can now have that nostalgic movie rental experience right on their sidewalk. A solitary roadside container allows anyone to exchange DVDs, VCR tapes and other outdated film tech for free. It’s much like a book exchange, but stocked with the dusty relics of Baby Boomers and early Millennials. The box was launched by Free Blockbuster, a group of mostly 90s kids who adore the obsolete store and its plastic drop off containers.

Crop mosaic breaks world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Villagers have created the world's biggest crop mosaic with an extraordinary artwork stretching over almost 120,000 square metres of rice paddy fields. The huge mosaic was made in the village of Balenda, Bangladesh, and depicts Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Known as 'Father of the Nation', he was the first President of Bangladesh and also later served as Prime Minister until he was assassinated in 1975.

The world's largest Camellia Maze comes into bloom

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible pictures show the world's largest Camellia maze that has just sprung into bloom. The circular maze is made of row after row of pink camellias that are bursting out of the green hedges. Located at Tregothnan Estate, in Cornwall's Roseland Peninsula, this is believed to be the largest maze of its kind in the world. And now the flowers have started to bloom, as the mild weather in the South West continues to improve.

Springing cats look like they're breaking out dance moves

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leaping cats are pictured in hilarious poses as they play with a photographer. The excitable felines spring up in the air with their arms outstretched as they try and play with a toy. 41 year old Japanese photographer Masayoshi Yamamoto travels around his home country taking pictures of stray cats in these unusual poses.

IKEA has unveiled its latest Art Event collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** For 2021, the Swedish homeware giant collaborated with five artists and studios — Daniel Arsham, Sabine Marcelis, Stefan Marx, Gelchop and Humans since 1982 — for a range of unique statement pieces including lamps, clocks and wall decorations. Arsham's contribution is a wall clock designed to appear as if it's flying through the air. A layer of “fabric” folds around the timepiece and flares to the side, capturing the motion of a scarf or bandana blowing in the wind. Gelchop designed a pair of Allen key-shaped lamps, while Humans since 1982 devised wall decorations that mount miniature drones like butterflies. Lastly, a vase and throw blanket by Stefan Marx feature bold black-and-white text and graphics. No Pricing yet.

Size 20 woman drops 6st by eating McDonald's every day for lunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Raymondville, Texas, USA: This woman puts her incredible SIX STONE weight loss down to eating MCDONALD'S almost everyday of the week - and claims the packaging makes it easy for her to track her calories. Speech-language pathologist Karina Villarreal (26) from Raymondville, Texas, USA, started to gain weight when she reached her twenties. Rushing into a toxic relationship after a previous long-term relationship broke down, Karina battled depression and anxiety and used food as a way to cope with her negative feelings. At her heaviest in 2019, Karina tipped the scales at 17st 7lb and struggled to fit into UK size 20 clothing. Believing that the numbness and tingling she felt in her toes was a sign of her being pre-diabetic, Karina knew she had to lose weight fast in order to save her physical and mental well-being. Ditching her ex-boyfriend and the huge plates of carbs and snacks she was eating, Karina headed to the local high school running track to start her training. Initially, Karina found it impossible to jog for more than a few yards at a time and her feet cramped for days after exercising. However, Karina battled through the pain and worked out four times per week in order to shift the pounds. Due to being constantly on the move at work, Karina previously found herself grabbing snacks, without taking much notice of the calories she was eating. The 26-year-old claims that McDonald’s has played a huge part in her weight loss journey since the calories are easily visible on the food packaging, allowing her to track how much she is consuming and ensure that she does not overeat. She visits the restaurant most days per week, usually ordering ten chicken nuggets and a diet coke. Karina’s friends and work colleagues are shocked when she tells them that part of her secret is visiting the golden arches but for Karina, ensuring that she is in a calorie deficit is the key to her weight loss.

Pig owner takes his two porkers for a walk but can only go on a route approved by Government officials

***EXCLUSIVE*** Josh Townsend, 32, is regularly seen with mini-pigs Billy and Franklyn strolling through the park although they must avoid shops, cafés and picnickers. The IT manager has taught them the sort of tricks normally done by dogs. But he cannot veer from the route in ­Cheltenham, Gloucs, licensed by the Environment Department A spokesman said: “This licence is intended to minimise the risk of spread of disease.” Guidance on pig ownership says: "Pigs are livestock and thus owners need to comply with all relevant animal health legislation. There are no exemptions for keeping pigs as pets.”

A war-ravaged tailpiece section from one of Germany’s most formidable World War Two dive bombers could sell for thousands of pounds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The relic of conflict from a Junkers Ju 87 fighter plane – bearing battle damage from enemy fire – was discovered in a Yorkshire lounge. It is due to go to under the hammer in Hansons Auctioneers’ Militaria sale on March 26 with a guide price of £4,000-£5,000. The item, which bears the number 494193 and features a swastika, belongs to lifelong militaria collector Tony Carr, 71, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Tony said: “It's an important piece of military history which I have been privileged to own for a number of years. It’s been tucked away, wrapped in a bedsheet behind a unit in my lounge. It has not been on display. Occasionally I have pulled it out just to make sure it's ok.”

Cat fishing! Incredible photograph shows the moment a great cormorant emerges from a lake with a giant catfish in its beak

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the incredible moment a great cormorant emerges from a lake whilst wresting a giant cat fish. Photographer Kapil Sharma laid in wait for three hours to get the perfect shot of the large fishing bird. The action was captured at Bharatpur bird sanctuary in Rajasthan, India early in the morning of 10th February, 2021. Kapil said: “There's a particular location called 'Solar Pannel', where these great cormorants roost. “After their roosting period, they dive into the water searching for fish. “They keep coming above the surface and keep diving back into the water until they find a fish. “Mostly, they look for big cat fish which becomes a good lunch for them. “The real challenge is to keep scanning the area and to anticipate where they'll come out with the fish. “Once they finally grab the fish, you hardly get time since other cormorants also flutter around to snatch the fish and hence once these individual get a fish they engulf them very fast. “This requires patience, I waited here for almost three hours to get this shot.”

Bizarre 'winged' shark with a huge mouth full of miniature teeth swam in the Gulf of Mexico 93 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bizarre plankton eating 'winged' shark that roamed the prehistoric oceans 93 million years ago has been unearthed in the Gulf of Mexico. The creature, which looked like a manta ray, was wiped out by the giant asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs. Dubbed Aquilolamna milarcae, its fins allowed it to glide through the water - just like its giant modern cousin. Its fossilised remains date back 93 million years. Ironically, they were dug up near where the city sized space rock landed - 27 million years later.

Salmon squabble

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAKE CLARK NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA, USA: Witness the epic moment two four-hundred-pound brown bears made the ground „SHAKE” whilst brawling over a salmon. The incredible pictures showed the two colossal seven-foot-tall bears as they launched their bodies at each other as they fought over the fishy meal. In another image, the victorious mother bear was pictured walking away with her salmon prize before giving the fish to her nearby cubs to eat. The incredible images were taken at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA, by photographer and bear viewing guide Eric Fisher (31) from Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA, using his Canon 7D Mark II camera with and Sigma 150-600mm lens. Eric got within an incredible 75-feet distance from the action in which he was able to hear the ground „shake”.

Chameleon tongue dash

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKSAI, INDONESIA: Spectacular images showed the moment a cricket was swiped up by a six-inch chameleon’s ELEVEN-INCH tongue. In one image, the panther chameleon could be seen as it wrapped its tail around a branch and steadied its balance whilst eyeing up a tasty treat. Another captured the moment the chameleon stuck out its 11-inch tongue and swiped up the tiny cricket in a flash and gobbled it whole in less than one second. The action-packed images were shot by Dzul Dzulfikri (48) from Beksai, Indonesia, who captured the quick feed in his back garden from just 13-feet away. The panther chameleon - a pet of Dzul’s friend - captured over five crickets during the five second feast. Dzul captured the images using a Canon 5D MK IV camera and a Sigma 100-400m lens and shared them on his instagram, @dzulfikri72. Male panther chameleons can grow up to eight inches in length at full adult size and typically have tongues that can reach up to twelve inches. Panther chameleons are native to Madagascar and are classed as „exotic reptiles”.

Raqqa, Syria: ten years of war

Ten years after the start of the Syrian conflict, the city remains destroyed at 80%, notably after the colalition-led strikes to retake the city to the Islamic State (Daesh) who established it as the capitale of its caliphate.

Cucumber sellers wash vegetables before selling at market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cucumber farmer work hard to clean their crop of cucumbers. Ahsanul Haque Nayem managed to capture these shots as the farmers prepare to sell the cucumbers at markets. Ahsanul said “The farmers dig a hole in the ground and filling it with water. They then soak the cucumbers in the water and clean them. The cleaned cucumbers are then put in plastic bags ready for sale.” These sacks of cucumbers each weigh around 60-70kg and sell for around £7 per sack. These specific ones have been cleaned and packaged in Tarash Upazila in Sirajganj distract in Bangladesh, but are sent to markets all across the country.