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Trolls have told this woman that she is going to DIE from heart disease after she shared 'sexy' pictures of her size twenty-eight figure on Instagram - but she insists obesity is nothing to be ashamed of

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA: Photographer and model Luna Lee (31) from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, suffered from verbal abuse as a child due to her weight and felt disgusted by her own body as a result. Becoming a photographer in her adult life, Luna began shooting with people at the margins of society, including plus size and disabled models. On one occasion, a model Luna was working with told her that her willingness to make the models she was shooting look and feel beautiful whilst feeling ashamed of her own 22st 12lb body was hypocritical. This moment made Luna re-evaluate the hate she felt towards the way she looked. She decided to create an anonymous Instagram account on which she posted provocative photos of herself in her underwear. The feedback from those viewing her sexy photos online was overwhelmingly positive with strangers calling her ?sexy? and ?beautiful.' Luna decided that she was no longer going to hide her face away through embarrassment or shame. Today, the UK size 28 model posts sexy shots of herself on Instagram and has no problem showing her face. However, whilst the feedback she receives is mostly positive, with many telling her that she has inspired them to also not care what others think, not everyone is so supportive. Luna has been accused by detractors of trying to ?glorify obesity? and has been told by others that she is going to 'die of heart disease and diabetes.' Luna believes that these trolls are simply jealous of her confidence and see her message that ?anyone can be beautiful? as a threat.

This Colorado woman has spent 23 days picking up 126 bags of trash across the country

***EXCLUSIVE*** Having over a month off from her job at a campus recreation center, Stefani Shamrowicz, 24, decided to take a trip to help clean up the environment. She’s now driven over 70 hours through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, cleaning up everything from pee-filled bottles to lawn ornaments. "I’ve picked up probably over 50 bottles of pee and a few bags of human feces,” said the Fort Collins woman. Stefani said her aim isn’t to shame, but rather encourage people to do what they can. Collecting anywhere from one to 16 bags at a time, Stefani’s been discouraged when she felt she wasn’t doing enough. But she remembers to just do what she can, especially since she surpassed her goal. People donate $10 a bag for Stefani to clean up in their name, which she uses for lodging and gas. The person’s name is written on how many bags they’ve donated towards and Stefani posts a picture on her Instagram when they are filled, thanking them for helping clean up the city she’s in. With her job resuming June 1, Stefani plans to visit a few more states before making her way back home.

Identical twin crime writers have penned their seventh novel together - aged 82 years old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Helen and Morna Mulgray write under the name 'The Mulgray Twins' and have had their work compared to bestsellers Alexander McCall Smith's No1 Ladies Detective Agency. They pride themselves on writing "tasteful murders" and attribute their success to "twin telepathy" and never living apart. The siblings, from Joppa, Edinburgh, got into books at a young age after they both fell ill with measles aged three and needed time off school as they recuperated - but their librarian mum kept them occupied with books. They devoured three books a week. and both were enthralled by Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, which they read aged eight. But it wasn't until their 40s that they started writing - however the twins, who never married, found their attempts at romance were flawed by not enough sex. Despite not having encountered much crime themselves, and covering their eyes when violence is shown on TV, they nailed the genre and became a sensation in 2007 - and have kept going since then.

These polar bears are facing food shortages as GLOBAL WARMING continues to melt away sea ice

***EXCLUSIVE*** SVALBARD, NORWAY: In one image, an 800-pound polar bear wandered along the rocky shore looking for food as shards of melted ice washed up on land. In another, a polar bear looked out towards the sea?s remaining ice ? deciding whether the slushy platforms would act as an ample hunting ground. Photographer Nitin Michael (37) from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, captured the stunning images in Svalbard, Norway. Nitin spent three-hours with the polar bears - coming within just 500-feet feet of them at times. Nitin used Canon EOS R and Canon 1DX Mark II cameras and RF 70-200 F2.8 and EF 400 F2.8 lenses to capture the photographs. There are around 3,000 polar bears living on the Svalbard archipelago, although the population is under threat. The polar bears are used to hunting on the ice floe, but as global warming causes to melt this, they are forced to find food elsewhere. As a result, the area?s polar bears weigh much less than they used to, and cubs are no longer easily able to thrive in what was once the perfect home for the species.

Meet the mum who is bringing her four-year-old son up using gender-neutral words and encouraging him to wear dresses to school in a bid to make society more inclusive

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, UNITED STATES: Educational worker Lorenza Bruno (30) from Florida, USA, gave birth to her son LJ (4) in 2016 with her partner Louis (29). Lorenza?s number one goal as a mum was to raise a good human who would be open, loving, and accepting of everyone. From a young age, she encouraged LJ to express himself freely whilst ensuring she would raise a son who was kind and gentle, as well as someone who could recognise their role to create a safe and equal society for women, all cultures, and himself. As Lorenza believed it was important to break gender stereotypes, she would read books to LJ that showcased different families, encouraged embracing feelings and featured both male and female characters, who were able to be who they wanted to be. She also spoke to him using inclusive language such as ?firefighter? instead of ?fireman? as a way to educate his mind on the diverse world around him. Lorenza always knew that LJ?s interests were broad, but he first asked to wear a dress after watching the Disney film Frozen. Despite always being a big personality with a love for all things, this is when the conversation started around gender stereotypes and clothing. LJ wanted a dress just like the character Elsa's and as they saw the dress regularly at Target - a supermarket in the US - Lorenza added it to their shopping list for the future. Lorenza couldn?t wait until her son?s birthday or Christmas, so decided to buy the dress and was ecstatic when LJ twirled around in amazement and went on to wear the dress daily. As Lorenza wanted LJ to be able to stand up for himself and others when he felt the need to, she encouraged him to begin wearing whatever he wanted to school, which included dresses.

Mother reveals she spends two hours EVERY DAY bathing her ten-month-old daughter to help treat her rare condition that causes her skin to grow 10 times faster than normal

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHICAGO, USA: This little girl was born with an extremely rare genetic condition that causes her skin to grow at TEN TIMES the rate of a regular child - leaving her with scaly skin that strangers mistake for burns. Lawyer turned stay at home mum Carla Brown (53) from Chicago, USA, was the oldest of eight kids growing up. Eager to have a large family of her own, Carla and husband Paul (55) had two boys, Brent (28) and Luke (27) by the time they were in their mid-twenties. Falling pregnant with four more kids, Sabrina (21), Ella (16), Logan (14) and Tessa (12), Carla had the large family she had always dreamt of. Carla and Paul decided to travel to a Ukrainian orphanage to adopt Henry in 2011 and then three more children, Violet (18), Leo (10) and Yana (8) in 2013. However, tragedy struck the family when Henry contracted the superbug MRSA and died in November 2012 aged just two and a half. In June 2020, Carla discovered a post on Facebook by an adoption agency who were looking for a family to adopt a one-month-old girl with harlequin ichthyosis - an extremely rare genetic condition where a baby is born with thick plates of skin covering the body and face. In severe cases a person?s skin can grow at a rate ten times faster than normal. Conducting her own research into the unfamiliar condition, Carla presented her case to Paul who agreed that they should go ahead and inquire with the adoption agency. The very next day the agency responded to their request and asked if they wanted to make Hanna Rose (10 months) part of their family. Carla and Paul agreed and travelled to Atlanta to bring their new daughter home to Chicago. Within two weeks of returning home, Hanna was rushed to ICU with a bacterial infection due to her condition.

Ever wish you had a third THUMB? Scientists develop a robotic digit that is controlled using pressure sensors on the underside of your big toes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Using a prosthetic third thumb causes the brain to adapt to having an extra digit, reveals new research. Study participants who wore an additional robotic thumb, attaching below the pinky finger, adapted so naturally they were even able to complete tasks like building a tower of blocks...blindfolded. The researchers behind the creation took MRI scans of wearers and found their brains had changed to accommodate processing of the third thumb. They believe their findings could change the way people view prosthetics and be a first step towards futuristic cyborg-like body augmentation.

An autistic teenager overcame his fear of phones to save his dad's life - by calling 111 after he collapsed at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cieran Luke, 16, was staying with his father Thomas when he suffered a pulmonary embolism - a blocked blood vessel in the lungs. Cieran struggles to talk to people on the phone - but overcame his fear by managing to dial 111. He described the situation while paramedics were sent to the home in Wadebridge, Cornwall on May 17. Both his parents are incredibly proud of his heroics, with his dad now on the mend in hospital. His mum Trina, 46, who lives in Plymouth, Devon, said: “It’s quite emotional – we’re really really proud of him. “He’s not a great talker but he was able to get everything over on the phone and explained it all – it was amazing.

FERRY good fun! Mother and baby dolphins leap for joy as they race alongside massive North Sea ship

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning pictures show three dolphins 'racing' against a massive ferry in the North Sea. Wildlife lover Mark Deans, 34, couldn't believe his luck when he saw a mum and baby jumping in front of a North Link ferry, where he watched them from Greyhope Bay, Aberdeen on Monday (May 17). The amateur snapper, who is an ex-army artillery 19th regiment Highland Gunner, watched the dolphins jump in front of boats most nights. He finds watching the dolphins relaxing and said they were 'proper characters'.

This lighthouse has spectacular views over Milford Haven where Henry Tudor landed before his battle with Richard III and even features its own private observatory - and it can now be yours for just under £1M

***EXCLUSIVE*** PEMBROKESHIRE, WALES: This one-of-a-kind property, located on St Anne?s Head in Dale, Wales, is nestled among the beautiful cliffs of Pembrokeshire and offers unbeatable views of Milford Haven, one of Britain's finest deep waters where large fleets of trawlers and oil tankers gather. The lighthouse was built in 1844 to guide ships bound from Milford Haven and replaced two leading lights which were established in 1714. St Anne?s Head is situated next to Mill Bay where Henry Tudor landed in 1485 from France before his battle with Richard III. This unique property comprises eight bedrooms, five reception rooms, six bathrooms, two bespoke kitchens, a snug, private jacuzzi and sauna. The 3,897 sq. ft. property spans across one floor, with a separate floor nestled on top in the tower of the lighthouse. This tower includes two expansive bedrooms and a reception room, with the main floor featuring a games room, lobby, and ensuites attached to three of the bedrooms. The standout feature, however, is the 360-degree observatory that is situated atop the tower and offers a spectacular view over the Welsh coast that you wouldn?t find in any other property. The lighthouse, which still comprises traditional features such as shiplap wall panelling and an impressive curved archway leading to the expansive sitting room, is on the market with Purplebricks for offers over Ł995,000.

A JCB rescuing an elephant from a muddy pit in a Southern Indian

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the heart-warming moment an elephant is rescued from a muddy pit - by a crane. Footage shows the animal struggling to lift its body and climb free from the deep ditch.  Forest officials use a crane to gently nudge the jumbo with the loader bucket from behind. The elephant then gradually climbs out in a Southern Indian village on May 18.

Explosive images exploring the world’s most unique and deadly VOLCANOES

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: In one image titled ?Teide,? Balate Dorin captured the fertile lands of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Tenerife was created through the conjoining of four volcanoes. One of these, Las Cańadas, collapsed creating the fertile and rich caldera seen in the image. In another titled ?Erta Ale,? Mikhail Cheremkin photographed the bubbling magma of Erta Ale ? an active basaltic volcano which lies in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia. The volcano is situated where three tectonic plates meet and has two active lava lakes ? one of only eight volcanos in the world to do so. Other stand-out images included ?Piton de la Fournaise? by Photogolfer which captured a low-lying ?shield? volcano on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, and ?Anak Krakatoa? by Tanguy de Saint-Cyr. Taken on the Krakatoa Archipelago, Indonesia, this image featured smoke and lava erupting from the volcano?s central vent. The incredible collection of images forms part of Robert J Ford?s new book Volcano. In the photographic study, Robert examines how volcanoes have shaped and affected Earth?s landscape over the last millennia. Volcanoes are estimated to kill around 540 people a year. Scientists studying these deaths unsurprisingly deduced that the closer you?re stood to an active volcano whilst it?s erupting, the higher your chance of death.

The shortlist of Free the Wild’s Urban Nature & Wildlife Photo Competition has been announced

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: In one image titled, ?Feral Pigeon Pin Down,? Ollie Heath witnessed the moment a sparrowhawk used its claws to pin a pigeon facedown to the ground in Leeds, UK. In another titled, ?Black Bear and Painted Bison,? Patty Bauchman captured a young black bear inspecting a piece of bison inspired art in her back garden in Big Sky, Montana, USA. Free the Wild ? co-founded by singer and actress Cher - is an international charity created with the aim of overcoming the mistreatment of wild animals in captivity. This year, they have launched the first edition of their Urban Nature & Wildlife Photo Competition. Simon Cock earned himself a place on the shortlist with his photo, ?Frog Vs Dragonflies.? Taken in Letoon, Turkey, the image featured a young frog leaping into the air with its tongue outstretched. It proved to be a lucky day for the frog after he captured and ate both dragonflies. In ?Larvae Lunch Line Up,? Ruth Spigelman photographed a group of sawfly larvae feeding on a callistemon citrinus leaf in Mereweather, New South Wales, Australia. The larvae are around 10 millimetres long. Also making it onto the shortlist was Daniel Willis for his image, ?Looking Good.? Taken in Hyde, UK, the photo captured a long-tailed tit as it repeatedly flew onto a car window to check out its reflection. Other stand-out entries included Jayanta Bordoloi?s ?The Mating Season Drama? which featured two male foxes pursuing a female in London, UK, and Saket Sarupria?s ?Ottercity.? Captured in Singapore, the photo featured two smooth-coated otters having dinner against a flaming sunset and the marina skyline.