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The hand of God: Hero vicar gets high-tech bionic arm... and immediately gives his son, 7, his first 'proper hug'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad whose seven-year-old son thinks he’s a superhero has become the first vicar to receive a bionic limb - after his boy searched ‘hero arm for dad’ online. Trainee vicar Dan Cant, 42, was branded a “real life hero” by his son Aaron when he saved a man’s life on a canal boat holiday despite only having one arm.  Dan, whose arm was amputated after a horror car crash in 2005, leapt to the rescue of a stranger who fell from a boat last year.  He and other passersby helped to pull the man from the water and get him on to a passing boat.

A talented amateur make up artist has embarked on a '31 Days of Yellow' face painting challenge in support of endometriosis awareness month

***EXCLUSIVE*** Niki Etheridge, 33, has suffered with endometriosis for the past seven years and has now put her make up brushes to work in order to raise awareness for the condition. With March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, Niki has embarked on a '31 Days of Yellow' challenge where she transforms her face into something yellow - the colour of the awareness ribbon - every day of the month.

The oldest cycling club in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stuart Mason-Elliott, also known as Mr Samuel Pickwick as President of the oldest cycling club in the world The Pickwick Bicycle Club, rides his original 1872 Coventry Machinist Company penny farthing wearing the traditional club uniform alongside Arthur Naish (2) on his tricycle at Southampton Common in Southampton, Hants. Stuart rides a 22 kilogram, iron frame penny farthing which is believed to be one of the first bicycles ever made. The wheel diameter is 48 inches, with each bicycle being specially tailored to the leg length of the rider.

A rare prototype Jaguar Leaper mascot once owned by founder of Jaguar Cars limited Sir William Lyons is set to fetch at least 10K at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mascot is part of a collection of Jaguar Cars memorabilia thought to be the biggest of its kind in private hands up for auction. It includes over 200 famous Leaper mascots which would have adorned the bonnets of original cars. Of most interest to die-hard Jaguar fans is a rare prototype Jaguar Leaper mascot once owned by Sir William Lyons – co-owner and founder of Jaguar Cars limited.

Red Squirrel getting ready for Easter

***EXCLUSIVE*** These red squirrels have their eggs at the ready for Easter weekend. A group of the bushy-tailed rodents went on a hunt for Easter eggs amongst daffodils in this springtime photoshoot. Swedish photographer Geert Weggen is often visited by the red squirrels at his home in the village of Bispgården, so he decided to catch them celebrating the Easter season.

Meet the young adult swapping walls for wheels to save money on rent

***EXCLUSIVE*** Henry Shanks, 31, originally from New Zealand, also doesn’t see the point in shelling out hundreds of pounds for rent each month. The Brighton-based musician recently bought himself a vintage Mercedes van for £5,000 and is in the process of doing it up. Mr Shanks said: “Coming from New Zealand, for the last 10 years, I have always had an alternative living situation. “I’m just generally against paying rent because the whole concept seems quite foreign to me.

An animal control officer bought a stuffed unicorn for a stray dog - after it stole the same toy from the shop five times!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sisu is a labrador-mix from the streets of Kenansville, North Carolina, USA, who chose the life of crime, sneaking into the Dollar General to pinch his favourite toy. After the fifth incident of being caught red-pawed, staff at the shop called in Duplin County Animal Control to take the one-year-old pooch away. When Officer Samantha Lane arrived, she couldn't bear to take Sisu without the purple plushie, so purchased it with her own money. Shannon Johnstone, 47, read Sisu's story on local news last Thursday (25) and then visited the Duplin County Animal Shelter to take some photos of the dog and his unicorn.

Four deadly 14ft sharks lurk beneath oblivious kayakers in crystal clear waters in chilling aerial footage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Schools of sharks are seen in shallow, crystal clear waters lurking below kayaks, paddleboards, boats and scuba divers. The female dusky sharks - which can grow up to 4.2m (14ft) in length - are accompanied by rays which calmly float in the one to three metre deep Mediterranean waters. Marine life is said to have flocked to this part of Israel's coast in recent years, thanks to waters made warmer by a nearby coal plant. The photos were taken by photographer Ido Meirovich at the Hadera Park; a 40 minute drive north of the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv.

Eagle catches fish with wings spread

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle dramatically spreads its wings after catching a fish with its talons from the waters surface in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. The incredible moment was shot by operations manager Rahul Bansal.