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A Brit mum has become one of only a few in the world to conceive twins three weeks apart after she became pregnant - while pregnant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rebecca Roberts, 39, fell pregnant with her daughter, Rosalie, when she was already pregnant with her son, Noah.There have only been a few recorded cases of ''superfetation'' happening across the world. It is rare event where another egg is released in ovulation and another successful pregnancy happens while someone is already pregnant. Rebecca, a children's clothes maker, had her twins at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. She gave birth to Noah, 4lb 10oz and Rosalie 2lb 7oz on the 17th of September with her husband Rhys Roberts, 43, by her side. Rosalie was transported to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol for 95 days to grow stronger. Noah remained in Bath for three weeks and three days - before going home to meet his 14-year-old sister Summer.

Meet one of the world's biggest My Little Pony fans whose collection of 4,500 toy horses is worth an estimated $80,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stephanie Nasello, 37, got her first plastic pony when she was just three-years-old and it sparked a life time obsession. Bullied in school, pouring over catalogues and photos of the 1980s toys became a way for Stephanie to escape, relax and make friends. She isn't sure exactly how many horses she has, but estimates her collection stands at around 4,500, cost her a staggering $30,000 (£22,000) and is worth around $80,000 (£58,000).

Dad's funny food creations go viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single dad's efforts to get his young daughter to eat her vegetables have gone viral during lockdown after he posted his fantastic creations online.  Michael Weeks' food art has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, with fellow parents marvelling at his recreations of Peppa Pig, Olaf from Frozen and a McDonald's Happy Meal made from apple, banana and kiwi fruit. The 37 year old said he is amazed how many fans his cooking has gained but is just pleased that it encouraged four year old daughter Sylvia to appreciate more than chicken nuggets.  Now he is inundated with messages from people copying his designs all over the world.

The amazing friendship of a woman who photographs her travels with two rescued street dogs have been captured in this series of stunning photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Austrian photographer Anne Geier adopted mongrels Finn and Yuri from Romania via an animal charity and spent months travelling with them in her VW T4 Campervan. In her latest adventure with her two loyal canine companions, she spent two weeks touring the mountains and fjords of Norway documenting their trip with her camera.

This colourful beach hut is no bigger than a garden shed and is decorated like somewhere Minnie Mouse would live - but is on the market for a staggering £70,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The brightly-decorated, one-room seafront hut is painted red and white on the outside, with white polka-dots against a bright red background on the gables, and topped with a red heart shape. And inside, the pink and red colour scheme continues, with a red and white polka-dot bench seat, matching kitchen utensils, and bright red cupboard doors.

A man who beat cancer twice has created a new app to combat loneliness among young people fighting the disease - from his hospital bed as he underwent treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brad Gudger, 27, said his world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with cancer at age 19 and again at age 24. He said he felt so isolated and lonely during treatment that his mental health deteriorated and at his lowest points he had suicidal thoughts. But he started working on a business plan for a charity - called Alike - while in hospital in 2018 with the intention of connecting cancer patients who may also have been suffering. Now, after Brad worked with software designers to create an app to directly connect patients, more than 1,000 people have signed up in its first few weeks.

The limestone wall fountain with the face of Medusa - the iconic symbol of the Versace brand - is to go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A garden sculpture commissioned by legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace before his brutal murder is to go under the hammer. The limestone wall fountain with the face of Medusa - the iconic symbol of the Versace brand - was one of two artworks commissioned by the fashion guru for his Miami mansion, Casa Casuarina. But before it could be shipped, Giovanni Maria Versace was shot dead on the front steps of his villa by notorious “spree killer” Andrew Cunanan, who had previously killed four people and was obsessed with the designer. The 20th century continental sculpture depicts the Greek mythological character Medusa, with a head of hair made up of snakes, protruding wings and an open mouth, forming the fountain’s water spout.

Largest human made Mujib Borsho logo

Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh: People from Barisal, a city of Bangladesh have made the largest Human-made logo in more than 1,60,000 square feet field area to celebrate the 100th Birth year of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 30th March, 2021. Total 10,050 placard in total 120 lines where each line consists of 84-85 placards, are used to make the longest and biggest human-made logo. Minimum 100-120 workers worked hard till 12-13 days to make this giant logo and around 10000 people stood at a time with placards in their hands to make the logo successfully to be visible.

A creative dog foster mum threw her pregnant pooch an elaborate floral - maternity photoshoot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caitie Evers, 29, has fostered nearly 200 abandoned dogs including basset hound Ella. She decided to call in pro photographer Shauna Kiely Stewart to help her celebrate Ella's pregnancy - with a maternity shoot. Posing in a field in Houston, Texas, USA, Caitie and Ella can be seen wearing pretty matching floral garlands and surrounded by wildflowers.

A terrifying T Rex lookalike that ruled the southern hemisphere has been dug up in Argentina

***EXCLUSIVE*** The elephant sized beast had razor sharp teeth, huge claws - and an extremely powerful bite. Christened Llukalkan aliocranianus, it lived 80 million years ago - and was "among the top predators", say scientists. Its name means the 'one who causes fear' in the local Mapuche language common in Patagonia. The flesh eater belonged to a group known as abelisaurids - relatives of Tyrannosaurus that roamed North America and Asia.

Workers dry hundreds of thousands of anchovy fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dry and sort thousands of anchovies.  The locals, who earn around £7 a day, spread the fish out on green nets in the hot sun after they have been cooked. The images were captured by amateur photographer Ngoc Diem in her hometown of Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam.