Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

These adorable photographs show the amazing bond between a Labrador and a little lamb - who the pup helped to nurse back to health after complications at birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lola, the two-year-old Red Fox Labrador, showed her motherly instincts to help tend to Ronnie the lamb who was limp and lifeless when he was born last Monday (29 March). Owner Ellen McCrone, 21, (pictured) feared Ronnie wouldn’t make it when he was born and her dad Richard had to resuscitate him and put him in a basket in the house to keep warm. Lola would not leave Ronnie alone and would lick and nudge him and, despite their fears, within an hour, he was up and walking about.

A company has announced plans to begin construction on Voyager Station, a luxury space hotel, in 2025

***EXCLUSIVE*** The interstellar resort, located in Earth's low orbit, may become operational as soon as 2027. The company has released renderings of the futuristic hotel illustrating 20 bookable “pods,” or rooms,” attached to a rotating, ferris wheel-like base. The hotel's constantly rotating frame will generate artificial gravity, crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. Luxurious amenities include a movie theater, health spa, gym, multiple restaurants and concert venues. Earth-viewing lounges and bars will give occupants a novel view of their home planet. Orbital Assembly Corporation plans to sell stakes in the hotel to independent investors. According to a report by Space.com, the company will also offer Voyager Station as a training center for government-sponsored lunar missions.

Meet the two little boys who collected over 250 Easter eggs as a treat for sick children and NHS staff at their local hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brothers Adam Brennan, six, and Jake Brennan, four, have spent the last few weeks collecting Easter eggs and have amassed a whopping 272 chocolate eggs. Last night [April 1], the boys took their huge haul to their local hospital to cheer up NHS staff and the sick children they're caring for over the Easter weekend.

Societies of Photographers' Photo of the Year award

***EXCLUSIVE*** This cute baby girl seems to be slumbering without a care in the world in a prize-winning picture. But the photo holds a dark secret as the baby's mum fights cancer whose symptoms were masked by the pregnancy and only diagnosed after her birth. The poignant snap is just one of the category winners in the Societies of Photographers' Photo of the Year award. Other shots include a beautiful drone picture of the Norfolk coastline, a close-up of a jumping spider and the pure joy of a bride on her wedding day. The winning pictures were whittled down from nearly 10,000 images from around the world.

A mum was left hospitalised on a drip after she suffered a severe reaction to hair dye - which left her scalp covered in blisters and her eyes swollen shut

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leonie Dee, 27, attempted to dye her hair in two different colours using Schwarzkopf Live in 'Cosmic Blue' and 'Ultra Violet', which cost her £4.79 each. Mother-of-four Leonie carried out a patch test with both colours before applying them to her hair last week to ensure she would not react to them. But when Leonie came to dye the top half of her hair with the dark blue dye, the reaction left her hospitalised for over 36 hours.

This non-profit is offering free, salon-quality haircuts and mani-pedis to homeless people, to help them get jobs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cloud Covered Streets has given more than 1,600 haircuts to homeless people in Phoenix, Arizona, since last August. The charity has a trailer with professional hairdressers and manicurists on hand, three showers, a laundry station, iced water and snacks. They also give out new underwear, clothes and shoes.

Painter’s 100 portrait challenge during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oil painter Will Rochfort would usually pose family and friends in his paintings. However being unable to do this during the pandemic, the painter has needed to turn to his love of film for reference and inspiration. He has clients and social followers from around the world despite working from his small New Forest studio in Lymington, Hants. During the lockdown periods Will has tasked himself with the 100 portrait challenge, which consists of famous faces suggested by his Instagram followers.

This is the hilarious moment a horrified mum caught her mischievous twin toddlers covering her kitchen floor in an unusual pairing - of FISH FINGERS and sugar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-four Gemma Innes, 37, only turned her back for a minute but the playful twins managed to ransack the cupboards and freezer. Cheeky twins Archie and Jacob, two, wasted no time in decorating the kitchen floor with fish fingers and sugar on March 22.