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A boy who raised nearly £500K by sleeping in his garden for a YEAR has finished his epic camp out

***EXCLUSIVE*** Max Woosey, 11, began camping in his garden on March 27 last year in memory his friend and neighbour, Rick Abbot, who sadly died in February 2019. Rick, who was 74, had given Max a tent and told him to have an adventure with it, so he decided to camp out in the garden of his family home in Braunton, Devon. He has camped in his garden through snow and storms every night since March 28, 2020. On Saturday night he was joined by hundreds of other youngsters globally for a Big Camp Out to mark the year. He started the stunt aiming to raise £100 for the North Devon Hospice, which has helped look after an unwell neighbour. Now proud mum Rachael, 48, from Braunton, Devon, said Max might find it hard moving back inside. Tough Max Woosey says he is not yet ready to go back indoors and wants “another adventure” to get to the £1million fundraising mark.

Europe's largest hoard of Iron Age coins worth up to GBP10 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The destiny of a hoard of almost 70,000 Iron Age coins found in a field in Jersey is close to being resolved after more than nine years, the Chief Minister has said.  Senator John Le Fondré told the States Assembly this week that he understood that a final valuation for the Câtillon II hoard had been conducted and that an agreed sum was in place which would enable it to remain in Jersey. First unearthed by metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles in a field in Grouville in January 2012, the hoard of 69,347 coins has been officially recognised as a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Iron Age coinage ever found. As well as the coins, the hoard included a number of gold torques and other artefacts and is estimated to date from the first-century BC.

A schoolboy who was born with one arm is looking forward to “doing things other kids can do” after his teacher made him a special prosthetic limb for just £30

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lewis McCaslin, 12, was given the “life-changing” appendage by Daniel Grant, a design technology teacher at Bradfield School in Sheffield, South Yorks. The youngster had been born without a left forearm after complications at birth and was given a prosthetic arm by the NHS when he was five. But Lewis, who has ADHD and Tourette's, did not find the arm comfortable as it was too heavy and was fixed in position, which restricted what he could do with it.

Woman was GHOSTED by a date after telling him she had alopecia - but admits her condition has been a good tool for filtering out timewasters

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWBURY, WEST BERKSHIRE, UK: Asset management senior executive Amy Burbage (31) from Newbury, West Berkshire, UK was 17 when she felt a patch of hair, the size of a two pence coin missing at the back of her head. After ?freaking out? to her mum, Sharon (58) Amy arranged an appointment with her GP who thought it looked like alopecia and conducted blood tests to investigate further. The results showed that Amy was suffering from extreme iron deficiency and was told that this was the likely cause of her hair loss. Amy was prescribed iron tablets and was relieved to find that in the nine months that followed, her hair started to grow back. However, after returning to the doctor, Amy was then taken off her iron medication, since her iron levels had returned to normal. Soon after, her hair once again began to fall out, but this time much more quickly. Amy drastically searched for potential solutions to her hair loss online, but was only met with a plethora of negativity and no success stories regarding a cure. Amy was diagnosed with the most severe form of alopecia, called alopecia universalis, in which all hair on the head and body falls out. Between the ages of 17 and 18, Amy?s thick, luscious blonde hair fell out completely, leaving her completely bald. For a teenager, who was admittedly vain prior to this, Amy?s hair loss was absolutely devastating and she was left feeling as if she was grieving for her former-self. Previously seeking out and receiving plenty of attention from boys, Amy retreated into her shell and tried to avoid drawing attention to herself. Despite her friends and family offering their love and support, Amy didn?t know of anyone else with her condition and felt completely alone.

Make-up artist creates famous faces on herself

Manchester, United Kingdom: A gifted British make-up artist can transform herself into celebrities. Nicky Hill, 27, from Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, has used her skills with a brush to recreate the features of Adele, Angelina Jolie, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Nicky says the Covid-19 pandemic found her unable to do her usual work, so she has used her abilities to use her face as a canvas. Her work not only includes famous faces, but wacky designs featuring bananas, Spider-Man, a snake and even a mouse appearing in her cheek.

Antique clockmaker spends hours resetting HUNDREDS of timepieces in time for the clocks going forward

***EXCLUSIVE*** Antique clock repairers have their work cut out this weekend as the clocks go forward signalling the start of British Summer Time. While most of us deal with losing an hour of sleep on Sunday, Dorset Antique Clocks in Abbotsbury, Dorset, have the daunting task of resetting hundreds of clocks an hour later. Their impressive collection of timepieces, which is believed to be one of the most extensive and diverse in the south of England, includes a 236-year-old table clock worth £55,000.

A stylish suit discarded by David Bowie after he spilt cigarette ash on it has sold for £10,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The late icon wore the Japanese-made beige Issey Miyake suit to a London nightclub in 1982. He ditched it during the raucous night after a lit cigarette burnt a hole in it. Bowie, then aged 35, asked his assistant to fetch his suitcase from the car so he could change into a different outfit. He left the suit next to a sofa in the office of the Ultra nightclub, which was owned by Steve Strange of synthpop band Visage. Strange took the suit home and kept hold of it for three decades before gifting it to his friend Jayce Lewis, a fellow musician.

IKEA 'Quillow' is a quilt and pillow in one

***EXCLUSIVE*** With lockdown restrictions starting to ease and many of us planning to spend more time enjoying the garden and outdoors, IKEA has announced the launch of a simple, yet innovative cushion that can turn into a full sized quilt. Not only is the 'quillow' a cosy and comfortable accessory for „al fresco April” and beyond, it’s also made from 100% recycled polyester, making it a more sustainable choice too. The £25 FeLTMAL recently arrived on the retailer's US site and is expected to be available for UK customers in the coming weeks. The original design is made of 100 percent Nylon and recycled materials, but after hitting the Swedish furniture giant's website, the cushion's cocoon-like appearance gathered mixed reaction online. The FeLTMAL comes in green and measures 75x47 inches. A smart fishnet pocket on its side means it can also be used to put away books or documents if needed. It comes with a button at the back to 'keep it from sliding off when you reach for your coffee,' IKEA's website reads. When times comes to pack up, the coat-quilt can easily be folded back into a cushion thanks to the zipper on its side. The low maintenance items can be put into the washing machine and the tumble dryer if need be. On the website, IKEA amused fans by keeping the reveal inside the product description, presenting the pillow as a normal item before uncovering its unique coat function.

A box of Fidel Castro's favourite unsmoked Cuban cigars has sold for over £4,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The late Cuban leader presented the box of Cohiba Lanceros cigars to a foreign businessman during a dinner on the island in 2004. He signed the 8ins by 8ins box containing 13 cigars for the vendor who has kept hold of it since. The Cohibas were reportedly Castro's favourite cigar brand and were typically given to diplomats and heads of states he felt 'deserved' them. The cigars fetched £4,250 including fees when they went under the hammer with London-based Chiswick Auctions.

Iceland eruption

***EXCLUSIVE*** FAGRADALSFJALL, ICELAND: Witness the volcano that?s been erupting for a WEEK and could continue to for YEARS ? after lying dormant for SIX MILLENNIA. In the breath-taking footage, molten lava shot several foot into the air above the volcano?s crater before cascading down and illuminating the rock face with an orange glow. As the lava traversed down, it began to mix with the black molten rock eventually spreading into the surrounding rocky landscape. Photographer Joseph Hall (32) from London, UK, and known online as Joe Shutter, witnessed the incredible volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. Joe was positioned just 150-foot away as the molten lava ran down the volcano?s rock face. He captured the event using his DJI Phantom 4 PRO camera. Over the last year, Fagradalsfjall has been hit by two earthquakes and in March 2021 alone, 40,000 earth tremors were detected in the area. The volcano erupted on March 19, 2021, and has shown no signs of slowing down. This marks the first time the volcano has erupted in 6,000 years and it could continue for many years due to its low-profile ?shield? structure. This means the volcano is both low and wide.

Holidaying in Europe a century ago: Colourised images show fascinating glimpse of what a trip to the continent was like before package holidays

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS, EUROPE: Colourised photographs reflect on what it was like to travel across EUROPE one hundred years ago. In one image, a group of dancers performed whilst wearing traditional himation tunics at an ancient stone relic site in Greece in 1929. In another, female flamenco dancers wore sevillana dresses whilst a male dancer played the tambourine as the troupe performed at a small village in Spain. Others showed an ornate beach-hut sat atop the busy sands of a British seaside resort, and Spain?s Burgos Cathedral originally consecrated in the year 1260. The photographs were taken by German-American photographer Arnold Genthe whilst on a tour of Europe during the early 1900s. Arnold moved to San Francisco, USA, to further his career as a tutor in the late 1800s but returned to Europe for a visit during his later life. With international travel currently completed halted due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions, the photos offer a rare glimpse into the quarantine, test, and fine-free travelling lives of the generations that preceded us.

Say goodbye to ‘coronasomnia’ with the Yana Sleep Body Pillow

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you're currently not getting enough sleep due to stress, we've found the perfect solution to your problem. Founded by Anastasia Alt and Karalyn Zamora, Los Angeles-based home goods brand Yana is known for its Sleep Pillow that wraps around your body, allowing you to fall asleep with ease. The product's exterior is crafted from organic cotton and bamboo velour, while the inside comes with organic shredded latex material on the inside that maintains its U-shape. Designed to contour the body, the pillow relieves tension in the knees and joints. Priced at 199 Dollars, the Yana Sleep Pillow is now available to purchase online.

Workers load and transport watermelons on boats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers unload thousands of colourful watermelons from boats at a bustling riverside market. The largest of the boats can fit up to 500 melons, which are then carried in baskets balanced on the heads of the workers and loaded into delivery vans. The melons weigh between five and 20 kilograms, and each day up to 100,000 of the fruit are transported for sale at markets across Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Bamboo hats workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of freshly-made bamboo hats are laid out to dry in rows on a baking hot day. Workers placed about 300 handcrafted bamboo sun hats on a field next to the town of Pindaya in Myanmar. Here, workers weave the hats by hand before leaving them to dry in the sun.