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Satisfy your cravings on the road with this Korean BBQ car

***EXCLUSIVE*** From the mind of Chef Chris Oh, the mobile dining table was created to address those wanting the authentic Korean barbecue experience safely amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Following months of designing, the Scion xB was outfitted with a motorized table with a barbecue grill, mounted TV, strobe lights and speakers. The Korean BBQ Car comfortably seats four and can be rented with several different menu experiences.

An enormous iceberg has calved from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf, lying in the Weddell Sea, in Antarctica

The iceberg, dubbed A-76, measures around 4320 sq km in size – currently making it the largest berg in the world. Spotted in recent images captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, the iceberg is around 170 km in length and 25 km wide, and is slightly larger than the Spanish island of Majorca.The enormity of the berg makes it the largest in the world, snatching first place from the A-32A iceberg approximately 3880 sq km in size) which is also located in the Weddell Sea. In comparison, the A-74 iceberg that broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in February earlier this year, was only 1270 sq km.

Kitten gets stuck under car - and goes through carwash

Cheektowaga, New York, United States: This hapless kitten got stuck under a car - and went through a car wash! New York state’s Cheektowaga Police Department reported Friday (21 May): „This poor guy got stuck underneath a car and went for quite a ride from Buffalo, through the car wash then to the mall where someone heard him meowing for help! Sgt Slawatycki and Ofc. Maggio were able to crawl under the car and free him! The woman of the vehicle had no idea nor does she own any cats! He is now safely on his way to the SPCA! Nice job boys!”