Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Bringing back hot styles from 2011


Some questionable Trends From 2011 That Are, Unfortunately, Back




The 2011 Way: It was all about the denim, leather and tuxedo vests — and even better if they complemented that boho vibe we all had going on. This was a surefire way to spice up your maxi or fit-and-flare dress.

The 2021 Way: This time around, go the comfortable route with a sweater vest. Whether it's slightly oversized or cropped, you can play with proportion and add this piece to almost any outfit, especially over collared designs.

Standout collars

The 2011 Way: Peter Pan collars! So many Peter Pan collars. We have a feeling Zooey Deschanel's super sweet style influenced this trend.

The 2021 Way: It's all about the extra-large Pilgrim and prairie collars. It's an oversized detail that can instantly transform your outfit and make it seem more fashion-forward, even when paired with basic jeans, dresses, and sweaters.


The 2011 Way: We really, really committed to this extra bit of material, which was layered onto everything from dresses, to skirts, to pants. Yes, that's right — some of us wore peplum pants.

The 2021 Way: These days, we're more about the peplum blouse or jacket. The simpler the better, since that little ruffle is more than enough to add some flair to your look.

Pleated skirts

The 2011 Way: The accordion pleated midi skirt was somehow everywhere, thanks to its overall easy vibe. It was a quick something to pair with a cami during the summer months, but was also able to be styled with a sweater and tights in the winter.

The 2021 Way: Preppy, plaid pleated skirts — as in, the type you'd find in a school uniform — took over in 2020. We're still big fans of the Instagram-approved combination of wearing them with chunky socks and a sweatshirt.

Preppy shoe staples

The 2011 Way: A floral dress? Add some oxfords. Skinny jeans? Add some oxfords. This lace-up, menswear-inspired flat got some pretty great use that year.

The 2021 Way: While oxfords haven't exactly returned, we've definitely welcomed its cousin, the loafer, into the mix. Lug-soled styles will add even more interest and pop against feminine designs, and this shoe is just as versatile as our favorite pair of sneakers.

Peek-a-Boo Socks

The 2011 Way: Um, remember when we wore ankle socks with platform heels, and sometimes even styled them with heeled sandals?

The 2021 Way: These days, we can't get enough of longer-length socks, and mostly wear them with sweatpants, letting them scrunch up at the bottom. However, we're not opposed to bringing back the old trick of styling them with heels. Socks are super easy to throw on, but they always make a statement.

Blazers over everything

The 2011 Way: This was, perhaps, the early days of the blazer becoming our closet's most versatile layer — and no one nailed the look better than Olivia Palermo. Whether it was a two-toned design or something that could be belted, we found this piece made our outfits slightly more elevated, and could even be styled over gowns on special occasions.

The 2021 Way: So, it hasn't returned, really — the blazer never truly left. These days, though, oversized and long-line options are ones we know look great on everyone, and we've even worn them with sweats to give our cozy look a boost.