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World’s first supersonic unmanned combat drone can fly at twice the speed of sound

The world's first supersonic unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) that can fly at twice the speed of sound has been launched. Arrow, by Singapore-based Kelley Aerospace, is designed with a single-shell made of lightweight carbon fibre that allows it to exceed the speed of sound, hitting an astonishing Mach 2.1. The UCAV is fitted with a reduced radar cross-section and infra-red signature, and is designed for multiple combat or reconnaissance roles. The company has already received more than 100 pre-orders of the vehicle, despite it being priced between $9 million and $16 million. Designed at Singapore’s Seletar Aerospace Park, Kelley Aerospace has stated that a manned version of the Arrow will be able to control multiple unmanned versions of the UCAV „each with a different mission, equipment [and] weapon set.” This can be controlled autonomously as well as by two ground station controllers. In addition to air missions, the company said the Arrow can be deployed for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance tasks.'' The Arrow is designed to complement manned aircraft and be a force multiplier in the aerial battlefield,' Kelley Aerospace shared on its website.''

Hindu family hold traditional ceremony after Covid-19 death

Surabaya City, East Java Province, Indonesia: A Hindu religious figure prays during the Mekingsan Ring Geni ceremony which is held at the Keputih Crematorium in Surabaya City, East Java Province, Indonesia. Hindus in Indonesia perform a cremation ceremony called the Mekingsan Ring Geni or Nitip Geni which is held silently to their families who died from Covid-19. At this ceremony, the body is burned according to Hindu religious rules. Where, Hindus believe that the spirit is temporarily entrusted with Lord Brahma or the God of Fire before undergoing the next ceremony, namely Ngaben so that they can become one with God. The purpose of this ceremony is to purify humans who have died so they can enter the heaven realm. After being burned, the ashes and bones of the people who died were then thrown into the sea to become one with the universe.

Indian roller bird captures a frog

Chennai, India: Don’t show Miss Piggy! This unfortunate frog was pictured after being caught by an Indian roller bird. Karthik Sriraman shot the scene in the grasslands near his home city of Chennai, India. He explains: „I travelled for 100kms and reached the destination outside the city. It was a usual day searching for birds and I found this Indian roller perching for some time. I was taking some portrait shots, but after a few minutes it flew away swiftly and landed on the grass with its eyes locked on the frog. I witnessed this amazing scene where the roller was hitting the frog on the ground hard enough to neutralise its movements, and while doing so suddenly it turned towards me and posed with that deadly stare. It was an amazing moment in my life as a wildlife photographer.”