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Woman ditched her anxiety attack inducing job and spent EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUNDS converting a van into a cosy home on the road – and she claims she is now anxiety free

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Marketing freelancer Hilary Bird (30) from New Hampshire, USA, has always had a passion for travel but her successful career in corporate marketing meant that she was not able to travel as much as she would like. After seven years in corporate marketing, Hilary started to develop regular anxiety attacks and she knew that this was a sign that she needed to make a major change in her life. Hilary wanted to have the freedom to travel wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted and be her own boss where she could work remotely. Some of Hilary’s friends had lived the van life before and realising that this nomadic lifestyle would enable her to fulfil both her travel and remote working dreams, Hilary decided to do her research. In November 2019 Hilary took a massive leap of faith and quit her job without having another one lined up and bought a 1999 Ford E250 van for Ł4,479 ($6,200) to convert into her new home on wheels. Hilary spent the next five months transforming the former Holiday Inn shuttle bus with the help of her dad, Jim (61). After spending Ł2,600 ($3,600) on crucial repairs which included a new brake system and windshield and Ł1,228 ($1,700) on materials for the interior of the van, the build was complete. In May 2020, Hilary hit the road and she has since clocked up 15,000-miles, travelling through Idaho, the Pacific Northwest and Arizona. Since hitting the road, Hilary, who is currently located in California, has been completely anxiety-free. Van life has enabled Hilary to have more freedom and live life spontaneously - which she loves.

Man turns golf balls that he finds on his local course into miniature models

***EXCLUSIVE*** Golf fanatic Tony Amatruda has stunned friends by turning hundreds of old balls into models of famous characters including Homer Simpson, E.T. and Donald Trump. When he returns from a round, 82-year-old great grandfather spends hours moulding tiny bits of clay onto his old balls before carefully drying them with a hairdryer and painting them. He even has a series of handmade tools he uses to add fine details and the painstaking process can take days. Now his conservatory and three shelves of the glass cabinet in his sitting room are stacked with around 150 of the comical designs which include Miss Piggy, Yoda and a host of different animals.

Swan named Cedric infuriating his human neighbours by knocking on their front doors for hours on end

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mischievous swan has been spotted rattling letterboxes on a street in Northampton. The houses on Selston Walk in Northampton, sit alongside a pond where the swans normally live. However, one swan has taken a fancy to knocking the neighbors doors, despite residents fitting sonic animal deterrents. Residents are spitting feathers after being plagued a pesky swan that raps on their front doors for hours on end. “Cedric” has targeted a row of houses opposite a lake in Northampton, but nobody knows why. Bizarre footage shows the bird poking its beak through letterboxes and noisily clanging the metal. Stephen Legg, 70, who lives on Selston Walk, Northants., has tried and failed to deter the antisocial visitor.

Proud Yorkshireman with cerebral palsy is swapping his Stephen Hawking-like robotic voice for one with a local twang

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man with cerebral palsy whose computer generated voice sounds American is desperate to find volunteers who can help him create his native Yorkshire accent. Richie Cottingham, 26, said he dislikes his current voice and wants to sound like his family and friends who are all from Hull, East Yorks. The self professed ‘proud Yorkshireman’ has lived in East Yorkshire for his entire life and said his speaking aid’s generic voice does not represent who he is. Speech and language therapist Jennifer Benson has been helping Richie and they are hoping to find two men who are around his age to create a new voice in his preferred accent. Richie, who has had cerebral palsy since his birth, said the East Yorkshire accent would be ‘awesome’. Richie, from Hull, East Yorks., said: “I want to sound like my family and friends.

Two men caught smuggling gold and £280k in cash through airport under their WIGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Video grab from the extraordinary footage of two men attempting to smuggle gold and cash worth a total of $382,943 from southern India's Chennai International Airport on March 21 - underneath their wigs!  This is the moment two men were caught smuggling gold and cash into an airport - underneath their WIGS. The suspected were stopped at the exit - due to their suspicious hairstyles. Officials soon discovered they were wearing wigs - concealing two gold paste packets weighing 698 grams. Officials can be seen peeling back the fake hair to reveal black packets filled with cash and gold paste glued to their heads.

Squirrel sticks his toungue out after losing his grip on branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** OH NUTS!! A squirrel sticks its tongue out in reaction to getting its hind legs stuck in a branch during a game of kiss chase. Prerna Jain, 59, capture the comical moment in her back garden in New Delhi, India. She said, "It was early in the morning, this young squirrel was in a playful mood rushing down the tree, chasing another squirrel, kissing it and licking its companion. It suddenly lost control and was left hanging down from the branch by its two hind legs." "Her tongue stuck out as she was in a state of shock for a moment. I see squirrels running around in my garden every day but I had never realised they have a tongue as long as this. Soon it regained control and climbed back up the tree to safely." When I checked the picture on my camera I thought it very funny. I guess it was like, how a human would react in a situation like this."

The process of traditional fish sauce making

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers make soy sauce surrounded by hundreds of jars filled with fermenting rice and soy beans using a 'secret' age old recipe that has been passed down by generations in Vietnam. Famously named 'Ban' soy sauce, after the village in the Hung Yen province, its 'secret' partly comes from the use of rainwater or water from a borewell to wash and soak the rice. The rice is then cooked so it becomes sticky before it is scattered onto a large, bamboo flat basket and dried in an airy place until it turns yellow.

A brave praying mantis hopped on board a venomous blue viper who then wore the insect as if it were a CROWN

***EXCLUSIVE*** PADANG, INDONESIA: Hilarious pictures show the moment a brave praying mantis hopped on board a venomous blue viper who then wore the insect as if it were a CROWN. The incredible shots showed the tiny two-inch-long praying mantis standing proudly on top of the two-foot-long snake?s head without a care in the world. The funny pictures were taken in Padang, Indonesia, by photographer Yan Hidayat (35) who is also from Padang. Yan got within three-feet of the spectacle and captured the images on his Nikon D90 using a Nikon 105 F2.6 Vr macro lens.

Adorable images have captured the moment two smiling golden frogs sat atop a penny leaf tree and enjoyed the rain

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEKSAI, INDONESIA: In one image, the golden frogs were photographed as one tried to clamber on top of a leaf and used their companion along with its weight to pull themselves up, where they eventually formed the perfect pair. Another image showed the moment raindrops fell on top of the tiny frogs? heads and as they leisurely sat upon the leaves soaking in all the rain, one beamed with glee at the sight and feeling of the droplets. These adorable images were shot by Dzul Dzulfikri (48) from Beksai, Indonesia, who captured the two best friends in his back garden from just 11-inches away. After five minutes of sitting atop the penny leaf plant, the two frogs - which are pets of Dzul?s friends - finally got their long-awaited wish of rain. Dzul captured these images using a Canon 5D MK IV camera and a 100m macro L series lens. The golden frog is native to Colombia and can reach up to nearly two inches at full adult size. They can be found in a range of colours such as orange, green or yellow which can change to warn off potential predators.

This stunning video shows a luxurious hotel where you can enjoy a view of the Italian Alps - from an outdoor heated bed where the staff serve your breakfast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ieva Urenceva, 31, was lucky enough to experience the delight this first hand. The luxurious Chalet Al Foss Alp Resort is nestled in the snow-covered mountains of Trentino, Italy.   Patrons can enjoy breakfast from the comfort of a heated mattress - or pool - and kep toasty while taking in the beathtaking scenery.

Eerie images showed the remnants of an abandoned care home that was shut down

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: Eerie images showed the remnants of an abandoned care home that was shut down seven years ago after a CQC report deemed it unable to safeguard its residents. In one image, the old care home is shown with boarded up doors and smashed windows, along with uncut grass that made the building look forgotten and lost in time. Another image showed a discoloured and vandalised room of the care home that still had the remnants of an old chest of drawers, bed, table and fridge which had been left untouched in the building for seven years. Others showed an armchair that still had the footrest up and an eerie bedroom with red-like staining across the floor with a sign on the door that reads,”Do not use this space”. The eerie images were taken by security guard Rick Swindells (37) from Congleton, Cheshire, UK, who captured the images in his hometown. The care home - also known as Moody Hall - was shut down in September 2014 and hasn’t been touched since due to a failed inspection by the Care Quality Commission that found that the care home didn?t meet national standards, such as safeguarding residents from abuse and safe use of medicines. Rick used a Samsung s10 Plus phone to capture these spooky images. Moody Hall is a Grade II listed Georgian building and was built in 1777 for the Reade family who owned a large silk mill. In the 1990s, it turned into a care home but was soon shut down nearly 20 years later.

Rare Oasis gig contract requesting 'quality lager' sells for thousands at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare early Oasis gig contract specifying the need for quality lager and sober helpers has sold for thousands of pounds at auction. Sale of the contract prompted huge media interest and an intense bidding battle between online and phone bidders at Hansons Auctioneers’ Derbyshire saleroom today (March 23). But the hammer finally fell at £4,000, smashing the £1,000-£1,500 estimate. The item was purchased by a private UK online bidder. Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons, said: „There was phenomenal interest in this early Oasis contract, both from the media and the public, and we were not at all surprised to see it smash its estimate. It demonstrates the enduring appeal of this legendary British band.” In classic rock star-style, the original 1994 gig contract stipulates the need for „24 large cans of quality lager” for band and crew. But performing is clearly thirsty work because it also requests four litres of still mineral water, 10 cans of soft drinks, fruit juices teas and coffees. And though a note about crisps, nuts, biscuits and fruit has been scribbled out Oasis also requested a good quality two-course meal „not fast-food type” or £6 per head to purchase one. In addition, the contract asked for „at least two able-bodied, sober-speaking persons” to assist the road crew in moving equipment and setting up the stage.