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This clever dog can count to ten, recognise pictures and answer yes or no questions - in both English and Japanese!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Six-year-old Akira has learnt to do sums that a four-year-old child may struggle with, as well being able to recognise colours and shapes. Monica Elkhalifa, 50, began training her Shibu Inu five years ago after she found she couldn't tire him out with just long walks and a tennis ball! She said: "I just thought it would be fun to teach him a few numbers – just an exercise to keep him busy. I was overjoyed when he learned the number four. 

This woman was given just TWENTY-FOUR hours to live after being born with a rare skin condition that adults were scared to touch because they thought it was CONTAGIOUS - but now she’s thriving

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: Law student Paloma Lira (24) from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was born with a rare skin condition called „lamellar ichthyosis” - where babies are born with a plastic-like film wrapped around their body and go on to develop red, scaly and dry skin. Doctors told her mother, Sandra Lira (48) that Paloma would only have 24 hours to live because of this. As ichthyosis was rare in Brazil at the time, medics took biopsies of Paloma’s skin to determine her condition and as the results came back positive for the genetic skin condition, her mother took the news with a pinch of salt and was optimistic about raising Paloma. After three months of being hospitalised in the intensive care unit, Paloma was free to go home which proved to medics that she had a lot of fight in her. Upon leaving the hospital, Paloma was seen by a dermatologist who prescribed her oral medication called „Acitretina” which is used to help treat severe skin conditions such as psoriasis, which she took for 20 years along with medicated creams that contain salicylic acid. A few months after she was born, Paloma started having ulcers grow on her corneas due to her condition. This caused her eyes to dry out as she struggled to close them. She has had 11 eyelid correction surgeries every five years since she was born to help relieve the size of the ulcers. Paloma now suffers from red, itchy and dry skin which doesn’t shed at the usual rate and instead, builds up and forms like scales. She struggles with irregular temperature control as her body is unable to sweat which is an issue with the climate in Brazil and she has little hair due to the condition.

10-year-old might be the most flexible girl in Portsmouth after taking up contortion during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alisha Kemp, 10, from Southsea, Hants has learnt contortion during the lockdown period. The avid cheerleader, who has been unable to perform during the pandemic decided to focus her efforts during this period on working to be as bendy as possible. After mum, Charlotte, struggled to find a local contorition teacher, she got in contact with Pixie Le Knot, one of the most flexible female contortionists in the UK, as featured in Game of Thrones, to do online sessions with Alisha during lockdown.

A talented make-up artist has become an internet sensation after spending up to 12 hours a day transforming herself into celebrities and sharing her jaw-dropping creations online

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicky Hill, 27, has recreated the recognisable features of celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Adele and former US President Donald Trump on her own face during lockdown. As well as creating amazing celebrity transformations, she has used her free time in lockdown to create Halloween-inspired looks and optical illusions on her face. She has used her own face as a “blank canvas” to create the stunning masterpieces using incredible shading and contouring techniques. Nicky, who has been unable to work due to Covid restrictions, has racked up a huge online following after wowing fans with her creations when she posted them to social media. Videos of Nicky’s creations have been viewed thousands of times and she has almost doubled her Instagram following to more than 14,000. Nicky, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Gtr Manchester, starts off with a photograph of the celebrity whose face she wants to imitate.

'Florida' a new eco-friendly super yacht powered by solar-panelled 'sails'

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible new eco-friendly £580m super yacht powered by retractable solar-panelled 'sails' has been revealed.  The 'Florida' yacht's enormous 80 metre tall carbon fibre 'sails' can power the vessel, either by solar energy, or wind. The innovative 160 metre-long design was dreamt up by Florida-based Norwegian designer Kurt Strand.  On days when there is no wind, the super yacht will be able to transform into 'solar sail' mode.

Air taxis are set to transport tourists to incredible 30 metre high landing towers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Air taxis are set to transport tourists to incredible 30 metre high landing towers in the middle of the wilderness, according to plans released by a leading design company. The structures will be powered by green energy and holiday makers will be flown to them in 'autonomous aerial vehicles'. Tourists can then dine out in the spectacular restaurant at the top of the building, due to be built at a location in Italy, before taking a scenic flight back to their hotel.  EHang Holdings, the company behind the unmanned aircrafts, has partnered up with Italian architects Giancarlo Zema Design Group to create the stunning eco-friendly 'vertiports'.

'M&S charged me £1,599 for a bunch of bananas'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cymbre Barnes, 28, pictured at the M&S in Greenwich, London, UK. Cymbre bought bananas for Ł1 and got charged Ł1599 via Apple pay.'M&S charged me Ł1,599 for a bunch of bananas'. Unlike with contactless payments, there is no limit to how much you can spend with Apple Pay.

A closer look at Nike's $400 Swarovski Crystal Air Max 97

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swarovski and Nike are gearing up to drop a blinged-out version of the Air Max 97. Reimagining the duo's 2017 collaboration in a new colorway, „Polar Blue” the shimmering sneaker is encrusted with hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals. Catching the light at every angle, the gems are applied to a silver fabric upper topped off with pastel blue Swoosh branding at the lateral and tongue. A white midsole and black outsole encase a clear Air Max unit, and silver laces finish off the shiny style. Swarovski x Nike's Air Max 97 „Polar Blue” prices at 400 Dollars and will release on Nike SNKRS on March 25.

A brave frog danced with death as it sat atop the jaws of a crocodile

***EXCLUSIVE*** PADANG, INDONESIA: The frog sat relaxed on top of the crocodile's head. THE MOMENT a brave frog danced with death as it sat atop the jaws of a crocodile has been revealed. Incredible pictures featured a three-ounce dumpy tree frog shortly after it had hopped on board the young one-feet-long river crocodile who stood with its jaw wide open. In another image, the pair of unlikely friends seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as they sat blissfully together. The spectacular pictures were taken in Padang, Indonesia, by photographer Yan Hidayat (35) who is also from Padang. Yan got within nine-feet of the spectacle and captured the images on his Nikon D90 using a Nikon 105 F2.6 Vr macro lens.

Fighting giraffes

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: Action packed images reveal the moment two eighteen-feet tall male giraffes swung their huge necks at one another as they fought over male dominance. The series of incredible pictures showed the flexible pair of 2,600-pound males as they dramatically dipped and swung their impressive six-foot-long necks at each other in an expert display of contortion. In one shot, a giraffe stood with his legs splayed out wide in a bid to keep his balance during the brawl. The spectacular images were taken at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, by vet and photographer Sonia Varma (32) from Nairobi, Kenya. Sonia used her Nikon D750 camera with Nikorr 200-400 lens to capture the scenes from just a few feet away.

Kestrel makes grab for 'no lunch'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kestrel makes grab for 'no lunch' after looking but failing to ambush a barn owl which had already eaten it's catch in the long grass. Local Geoff Pain, 71, spotted the pair only 5 minutes away from his home in Settle in North Yorkshire. He said, "The kestrel had seen the barn owl fly down into the grass so it flew across to a nearby post to await its chance. As soon as the owl emerged from the grass it was after it to try and relieve it of its prey only this time it was out of luck as the owl had either failed to catch anything or had already eaten its catch". "I suspectted the owl had caught a vole as did the kestrel as it was was waiting for the owl to reappear for about 2 minutes.  The kestrel was after the owl for the food. In the end they went their seperate ways".