Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Little girl was born with a rare condition that causes her hair to stand on end

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUFFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM: This little girl was born with a rare condition that causes her hair to stand on end - and it only affects ONE-HUNDRED people WORLDWIDE. Reflexologist Kerry Cole (41) from Newmarket, Suffolk, UK, met her husband Kennie Cole (40) in January 2013 and after three years of being together, they decided to start a family. They went through IVF and had their daughter Keira (4) in March 2017. At around five months of age, Kerry started to notice that her daughter had straw-like hair that was brittle and hard to brush. She started researching online and found that those with uncontrollable hair syndrome - a rare genetic condition that causes hair to stand up on the scalp and cannot be combed flat - likely have this texture of hair. In March 2018, they visited their doctor who diagnosed Keira with uncontrollable hair syndrome and she was referred to a specialist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. The specialist said that the condition shouldn?t affect Keira?s development and that it should hopefully calm down by the time she became a teenager when her hormones would start to change. Kerry tries to cope with her daughter's hair by using leave-in conditioner and special shampoos such as ?cantu? - a deep moisturising shampoo which reduces frizz - but so far nothing has worked to control Keira?s condition entirely. Kerry comments that the hardest part of her daughter?s condition is washing her hair as she has a very dry, sensitive scalp which is red and painful to the touch. However, Keira is lucky enough to have only suffered from the minor symptoms caused by the condition which can include more serious symptoms such as hair loss, fragile hair, and weak bone development.

An artist has recreated Olympic sports on the small-scale using sweets, cocktail sticks and tiny 2cm tall figurines

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer David Gilliver, 41, named the series 'The Mini-Olympics', and reimagines ten sporting events using objects you'd find round the house. This includes 'Macaroni Hurdles' and 'Linguine Vault', capturing tiny sportspeople competing with bits of pasta.  The '400m sweet style' shows a swimming race taking place between barriers made of candy beads threaded onto sticks of dried spaghetti.

Mark the raccoon drinking from a glass - and he refuses to drink liquids unless they are served to him exclusively from glasses and jugs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This sophisticated raccoon loves nothing more than drinking from a glass and turns his nose up if offered a beverage in anything else. Three-year-old Mark the raccoon refuses to drink liquids unless they are served to him exclusively from glasses and jugs. Owner Sveltana Schwabenlandt, 34, always films the fussy rodent when he takes a drink as he pulls some ridiculous and comical faces. Sveltana, from Orsk, Russia, said: "Mark is an unusual raccoon! He looks more like a child! I believe that Mark is trying to copy us!

This married mom-of-two makes over $4,000 a month selling videos of herself farting on the internet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Martin, 48, a former travel agent, has been “flatulence camming” since 1999 and now charges $4.99-a-month for people to view her exclusive bottom burping content. Her diet is specifically designed to help her perform. “I eat a lot of salad, asparagus, and avocados,” said Emma, [not her real name] from Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

A great-grandfather is aiming to rollerskate 90 laps of a courtyard before his 90th birthday for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Wilcock, from Warwick, has not skated for around 70 years but says he was inspired to raise money by Marcus Rashford's free school meals campaign and Captain Sir Tom Moore.  So far he has raised more than £3,600 for food charity FareShare.  Mr Wilcock said, being brought up in a poor family, he "knows what it is like to go to school hungry".  Initially planning to sell the skates after a disastrous first attempt, he was inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore's pledge to walk 100 lengths of his garden and decided to set his own challenge.  As a 19-year-old in the RAF, Mr Wilcock said he was stationed near Crowmar in Norfolk and would go roller skating each Saturday, but admitted the "young ladies in their fancy dresses" were more of an attraction than the skating.

A 16-time karate world champion who had never run before lockdown has completed THREE marathons in only 24 hours while dressed as Spiderman to raise money for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-fit Jason Baird, 35, kicked off at around midday on Saturday (Mar 27) and didn’t stop for the next 24 hours and 78 miles until finally putting his feet up yesterday afternoon. The martial arts instructor suffers from asthma and had never run before lockdown but since last March he has raised more than £80,000 for charity and ran over 1,000 miles. Dad-of-two Jason, dubbed the ‘Stockport Spiderman’ after weaving a web of smiles around his hometown dressed as the superhero, described this weekend’s challenge as “gruelling”.

The mum of a cancer-stricken little boy feels like she’s “won the lottery” after he was finally given the all-clear - paving the way for him to undergo a pioneering £210,000 treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Oliver Stephenson, five, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in January 2020 and doctors soon discovered the disease had spread to his skull, eye sockets and bone marrow. The youngster underwent chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell treatment and a bone marrow transplant before receiving the incredible news he’s in remission on Friday (Mar 26). This major development means Oliver will now be able to travel to America for a pioneering clinical trial vaccine called bivalent, which it is hoped will prevent the disease from returning.

A mum who gave her son an at home lockdown haircut is furious after teachers deemed it was "too short" - and put him in isolation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Niall Clews, 12, was struggling to see thanks to his curly locks over his eyes, and with no chance of getting to a barbers, his mum Hannah Clews, 33, got out the clippers.  She did her best, buzzing it to a grade two to one on the back and sides, and giving it a snip on the top, and was pleased with her handiwork.  But on his first day back to in-school lessons since before Christmas, Niall was told his at-home haircut was "too short" and not in line with school rules, Hannah claims.  She was fuming when he was put in isolation at St Michael's Church of England High School - despite having had to study at home alone for weeks due to Covid.  Niall, who is in year seven, has been removed from his class to be taught in a separate room and can't eat lunch with his friends or play with them at break.