Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

The Best Outfit Idea for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Weirdly enough, the planets might have some influence on your personal style.




"A chic, short-sleeved top and skirt sweatsuit is ideal for Aries' fiery sentiments,"  "It'll be perfect for their sporty vibe."

Go ahead and bring back the early-aughts with a Paris Hilton-inspired number this season — it's all back in style now anyway!


It's time for bulls to embrace the inner head-turner that's buried (perhaps not-so-deep!) in all of them.


"Luxurious Taurus will enjoy wearing faux leather dresses, or skirts that tug at their curves." These pieces will be easy to dress up or down, especially with the addition of sneakers and T-shirts.

fashion-forward, even when paired with basic jeans, dresses, and sweaters.


 "The twin star will like versatile looks that can double for day or evening wear." A morning-to-night trend worth indulging in? "They won't shy away from sparkle 24/7."


"Layers are perfect for Cancer," adding that those born under this sign "like to protect their hearts and energy to ensure happiness." If you want to take thing up a notch, consider mixing prints while you're at it.


For this sign, a single statement piece is all that's needed.

"Bright and cropped pants will allow Leo to stand out in a crowd."  What's more? This spotlight-stealing piece of clothing will allow them to easily "make a dramatic entrance."


Love your knitwear from winter and not quite ready to give it up? Transition specific styles from cold to warm by showing a little bit of leg.

"A simple sweater dress with boots is a great no frills and sophisticated look for Virgo to jump into spring."

We recommend a pair of wear-anywhere Dr. Martens, then swapping them out for slides on cool summer days.


 "Monochrome sets and outfits will help Libra maintain and find their balance this spring." Plus, thanks to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and top models such as the Hadid sisters, the monochromatic trend continues to be going strong this season.


Scorpio style can be summed up by two key factors: Timeless, yet edgy.

"A classic black slip dress and combat boots is not only sexy but totally on point for Scorpio's goth tendencies in fashion."


Capricorns will "find comfort in wearing a more conservative and chic look, like a polo dress in a cool print." Behold: It's the Margot Tenenbaum look that you've always been searching for.


Ready to go all out? Now is most definitely the time.

"Aquarius should try a bold-printed dress that expresses their individuality and personality." You can't go wrong with something leopard (it's pretty much a neutral), but if you're feeling whimsical, opt for stripes, polka-dots, or even a '90s daisy design.


We've officially reached the romantic sign, "the mystical sign Pisces should opt for flowy and floral dresses that are pretty and comfortable." Sounds like a summer go-to uniform if we've ever heard one!