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Incredible snaps that look straight out of an action movie using popular toys

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: This photographer has taken incredible snaps that look straight out of an action movie using popular toys - including a pair of Stormtroopers who look like they’re about to be attacked by a shark. In one image, a figurine of DC Comics? Cyborg showed the fictional superhero battling through what looked like the embers of a fire. Another revealed Wonder Woman powering herself through the sandy plains around her whilst the characters from anime series Pokémon posed for the camera. Incredible video clips offered a behind the scenes glimpse into how the shots are created. The amazing cinematic style pictures were taken by toy photographer Jared Middleton (28) from New York, USA, using his Canon EOS 250D camera.


Plans for the ultimate eco community have been unveiled

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plans for the ultimate eco community have been unveiled, featuring three luscious green towers looming over a communal pool and garden. The futuristic Living The Noom project will provide 85 per cent of its own energy through bioclimatic strategies such as rainwater harvesting, vegetation cover and 'photovoltaic' solar panels. The collaborative housing project from architecture firms Sanzpont and Pedrajo + Pedrajo is set for construction in Cancún, Mexico, later this year - costing an estimated $1.6m (£1.13m) to build. The materials used will be locally and responsibly sourced, including 'recycled components' which will minimise environmental impact.

The first concept pictures of the cabin inside the world's largest aircraft have been released

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Bedfordshire based Airlander 10 will be able to carry up to 100 passengers from 2025, inside cabins like this one.With a range of almost 500 miles the airlines manufacturers claim it is ‘perfect for inter-city mobility’. The aircraft will run as a hybrid at first, before a fully electric model is offered.

Wacky racers break world records using wheelie bin, wheelbarrow and barstool

***EXCLUSIVE*** These videos show new speed world records being set for the fastest wheelie bin, wheelbarrow - and a BAR STOOL. Trevor Duckworth took his motorised barstool on a soon-to-be confirmed world-best record speed of 22.465 mph. A number of new Guinness World Records speeds were also set at the event for a wheelie bin, electric monowheel and wheelbarrow. Guinness World Record adjudicators were present on May 16 and 17 at a Straightliners land speed event at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

A mum has been left 'disabled' by her baby and doesn't know if she'll ever walk unaided again - after extreme pelvic pain during pregnancy left her bed bound and confined to a wheelchair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steph Cullen, 33, was diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) in February this year whilst 16 weeks pregnant with her second child.  It is a common condition during pregnancy that causes symptoms like stiffness or uneven movement in the pelvis joints.  Steph said the pain became debilitating 'overnight' and she was forced to use crutches and then a wheelchair to get around.  She had no choice but to install handrails around the house and a shower seat in the bathroom as she was unable to stand unaided.  During her first pregnancy with daughter Ciara, four, in 2015, Steph was diagnosed with the same condition and used a wheelchair from 25 weeks along.  Her husband, Shaun Cullen, 37, a kitchen designer, even makes her a packed lunch so she doesn’t have to leave bed – where she has been left stuck for months.

A son has described how his mum's Alzheimer's disease improved as he took her travelling across the world in her final years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sean O'Sallaigh, 44, was a full time carer for his mum, Mary O'Niel, and decided to take her to Nepal to escape the harsh Irish winter. Sean was amazed when Mary, who had Alzheimer's disease, started walking and talking again during their trip. He decided to keep travelling with her until she died in South Africa 18 months later.

This restaurant is offering CICADA TACOS as the insects emerge for the first time in 17 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tobias Padovano, 43, is the chef de cuisine at Cocina Market, a Leesburg, Virginia restaurant that is giving patrons the chance to eat cicadas from Brood X.   Brood X is the ginormous group of cicadas that emerges from beneath the soil in the eastern United States every 17 years to mate.  "We have grasshopper tacos and grasshopper guacamole already on our menu, so we figured cicadas weren’t a very far jump from that,” said the chef.

Salto - a one-foot-tall, bouncing robot - hopping around and performs tricks and scales obstacles three times its height

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch as this specialized robot HOPS around the UC Berkeley Campus in California, performs tricks and scales obstacles three times its height. Salto is a one-foot-tall, bouncing robot originally programmed by a team of researchers from the university's Biometrics Lab led by graduate student Justin Yin. In these videos, the 100-gram robot can be seen leaping between asymmetric platforms and traveling far in front of Yin as he directs Salto via remote control. Salto, originally unveiled in 2016, has recently been given an update and has a bevy of new skills.

A three-year-old has been hailed a 'little hero' for calling 999 when her pregnant mum collapsed at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Maya Gaunt calmly used her mum Olivia's mobile phone to call for an ambulance, giving her address and explaining what had happened. Olivia was 12-weeks pregnant at the time and suffering from hyperemesis which causes uncontrollable sickness and extreme dehydration. The first time she collapsed due to dehydration, her husband Daryl had just arrived home. Worried that it would happen again when she was alone with Maya, she decided to teach her what to do ‘if mummy falls to the floor’.

This woman was so big that she struggled to tie her own shoelaces but it wasn't until she saw a bad picture of herself at a BBQ that she shed over four-and-a-half-stone - and she didn't have to give up chocolate

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEEDS, UK: Property underwriter Britt Horne (25) from Leeds, UK, has always struggled with her weight which fluctuated up and down over the years. Britt tried lots of different diets but found it difficult to stick to them as the plans were often restrictive and unrealistic. At 17, Britt started an office job as a payroll assistant and although she didn’t consider herself to eat unhealthily, she gradually gained weight over the next few years thanks to easy to grab convenience foods from the likes of Tesco, Starbucks, and various sandwich shops which she could pick up on her way to work. Whilst Britt considered herself to choose what looked like the healthy choice, she was not aware of the hidden calories inside these „grab and go” meals and this combined with socialising frequently meant she reached 13st 2.5lb and a UK size 16. At just 5ft 3ins, Britt wasn’t initially concerned by her weight gain, but it slowly started to impact on her mental health. As a keen dancer and walker, Britt started to notice that she was becoming breathless easily, sometimes struggled to tie her own shoelaces and didn’t feel comfortable wearing certain clothes and wasn’t interested in clothes shopping. In summer 2019, Britt attended a work summer BBQ but she just couldn’t feel comfortable in what she was wearing on the day. When the event photographs came out a few weeks later, she didn’t recognise herself and Britt decided that she needed to take action. After chatting with her mum, Britt decided to join Slimming World in August 2019 and two years later, she hasn’t looked back. Britt was shocked to learn that she could eat all the foods she loves with Slimming World.

Journey inside one of Ireland’s OLDEST abandoned ships - which was once one of the first responders to a PLANE CRASH with no survivors

***EXCLUSIVE*** DUBLIN, IRELAND: The incredible images were captured by hobbyist urban explorer Cathal (48) from Dublin, Ireland, who is known online as Uncharted Ireland. Cathal spent several hours exploring the abandoned MV Naomh Éanna ferry which is docked in his home city. The Naomh Éanna was built in 1958, making it one of the oldest surviving ships in Ireland. Originally, the ship provided connections to the Aran Islands, but the ship was taken out of service in the late 1980s and has since been docked in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock. The ship is perhaps best known for being one of the first responders following the loss of KLM flight 607-E in August of 1958. The ferry had been operating for just three months when the call came in. KLM flight 607-E departed from a stopover at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on August 14, 1958, carrying 91 passengers and eight crew members. The flight was bound for New York City, USA, but during the transatlantic portion of the trip, all communications were lost. Search parties, including the MV Naomh Éanna, were deployed but unfortunately when the plane was found, all passengers had died from the crash. Investigators were only able to retrieve the remains of 34 passengers. Investigators were unable to pinpoint a reason for the crash.

Whisky celebrating Scotland’s return to the Euros will be cracked open the day before their first match - 23 years after it was poured into a cask

***EXCLUSIVE*** Whisky celebrating Scotland’s return to the Euros will be cracked open the day before their first match - 23 years after it was poured into a cask. The dram was first poured into its cask on June 24 1998 – the day after Scotland went out of the World Cup to Morocco, losing 3-0 in St Etienne, France. After decades of hurt, it will now be bottled the day before Scotland’s opening fixture of Euro 2020 against the Czech Republic on June 14 at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Bosses at Gleann Mòr Spirits Company said it was time to ‘crack open’ the cask and celebrate Scotland’s return to the major football stage.

Newly colourised photographs of WORLD WAR II showcase America’s first black marine and Hollywood legend Clark Gable during his service

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: In one image, a captain and medics treated a wounded soldier of the 1st US Infantry Division at Omaha Beach, France. The soldier was wrapped in an army blanket whilst given an emergency blood transfusion. In another, Frederick C. Branch - the first black American soldier to be commissioned into the Marine Corps - was given his Second Lieutenant’s bars, pinned onto his uniform in Charlotte, North Carolina, by his wife. Others showed Sergeant J.S Wilson painting a pin-up on a B-17 Bomber in Eniwetok in the Pacific Ocean, and famed Gone With The Wind actor Clark Gable posing in uniform with bullet rounds slung over his shoulders. Colouriser Jean-Marie Gillet (39) from Saclay in the suburbs of Paris, France, brought the stunning images to life after getting into colourisation when he transformed a selection of family photos several years ago. Jean-Marie spends several hours transforming each image using Photoshop and a tablet and stylus.

Parachutist stuck in power lines, California

Lake Elsinore, California, United States: A parachutist was left hanging around when he missed his landing area. California's Riverside County Fire Department attended the scene in Lake Elsinore on Tuesday (25 May) where the jumper was caught 30ft off the ground in power lines by his chute. The incident was reportedly located near a skydiving centre. The fire department reported: „Southern California Edison arrived on scene to cut the power to the lines and was able to safely bring the patient down with their bucket lift. The patient was evaluated by firefighters on scene and transported to an area hospital by ground ambulance minor injuries to their lower extremities.”

Colourful and weirdly shaped deep sea creatures

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful sea creatures of unusual shapes lurk deep in the sea. The extraordinary looking marine life is captured by photographers some 30 feet under water around the islands of Indonesia. In the depths of the sea, the small aquatic beings find many different ways to survive with each having its own individual eco system.

The perfect line up – a kingfisher fits within the shape of an egret perched behind

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kingfisher appears dwarfed by a giant egret as they align perfectly whilst perched on branches near the waters edge. The pictures were taken by Arun Kumar who was passing on a boat as he floated into the right place at the right time at the Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, in the Maharashtra state of India. Mr Kumar said “I was rowing on the water with a friend looking for birds on the lake to photograph when I spotted this mismatched pair in the tree” “I was privileged to be in the right place at the right time to get these two birds together. It looks as if the small kingfisher fits perfectly within the shape of the egret.”