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9 In-Between Spring Jackets That Will Definitely Come in Handy This Season

Because the weather is warmer, but it's still kinda cold, you know?

Once the thermometer hits a certain degree, we immediately begin stripping off all those heavy winter layers with reckless abandon. But, the Spring weather can be quite fickle, don't you think? One day, we're ready to rock our favorite pair of denim cutoffs, and the next we're in need of a chunky cashmere sweater.

Leather jacket

There's nothing quite like a leather jacket during transitional seasons. Wear it casually with your favorite pair of jeans, or style it with a simple dress, completing the look with classic low-top sneakers or boots.

Sweater jacket

Is it a jacket? Or a sweater? We're not quite sure — and that's the point of this topper, which falls comfortably between the two categories. You can wear it out in a social setting, but also slip it on when you're chilling around the house and need some extra warmth.

Camel trench coat

For spring days where you need a little more coverage and something that can withstand rain and wind, consider a lightweight trench. One in a light camel color is not only the ultimate in terms of only timelessness, but the perfect palette for the warmer weather, balancing out any pastels or brights that this season is known for.


Falling somewhere between a shirt and a jacket, this piece is the perfect spring layer. It's heavier than your average button-down, but still gives off that carefree, effortless vibe. Throw on over everything from sweats to T-shirts to floral dresses. Either wear the long, or short version, it is guaranteed you will be fashionable this season.

A colorful Duster

What is springtime if not the perfect season to wear Color with a capitol C? Consider styling a bright red or pastel blue duster with bold-printed pieces, such as gingham or polka-dots, or try your hand at colorblocking by working other vibrant shades into your look. If you are on the more subtle side of fashion, try a simple look and pop it with your coat.


A blazer is one thing; it's a true wardrobe essential for transitional seasons and then sone. Styling it up or down is up to you, since this essential garment is an easy clothing item to work with. 

Denim jacket

 Amp up your denim game by forgoing the traditional denim trucker and, instead, choosing something longer, made of the same beloved woven indigo cotton. While just as casual, it'll give off a more elevated vibe and pair well with loose, breezy pieces.

Quilted coat or gillet

Just as comfy and practical as your winter puffer, a quilted coat or gillet will be your go-to, everyday option. It's a tad quirkier than your average trench, adding interest to any outfit — especially if you opt for a bold color, such as green or orange.



Suede jacket

Embrace your inner '70s child and seek out some yummy suede this season. If you want to make it a little cooler, and a little more modern, consider going for a cropped trucker silhouette.