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A 10-year-old boy whose leg was completely severed off by a speeding motorbike in a horror hit and run has taken on a running challenge for charity - just 10 months after the crash

***EXCLUSIVE*** Determined Max Clark has run a mile each day to raise funds so that other children can have access to physiotherapy which has allowed him to walk and run again. The little lad had been enjoying a day out in the park with his family on May 25 when he was struck by a motorbike at ‘crazy speeds’. Rider Jerome Cawkwell, 24, has been jailed for three years for causing a serious injury by dangerous driving after he struck the boy and sliced his leg off before fleeing the scene. Max was rushed from Rosmead Park in Hull, East Yorks., to Hull Royal Infirmary where doctors amputated his left leg from the knee down.

Brain surgery weight loss

***EXCLUSIVE*** JOURDANTON, TEXAS, USA: This woman was forced to lose over TWENTY-THREE STONE in less than three years after being diagnosed with a rare brain disorder that required surgery. Stay at home mum Evelyn Morales LaGrange (36) from Jourdanton, Texas, USA, was overweight throughout her childhood, but really started to gain weight rapidly after the birth of her daughter Rebecca (13) in 2007. In 2009, Evelyn was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of the hormones which regulate metabolism. As a result, Evelyn found it impossible to avoid piling on weight and at her heaviest she weighed 35st 8lb and struggled to fit into a UK size 36 dress. Evelyn’s weight led to a myriad of health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression and anxiety. At her heaviest, Evelyn was only able to take a few steps before having to rest and sit down due to breathlessness and pain in her joints. When in public, cruel strangers called Evelyn a cow and asked if she could see her own feet. Children would stare or laugh and she even caught numerous people taking pictures of her when they thought she wasn’t looking. Evelyn’s weight also affected her love life with one former hook-up telling her that sex would be easier if she was smaller. Standing up for herself, Evelyn replied that it would have been easier if he was more well-endowed and left. In February 2017, Evelyn was at home with her daughter and stepson Austin (14), when she suddenly felt a sudden pain in the back of her head. Losing her vision and control of her bowels, Rebecca called for an ambulance and Evelyn was rushed to hospital where she was joined by her husband Dennis LaGrange (42).

Orphaned lamb finds new family after he's adopted by a dog - who even go on walks together

***EXCLUSIVE*** An orphaned lamb got its spring back in its step after it was adopted by a four-year-old and her pet dog - and now loves going for 'walkies'. Brian the lamb was fostered by Ruby Clough, four, after its mother died in childbirth and sister soon after. The farmer was only too happy to let Ruby do the hard work needed to raise a vulnerable baby that needed special attention and regular bottle feeds. And the leaping lamb was an instant surprise hit with the girl's dog - border terrier Nel.

Super-talented armless painter in Chongqing

At the young age of 4, Huang Guofu lost his arms in a terrible electric shock accident. That didn't stop him from following his dreams, however, and at age 12, he began painting with his feet and began mouth-painting at age 27. Now, at the age of 51, he's the vice-curator of Chongqing Talents Museum, creating masterpieces using paintbrushes held in his mouth and between his toes. Awarded the position for both his artistic achievements and determined spirit, he has inspired other mouth-and-foot painters to join the museum.

Photographer captures incredible images of frozen Russian apartments in Europe’s coldest city

Vorkuta, Russian Federation: A photographer has captured a series of incredible images of frozen abandoned Russian apartments in Europe's coldest city. Photographer Arseniy Kotov, whose work focuses on documenting ''architecture and life in the post-Soviet world'', visited Vorkuta last month (Feb 21) and toured various housing complexes built for workers, many of which were abandoned when the mines closed. One building in particular, though, is evidence of how desertion continues to unsettle the once-thriving city, an ongoing problem that Kotov captured in a stunning series. Located about 110 miles from the Arctic Ocean lies the Russian town of Vorkuta, a small mining town that once held one of the largest and most gruelling forced labour camps during Stalin’s reign. The Vorkutlag forced-labour camp at Vorkuta was established in 1932. Mining continued after the Gulags disappeared, but high costs forced many mine closures in the early 2000s. Over the past two decades, Vorkuta has become something of a ghost town. Often plagued by temperatures as low as -61√ā¬įF (-52√ā¬įC)., the city now has one of the fastest dwindling populations in all of Russia. His photographs frame the dilapidated, five-story structure that’s entirely subsumed by feet-long icicles and mounded snow. Relics from former residents and the chipped, blue paint peek through the frost, much of which clings to the stairs and banisters and climbs the walls.

China's first 3D printed library in Shanghai

Photo shows a 3D printed library is seen at Wisdom Bay High-tech Park at Yunchuan Road of Baoshan District, Shanghai, China.

Abandoned sea monster

***EXCLUSIVE*** DAGESTAN, RUSSIA: Incredible images have revealed the secret abandoned Soviet Union plane-like ground effect vehicle that was discovered by the USA during the Cold War. Epic aerial drone pictures showed the expanse of the huge 301-feet-and-10-inches long structure which boasts an incredible 123-foot wingspan as it lay deserted on the shore. Interior images revealed complex-looking switch boards, controls and screens that have long seen better days. One picture showed what looks like an aeroplane cockpit with wires hanging from the metal roof. The stunning images of The KM (Korabl Maket) ground effect vehicle, which is also known as the Caspian Sea Monster, were taken in Dagestan, Russia by Alex Zaytsev (39) from Moscow, Russia, using their DJI Mavic Mini and GoPro7 cameras. The impressive structure was an experimental ground effect vehicle which was developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s by the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau. It began operation in 1966, and was continuously tested by the Soviet Navy until 1980 when it crashed into the Caspian Sea.

White peacock shows off his plumage

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare white peacock was captured showing off his stunning feathers as he flirted with females during mating season. Percy, aged five, has been spotted “strutting his stuff” to impress female peacocks Mable and Greta as mating season started this month. He also shakes and rattles his feathers while the females walk around him at Bird Gardens Scotland in Oxton, on the Scottish Borders. Mating season for peacocks usually lasts from March until April and eggs are expected to hatch in May.

Sony has revealed its latest next-gen VR controller for the PlayStation 5

***EXCLUSIVE*** The new gaming accessory arrives in the form of an „orb” shape that allows the user to hold it naturally. „Our new VR controller speaks to our mission of achieving a much deeper sense of presence and [a] stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences” told Sony's Senior Vice President of Platform Planning and Management Hideaki Nishino said in a blog post. The company is set to roll out prototypes of the VR controller to its development community soon.

Mother cheetah stand-off versus lioness

Masai Mara, Olare Conservancy, Kenya: A mother cheetah stood her ground when a lioness threatened her family. British photographer Paul Goldstein captured the scene in Kenya’s Masai Mara in December, 2020. The female lion was seen prowling near her four cubs, and there was a risk the youngsters would be attacked. But, thankfully, the cheetah mum’s brave stand-off with the invader paid off and her cubs went unharmed. Paul, who has guided in Kenya for almost 30 years, explains: „I thought I had seen it all when it came to jaw dropping feats of mothering, but apparently not. I was astonished as a cheetah took on a lioness three times her size. This mother's four cubs were only a couple of months old; they could never outrun a lioness and this particular one had already seen them. The mother's sole goal was to harass the predator until, exhausted, it lost interest. This was potentially catastrophic policy as any sort of physical engagement would have spelt the end for the mother. And her cubs. It could have gone either way, but after several traumatic minutes, the tawny cat lost interest and the cheetahs survived. This particular mom: Imani is a remarkable cat from a dynasty of them in Olare Conservancy. She flits between this priceless parcel of land and the reserve.” Paul Goldstein is a professional guide, photographer and presenter and co-owns Kicheche, four eco camps in Kenya.