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Stylish duck looks like Elvis Presley with hair do and leg dance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stylish duck with a white quiff and inverted foot looks like Elvis Presley dancing. The eight month old crested duck, called Britney, suffered a broken foot when she was younger - which with her hair makes the Elvis resemblance all the more uncanny. Despite her injury resulting from rough play with the family dog, Britney still sees herself as more of a Hound Dog, and prefers the company of canines to fellow birds. The photos were taken by her owner, Guerdlei Grodzki, in her home in the city of Curitiba, in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná.

This magical picture shows a premature baby girl who doctors believed ‘would not make it’ sharing an adorable cuddle with her twin brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum Laura Hough, 27, said seeing her twins holding hands for the first time after they were finally reunited two weeks later left her in tears and ‘filled with love’. Doctors told Laura that baby Neve would likely not survive the pregnancy as she was not getting enough nutrients in the womb due to her placenta deteriorating.  The first-time mum said that thinking about potentially losing her baby girl was ‘terrifying’ and all she could do was think about whether they were going to be okay.

A champion kickboxer fought off masked man who confronted her when exercising

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kickboxing champion who was grabbed by a man while out for a morning run punched him so hard she broke her hand. Natasha Hamilton, 30, was stunned when a man in a face mask grabbed at her as she went for a run at 10.30am along a busy main road Mum-of-one Natasha lamped the attacker so hard she broke her hand after responding using her basic instincts from training. She praised cops for their efforts to trace the man, who was wearing dark clothes and a disposable face mask, and has changed her running route in Edinburgh.

After being mum-shamed for not being 'perfect' this woman decided to share pictures of what real motherhood looks like, warts and all - and her honesty has attracted a legion of followers

***EXCLUSIVE*** PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, USA: Like a lot of mothers, stay-at-home mum of three and entrepreneur Abigail Kelley (30) from Prescott, Arizona, USA, felt the pressure to fit in with the idea of being the „perfect” mum thanks to the false social media world of airbrushing, filters and staged photographs. Abigail, who is also a content creator, felt like she wasn’t good enough because she didn’t have a spotless home, feed her children organic meals or dress them in designer clothing and equip them with the latest toys like the other mums who she saw on social media. Realising that other mums were also comparing themselves to the filtered versions of reality online and feeling inadequate, Abigail decided to act by sharing pictures of her real motherhood moments showing the struggles that she goes through daily to prove to others that they are not alone. Since then, Abigail has garnered an incredible 24,000 followers on Instagram and helps make other mums feel supported and empowered everyday through her real, raw posts which send out a positive message. Abigail aims to bring a smile to other mums? faces with her letter board posts which all have reassuring sentiments and read things like: „There’s so much pressure on mums to be perfect. #stopmumshaming”, and, „Yes, I have a partner but motherhood is still really hard”, or „Mums: master multitaskers. Modern day superheroes”. Mum shaming is something that Abigail has experienced first-hand and she says that this is something that has actually increased with the growing popularity of her posts. Abigail has said that the judgement from others criticising her parenting style has affected her confidence in the past but now she has learnt to ignore the negative comments and focus on the positives.

Lottery winner quits her job and eyes up a Porsche Cayenne after she and her partner scoop £10,000 a month for the next 30 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hard-working couple from Hucknall near Nottingham will see their dreams of becoming home and furniture designers come true thanks to a National Lottery win that sees them banking £10,000 every month for the next 30 years. Laura Hoyle (39) and Kirk Stevens (37), are blown away by the news of their Set For Life win which they say will change their lives forever and help their dreams come true. The couple matched all five main numbers plus the Life Ball to win the top prize in the Set For Life draw on 1 March. However, it was another 13 days before the couple realised their amazing good fortune.

Amateur astronomer photographing incredible space scenes from his own BACK GARDEN since 2017

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amateur UK astronomer has shared some of his proudest works after photographing incredible space scenes from his own BACK GARDEN. Russell Atkin, 52, took up astronomy eight years ago - and has shared some of his most incredible photographs taken from his own back garden. Russell, who lives in Woodseats, Sheffield, said he has been “fascinated by stars and planets” since childhood and has photographed a range of incredible sights using his high-tech telescopes. The pictures show some of his most eye-catching captures from the past few years - including his own top picks, the stunning Pleiades star cluster and the famous Orion Nebula.

Woman says steroid creams have left her with skin as thick as an ELEPHANT and insomnia that she hasn't been able to shake for THREE MONTHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** DERBYSHIRE, UK: This woman says steroid creams have left her with skin as thick as an ELEPHANT and insomnia that she hasn't been able to shake for THREE MONTHS. Pharmacist Sofia Love (24) from Derbyshire, UK, was diagnosed with eczema at birth and was prescribed with steroid creams as a teenager to prevent her skin from developing a painful and itchy rash. With her medication proving less effective as she reached her late teens, Sofia’s GP prescribed her with a higher potency steroid cream at the age of 18 to alleviate her worsening symptoms. For the next five years, Sofia’s cream successfully reduced the red, painful rashes associated with the skin condition. However, in July 2020, Sofia had a major flare-up in which the skin on her arms, legs, and face became red, inflamed, and itchy. Sofia began to think that the steroid creams she had been taking for so long were not proving to be as effective as they once had. After conducting her own research online and talking to an old friend from school who had suffered similar symptoms, Sofia began to believe her unbearably painful skin was a sign of topical steroid withdrawal - an adverse reaction to steroid creams if they are overused or suddenly stopped. Since Sofia had been prescribed with her steroid cream for over five years, she was convinced that this was the root cause of her growing problem. Sofia’s condition continued to worsen and her flare ups would leave her with cracked, flaky skin and red, crusty eyes. Sofia even had to go to A&E after the extreme dryness in her eyes led to her cornea becoming stuck to her upper eyelid.

First-time buyer transforms entire home for just £4,000 using black tape and a potato

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHEFFIELD, UK: Graphic designer and solo first-time buyer Kelly Rowland (32) from Sheffield, UK, purchased her Edwardian three-bedroom semi-detached home in 2019 for Ł126,000. Whilst the house needed some updating, Kelly wasn’t too fazed by this. Although Kelly had never completed a DIY project on this scale, she’d grown up decorating alongside her late mum, Lynda, and had self-taught herself plastering by the age of 14 and flooring, paving, and fitting UPVC windows by the age of 21. Excited by the challenge, Kelly set to work updating her home and garden on a modest budget of Ł3,500. One of Kelly’s most budget-savvy transformations has been her garden which in total, cost less than Ł300. Kelly utilised picket fencing left from the previous owners and sanded and cut this down to create a log and bin store. The garden table and benches were purchased second-hand from Facebook Marketplace for just Ł30. Kelly sanded the furniture back to its natural finish and then painted the bases black (Ł13) before sealing them with exterior varnish (Ł16). The bulk of the cost in the garden went on purchasing timber to create a long slatted planter. Kelly used recycled timber for the frame and then purchased some extra slats for Ł124 and fixed the materials together herself. To complete the garden, Kelly created a faux tiled wall using masonry paint (Ł17) and a stencil (Ł7) and spent the remainder of the budget on plants for the timber planter. Kelly’s home was equipped with a fairly modern kitchen but the bland, beige cupboards lacked the finish and style Kelly desired. Unable to justify replacing these completely, Kelly upcycled the cabinets for just Ł150 - saving herself hundreds of pounds.

An Oxford family were stunned when an ornament dug up in a pub garden decades ago turned out to be an Oriental treasure worth thousands of pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Not only that, the bronze 19th century Chinese censer had been kept in their hall for years decades and used to pop car keys in. But that didn’t deter keen bidders when the item went up for auction at Hanson Holloway’s Ross in Banbury, Oxfordshire. It was contested to £2,100 from a guide price of £300-£400 and was snapped up by a Chinese buyer. Its route to auction came about thanks to TV antiques expert David Harper. He said: “I was doing a Facebook Live event about antiques when a message came through from Abigail Pine whose family own the object. I knew it could be worth a lot of money and asked them to send me some pictures and information. “The story gets more remarkable because the censer, which is an incense burner, was dug up in the 1950s by Abigail’s ancestors in the garden of their pub in Northumberland when they were digging for potatoes.”

A woman who felt so ashamed of her body has lost 17 stone after she binned - all the MIRRORS in her house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nikita Orr, 23, tipped the scales at 26st and 4.5lb after years of eating four Chinese takeaways a week, her "go-to" dinner, and snacking on crisps and chocolate. She piled on the pounds after struggling with postnatal depression following the birth of her first daughter when she was just 15. Devoted mum Nikita could barely walk due to her size 24 frame which left her in "constant agony" and was embarrassed to take her kids to school.

An actress who was left bed-bound and unable to walk after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis has defied all the odds in reaching the finals of Miss England

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alexandra Taylor, 23, was left immobile and bed bound after she woke up one morning and was unable to move her legs and feet when she was only 12-years-old.  After 18 months of being told not to walk, having to use a wheelchair and unable to leave her home she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 14.  Due to not being able to walk and told to remain immobile, she was forced to re-learn how to use her legs again.  Alexandra who missed out on her final years at school, was left with no friends, unable to walk and feeling like she had been diagnosed with an “old person disease”.  But the beauty queen has now defeated the odds spending years relearning how to walk and cope with her diagnosis.  She has now reached the final of the prestigious beauty pageant where she will compete against 27 other girls this summer.

Now THOSE are some jaws! Gigantic crocodile swallows a SHARK in Australia

***EXCLUSIVE*** EASTERN AUSTRALIA: The extraordinary moment an enormous one-thousand-five-hundred-pound crocodile eats a SHARK has been captured on camera. In one photo, the Nile crocodile could be seen closing in on the 100-pound bull shark pup with its huge mouth open wide, ready to feast on its prey.  In a second image, the reptile was pictured with the shark upside down between its jaws, unable to escape its grim fate. The once in a lifetime moment was captured by research scientist and photographer Mark Ziembicki (46) from North Queensland, Australia, during a recent visit to the east coast of Australia. According to Mark, the combination of the recent opening of the St Lucia estuary and excessive rainfall inland caused freshwater species to be washed downriver into saline coastal waters, leading to the unlikely meeting between the two apex predators - which happened just 60 feet away from where Mark was standing. Mark captured the images using a Canon 5D SLR camera with a 300mm lens. Crocodiles have the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom, with the Nile species’ bite exerting a force eight times greater than that of a great white shark.

Stunning images reveal the beauty of the ancient relics of the remote Easter Island

***EXCLUSIVE*** EASTER ISLAND: Stunning images reveal the beauty of the ancient relics of the remote Easter Island. The breath-taking pictures showed the magnificent Ahu Tongariki structures during the day and at night with the stars shining down on them. The structures, which consist of 15 moai - stone human monolithic figures - were carved by the Island’s Rapa Nui people between the years 1250 and 1500 and weigh up to 86-tonnes each. Other images showcased the beauty of the island’s rugged coastline and expressive volcanic landscapes where wild horses roam. The incredible shots were taken by photographer Paul Zizka (41) from Banff, Canada on a trip to Easter Island. Paul stayed on the island for 10 days with his family and used Canon 5D3 and Canon 5D4 cameras to capture his pictures.

Ex-SED leadership bunker to be auctioned off

***EXCLUSIVE*** The protective bunker for the SED district administration in Neubrandenburg will be auctioned off by "Deutsche Grundstuecksauktionen AG" in Berlin on March 25, 2021. The minimum bid for about 280 square meters of bunker usable space including 5000 square meters of forest secured with barbed wire is to be 7000 euros. At the auction, which is being held via the Internet due to Corona restrictions, 78 plots of land, mostly from eastern Germany, are up for auction.

Fishing using a bamboo frame and nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reflections of fishermen ripple on the surface of a lake as the men use traditional techniques to catch the fish. The fishermen stand at the end of wooden canoes with large bamboo sticks and nets in their hands, the tools of the trade in this region of Bangladesh. They are fishing in the Tanguar Haor, a vast area of wetlands including lakes and swamps in the region of Sunamganj.

UK’s largest seal colony – all of whom were perfectly happy to pose for a quick snap

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORFOLK, UK: This photographer captured the UK’s largest seal colony - all of whom were perfectly happy to pose for a quick snap. In one image, a 130-pound grey seal used its flippers to draw itself closer to a nearby bird, hoping to strike up a friendship with the tiny creature. In another, a lighter-coloured seal lifted its flipper as it appeared to smile and wave towards the camera. Photographer Laura Lake (37) from Norwich, UK, captured the adorable snaps at Horsey Gap in Norfolk, UK. Laura spent all day photographing the cute creatures from just 50 feet away. Around 40 per cent of the world’s grey seal population live in the UK. The seals retreat to sandy beaches to give birth but can also be found bobbing about just for fun. Females usually have their pups within one day of arriving on the beach.

Mad as a March hare

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two mad march hares do battle as they appear to be boxing each other in a field near Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The images were taken by Martin West, who spent hour observing the hares waiting for the perfect moment. The 37 year old said “This behaviour is usually observed at the start of spring during mating season, with he females getting on their hind legs to box the males away”. “I’ve been trying to capture this for years and I’m over the moon to have finally seen it!”