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This hiker lost their footing and fell down an 100ft oceanside cliff - and survived

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gil Tighe, 25, was out for a hike on their birthday with their partner June Nuncio, 24, and they decided to try out a new trail, only for Gil to slip and fall down the cliff face. Gil recalled: "I woke up on the rocks covered in blood, my body was sore overall, I could clearly see my right arm was disfigured, and it felt as though my right eye was crushed and my lip was missing. "I would say that it is for sure the closest I've come to genuinely believing I was about to die."

This couple re-took their wedding photos in the original wedding dress and venue exactly 50 years after their marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carolyn and Kelly Gay, 70 and 76, got married on March 12 1971 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and returned there to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Carolyn spent three years growing out her hair before the shoot and didn't make any alterations to her dress as it still fit perfectly. She said: "I was pretty sure I was within five pounds of my weight as to what I weighed back when I was marred, so I thought 'I think I can get in that dress!'

Boy with ‘no brain’ continues to defy expectations after parents refused abortion five times

***EXCLUSIVE*** A boy who was born with just two percent of his brain which led doctors to believe he would live in a vegetative state has made a remarkable recovery to celebrate his ninth birthday. Brave Noah Wall developed a rare brain condition in the womb and his parents Michelle, 49, and Rob, 55, were told by doctors that he would likely never talk, walk, or eat on his own.

Meet the family who were fed up with mundane living so spent over TEN-THOUSAND POUNDS moving on to a bus with their five-year-old daughter - and have already travelled to eighteen states across the USA

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: Online teacher Morgan Funkhouser (33) from Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and her husband Angus Funkhouser (35) from San Diego, California, USA, met in 2005 where they dated for a few years but sadly split due to distance. After a year apart, the two got back together and they quickly decided to get married. They went on to have their daughter, Lula (5) in 2015. The trio have always lived in unusual places with their last home being a cabin on a cannabis farm in California which Angus used to own. Morgan used to occasionally teach art classes from home and they enjoyed living their lives off the grid and experiencing a unique way of living. After seven years on the cannabis farm, they started to feel discouraged by their way of life and they decided to look into renovating an old bus and living in it full time. They had previously purchased a 1976 Bluebird Wanderlodge bus in 2016 for £3,000 ($4,000) from Angus? mum and after Angus quit his job in 2017, the two set about renovating their van. Although they never initially saved up any money to renovate the van, the pair are quick thinkers when it comes to money making and started doing freelance work such as online teaching and selling and trading items they no longer needed alongside their full-time roles. Over the course of a year, they spent over £7,200 ($10,000) on gutting the van and building a study for Morgan and Angus, a bed for their great dane, Cosmos (7) and a little hideout area for their daughter as well as the necessities such as a kitchen, seating area and bed. Morgan is the planner of their trips and Angus is the designated driver and so far, the trio have travelled over 10,000-miles across America within the past year.

After being called „infectious” by her classmates due to her rare skin condition, this woman spent almost two-thousand-pounds on tattoos to cover it up

***EXCLUSIVE*** STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Hairdresser Anna Nass (25) from Stockholm, Sweden, started to develop a white spot behind her knee when she was eight years old. Believing it was caused by sunbathing in an unusual position, Anna didn?t think much of it at first. However, as she entered her teenage years, Anna noticed that the white spots had begun to spread all over her body. Before long, the skin on her hands and chest had lost its pigmentation and looked as if it had been bleached white. After visiting a doctor, Anna was diagnosed with having vitiligo - a condition in which the skin loses its pigment. Feeling self-conscious, Anna would cover up at school so her classmates wouldn?t see her patchy skin. However, this was not always possible and Anna was at the receiving end of bullying with some children calling her ?disgusting,' whilst others would avoid her as if she had an infectious disease. Anna sought potential remedies for her vitiligo but was told that the only option available was an experimental course of radiation therapy. Anna felt that the risks of undergoing this treatment meant that it was not worth pursuing. Feeling helpless, Anna did not dare go to the beach or wear dresses for fear of what people might say about her skin. In her late teens, a mixture of wanting to cover up her vitiligo and a passion for body art led Anna to get her first tattoo on her arm.

Meet The Beakles! Hairy canary has an unruly mop top... just like the Fab Four in their heyday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 15 year old girl and her pet canary have become unlikely social media sensations and amassed thousands of followers during lockdown. Georgie Shute and her 'diva' Gloster Canary Barry first started to gain attention after people noticed the bird's unusual bowl style 'haircut'. The schoolgirl said that Barry, who she affectionately refers to as 'Birb', went viral after she snapped a picture of him bathed in rainbow sunlight showing off his plumage.   She posted the picture online and was instantly overwhelmed with messages - and her Instagram account 'barrybirb' now has just under 11,000 followers.

Detail of fruit and veg as you've never seen them before

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing up close photos show fruit and vegetables as you've never seen them before. Photographer Roni Hendrawan used a special lens to capture the vibrant images of aubergines, sweetcorn, onions, limes, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. The 29 year old spent three months assembling the produce in lockdown from what he would ordinarily eat before doing the shoot in his kitchen with a macro lens.

A talented baker created a cake that looked exactly like his own hand, complete with tattoos and a gold 'ring' - and then proceeded to chop it up and EAT it

***EXCLUSIVE*** Culinary artist Ben Cullen, 30, is known for his amazingly life-like cake creations - and his latest bake did not disappoint. Ben, from Chester, Cheshire, baked a chocolate sponge cake and decorated it with sugarpaste detailing, to perfectly replicate his left hand.

Lego launches epic 2,354-piece NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set

***EXCLUSIVE*** NASA and LEGO have unveiled the Space Shuttle Discovery kit complete with the Hubble Space Telescope that was launched during the agency's STS-31 mission in 1990. Created with a total of 2,354 pieces, the build is a 1:70 scale model of the shuttle. The set highlights NASA's Dr. Kathy Sullivan - the first American woman to walk in space - and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first space shuttle flight. Standing at over 8.5 inches tall, 21 inches long and 13.5 inches wide, the shuttle features authentic details with opening payload bay doors, retractable landing gear, an opening cockpit and five crew member seats in their correct placement. NASA and LEGO's Space Shuttle Discovery kit is priced at approximately $200 USD and will be available on the LEGO webstore starting April 1.

Incredible moment zebra just escapes the jaws of a crocodile

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: The incredible moment a canny zebra escaped the jaws of a five-hundred-pound crocodile has been revealed. The stunning series of images showed the 440-pound zebra as it attempted to cross a river where a powerful 16-foot-long croc was lurking under the surface. Pictures revealed how the opportunistic reptile predator violently lifted the five-foot-tall zebra out of the water by the neck and sent droplets of blood flying as it pierced the zebra?s skin. Another image showed how the zebra?s defensive struggle paid off as it managed to escape the jaws of the hungry crocodile and flee to the safety of the riverbank. The remarkable shots were taken by photographer Harman Singh Heer (19) from Perth, Australia, at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Harman used a Canon EOS 1DX M2 with a Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 lens to capture the lucky zebra?s plight from 230-feet away.

Poignant images of London’s deserted underground system have been released

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Poignant images of London?s deserted underground system have been released ? more than a year after Brits were told to stay at home. The eerie images which were taken this month revealed empty escalators and tube platforms which would have been jam-packed with Londoners and tourists alike in pre-pandemic times. Other shots showed desolate and winding white-tiled corridors with no passers-by present, a stark contrast to the busy thoroughfare of previous years. The pictures, which were taken by London-based professional photographer Aaron Parsons (32), feature in his new series titled, London's Lonely Lockdown. Aaron used his Nikon D850 camera to capture a quieter underground system.

The moment a lone buffalo was cornered by a deadly TRIO of ravenous lions

***EXCLUSIVE*** KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA: See the moment a lone buffalo was cornered by a deadly TRIO of ravenous lions. In the nail biting footage, a 570-pound male lion leapt down from a hillside to close in on a 1,500-pound buffalo, but the buffalo stood its ground and forced the lion onto a nearby rock. A further two lions then joined in, circling the buffalo and evening out the playing field. With numbers on their side, the deadly trio pounced and made their kill. Trail ranger Jan Kriel (50) from Mpumalanga, South Africa, captured the breath-taking footage in the country?s Kruger National Park from just several feet away using a mobile phone camera. The three male lions spent 90-seconds cornering and stalking the lone buffalo before diving in to make their kill. Lions often hunt by ambushing their prey. The pride fan out in a semi-circle ? herding the prey in to the centre where it?s easier for them to make their final kill. Whilst lionesses hunt roughly 90 per cent of the pride?s food, males won?t pass up a prime hunting opportunity.